Opposite of PERMEATE – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

When searching for words that are the opposite of “permeate,” one may seek antonyms that convey the idea of restriction or containment. Antonyms refer to words that express opposite meanings and can provide clarity and nuance to our language.

Finding antonyms for “permeate” is a useful exercise in expanding our vocabulary and understanding the breadth of language. By exploring words that convey the opposite of permeate, we can better express ideas of containment, exclusion, or limited diffusion.

Examining antonyms for permeate can help us effectively communicate variations in the movement or spread of substances or ideas. This exploration of opposites can enhance our ability to convey specific meanings and nuances in our language.

35 Antonyms for PERMEATE With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for permeate. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding PERMEATE antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Permeate Sentence with Antonym
Escape The smell of freshly baked bread permeated the entire house. The scent of the perfume didn’t escape the tightly sealed bottle.
Block An air of tension permeated the room during the heated debate. A sense of calm blocked any feelings of tension from entering.
Contain Joy and excitement permeated the atmosphere at the party. A sense of sadness was carefully contained within her heart.
Exclude A feeling of inclusivity permeated the diverse group of friends. The sense of isolation was excluded from the supportive community.
Evaporate The aroma of garlic permeated the kitchen as the sauce cooked. The scent of the flower seemed to evaporate into thin air instantly.
Sequester A sense of security permeated the gated community. The feeling of vulnerability was sequestered outside the walls.
Isolate His anxiety permeated every aspect of his life. A feeling of connection and support isolated his negativity.
Drift away Silence and peace permeated the serene countryside. With each passing moment, the feeling of serenity began to drift away.
Repel The warm aroma of coffee permeated the room. The strong scent of the medicine seemed to repel any other smells.
Surface A feeling of uncertainty permeated the conversation. Clarity and understanding surfaced as they communicated openly.
Deter A sense of determination permeated her actions. Hesitation and doubt couldn’t deter her from achieving her goals.
Emanate A sense of positivity permeated the environment. Negativity seemed to emanate from his every word and action.
Cleanse The heavy smoke permeated the air after the fire. The fresh breeze seemed to cleanse the atmosphere of any remaining smoke.
Stifle A feeling of freedom permeated the open field. Restrictions and limitations tried to stifle any sense of liberation.
Diminish The enthusiasm permeated every volunteer during the event. Indifference seemed to diminish any excitement or motivation.
Repulse A sense of attraction permeated the room filled with art. The eerie feeling of the abandoned house seemed to repulse visitors.
Exclude A sense of unity permeated the diverse group. The act of division sought to exclude any feelings of togetherness.
Concentrate The aroma of spices permeated the kitchen during cooking. The absence of any smell indicated that the area was highly concentrated.
Absorb His joyful spirit permeated the whole party. The cold demeanor of his boss seemed to absorb any sense of happiness.
Cling A feeling of hope permeated the refugee camp during the aid. Despair seemed to cling to every refugee despite the efforts to help.
Appear A sense of secrecy permeated the hidden garden. The transparency of the glass house allowed everything to appear clear.
Vanish The feeling of danger permeated the deserted town. Safety and security vanished as quickly as the feeling of danger came.
Imprison A sense of freedom permeated the vast open field. The tall walls and security measures seemed to imprison any hope of escape.
Pervade The scent of flowers permeated the room during the event. The odor of rotten food seemed to pervade the entire kitchen.
Penetrate A sense of peace permeated his mind after the meditation. Anxiety and stress appeared to penetrate every thought and action.
Pervious Warmth and kindness permeated his interactions with others. His cold and distant behavior made him seem anything but pervious to emotions.
Surface An expression of joy permeated his face as he saw the surprise. The feeling of disappointment couldn’t find a way to surface in his smile.
Flow The energy of youth permeated through the lively concert crowd. A sense of stagnation seemed to prevent any movement or flow in the group.
Surface A feeling of tranquility permeated the garden in the early morning. Tension and unease didn’t have a chance to surface in the peaceful setting.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of PERMEATE

In conclusion, while some substances may seep into or infiltrate materials, others may be completely blocked or restricted from spreading. This contrast highlights the range of permeability in different materials, with some being penetrable and others impervious. Understanding the antonyms for permeate, such as contain, block, or isolate, provides insight into how substances interact with various surfaces and barriers. By recognizing these opposing concepts, we gain a clearer understanding of the limitations and capabilities of materials in allowing or preventing the passage of substances.

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