Opposite of PERUSE – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

When looking for terms that are the opposite of “peruse,” it is helpful to understand the concept of antonyms. Antonyms are words that have opposite meanings to a given word. In this case, we are searching for words that convey the opposite action or idea compared to the act of perusing.

While “peruse” typically means to read or examine carefully, its antonyms come in various forms to express different contrasting actions. In exploring these antonyms, we can gain a clearer understanding of the diverse range of language and how words can convey contrasting meanings. These antonyms offer insight into how language can capture opposing concepts and enrich our understanding of vocabulary and communication.

35 Antonyms for PERUSE With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for peruse. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding PERUSE antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Peruse Sentence with Antonym
Skim She decided to peruse through the report in detail. He only had time to skim through the document quickly.
Neglect He chose to peruse the contract before signing it. She made the mistake of choosing to neglect reading the fine print.
Ignore She always takes her time to peruse each book carefully. He tends to ignore the details and rush through reading.
Overlook She likes to peruse the menu before placing her order. He tends to overlook the menu options and order randomly.
Miss He always peruses the newspaper in the morning. She tends to miss important news by not reading the paper.
Oversee He took his time to peruse the instructions before starting. She tends to oversee the instructions and dive right in.
Ignore She paused to peruse the map before continuing her journey. He chose to ignore the map and got lost.
Rush She likes to peruse over every detail before making a decision. He tends to rush through things without careful consideration.
Flip through She decided to peruse the report to gain a thorough understanding. He chose to flip through the report quickly, missing important details.
Disregard She takes time to peruse each document before signing. He tends to disregard the contents and sign without reading.
Inspect She likes to peruse the script before attending the play. He tends to watch the play without inspecting the script beforehand.
Skip She paused to peruse each item on the list. He tends to skip over items without giving them a second glance.
Glance She decided to peruse the article instead of skimming it. He chose to take a quick glance at the article without thorough reading.
Rush She always peruses the entire book before forming an opinion. He tends to rush through books and miss important details.
Dismiss She paused to peruse each painting in the gallery. He chose to dismiss the paintings without giving them a second thought.
Dissect She likes to peruse every aspect of a situation before acting. He tends to act quickly without taking time to dissect the situation.
Leaf through She decided to peruse the book to fully understand the content. He chose to leaf through the book, missing crucial information.
Skim She always takes the time to peruse her favorite magazines. He tends to skim through the magazines and miss important articles.
Nod off She paused to peruse the menu before ordering her meal. He was too tired to nod off and ended up ordering randomly.
Breeze through She prefers to peruse a document thoroughly before signing. He tends to breeze through documents and miss important details.
Examine She takes the time to peruse every document handed to her. He tends to not examine documents closely and sometimes misses crucial points.
Skip She decided to peruse through each research paper carefully. He tends to skip over research papers and miss important findings.
Haste She likes to peruse each section of a book before moving on. He tends to act in haste and skip important sections of books.
Rapidly skim She always takes time to peruse important emails. He tends to rapidly skim through emails and miss important details.
Rush She perused the contract carefully before signing it. He chose to rush through the contract and sign without reading it.
Checkout She paused to peruse the selections before choosing a book. He chose to checkout books without taking the time to look through.
Overthink She likes to peruse each item in the menu before ordering. He tends to overthink the menu and take too long to make a decision.
Analyze She decided to peruse the data before drawing any conclusions. He chose to not analyze the data and make hasty decisions.
Dwell on She takes time to peruse each document before filing it. He tends to dwell on documents without acting on them promptly.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of PERUSE

In a world inundated with information, it is essential to delve deeply into the content rather than simply skim through it. Understanding the core message and gaining in-depth knowledge is more beneficial than superficially glancing at material. Therefore, taking the time to scrutinize and thoroughly study information can lead to a deeper comprehension and retention of subject matter.

Conversely, hastily glancing over content can result in overlooking important details or misunderstanding the main point. Fully immersing oneself in the material, as opposed to simply breezing through it, allows for a more meaningful engagement with the content. Thus, it is advantageous to avoid perfunctory approaches and instead adopt a more thorough and comprehensive method of examining information.

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