Opposite of PETTY – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

When looking for antonyms for the word “petty,” it is important to explore words that convey significance, maturity, and importance. Antonyms are words that have opposite meanings to the original word. By understanding antonyms for “petty,” we can effectively communicate in a more refined and precise manner.

One antonym for “petty” is significant, suggesting that something holds great importance or value. This term conveys a sense of weightiness and substance, contrasting with the trivial and insignificant nature of pettiness. When seeking to elevate the impact of our words or actions, using “significant” can enhance our communication and convey a sense of gravity.

Another antonym for “petty” is mature, indicating a level of sophistication, wisdom, and emotional intelligence. By using this term, we emphasize the idea of being grown-up, responsible, and respectful. In contrast to the narrow-mindedness and immaturity associated with pettiness, “mature” suggests a broad perspective and thoughtful approach in our interactions.

35 Antonyms for PETTY With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for petty. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding PETTY antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Petty Sentence with Antonym
significant The petty argument over who ate the last cookie finally ended. The argument over who ate the last cookie finally ended because it was a significant issue.
important His petty complaints about the office decor were ignored. His important concerns about office safety were addressed promptly.
substantial Her petty jealousy towards her coworker was evident. Her admiration for her coworker’s achievements was substantial.
major The petty disagreements between siblings were a frequent occurrence. The major decisions made by the family were always unanimous.
considerable I refuse to let petty gossip affect our friendship. The new promotion was a considerable achievement for him.
consequential His petty behavior towards his colleagues resulted in isolation. His consequential actions led to a promotion at work.
paramount The petty complaints about the event were overshadowed by its success. It was paramount for the team to complete the project on time.
substantial Don’t waste your time on petty arguments that bring no benefit. Instead, let’s focus on substantial issues that can make a difference.
significant She was annoyed by his petty excuses for not attending the meeting. His significant effort in completing the project on time was appreciated.
serious The petty crime was overlooked by the authorities. The serious crime required immediate attention from law enforcement.
notable His petty actions revealed his true character. His notable achievements earned him recognition in the industry.
weighty Stop engaging in petty quarrels and focus on more weighty matters. The CEO announced some weighty decisions that will impact the company.
substantial She was tired of dealing with petty office politics. She only wanted to focus on substantial projects that had real meaning.
significant Their petty bickering was disrupting the peace in the household. The family decided to address the significant issues causing the tension.
essential Quit paying attention to petty details that don’t matter. Focus on the essential aspects of the project to ensure its success.
major The petty squabbles among team members were affecting productivity. It was time to address the major issues causing the conflicts.
important Don’t get caught up in petty office politics; focus on your work. Your contribution to the project is important and valued by the team.
consequential Her petty remarks led to a strained relationship with her friend. It was the consequential action of apologizing that repaired the friendship.
notable Stop engaging in petty arguments that lead nowhere. Let’s focus on more notable discussions that can bring positive change.
significant The petty arguments over minor details were frustrating for everyone. The issue at hand was significant and required immediate attention.
crucial His petty behavior at work was unprofessional and disruptive. It’s crucial for him to improve his attitude to keep his job.
substantial The couple’s petty disagreements were putting a strain on their relationship. They needed to address the substantial issues causing their conflicts.
major The department manager was tired of dealing with petty complaints. It was time to focus on the major challenges facing the team.
consequential The petty arguments between neighbors escalated into a full-blown feud. It was the consequential decision to involve a mediator that resolved the conflict.
vital Stop wasting time on petty grievances and focus on what’s vital. The company’s success is vital, don’t let petty issues distract you.
significant The petty disagreements between coworkers were becoming unbearable. The project they were working on was significant and required teamwork.
pivotal The petty disagreements during the meeting were unproductive. It was a pivotal moment when they finally reached an agreement.
substantial Their petty arguments over who was to blame were getting them nowhere. The evidence presented was substantial and resolved the issue definitively.
major The petty disputes over office supplies were creating tension. Let’s focus on the major goals of the company and work together.
important She was frustrated by his petty behavior during the negotiation. It’s important to maintain a professional attitude in business dealings.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of PETTY

Insignificant matters can often distract us from more pressing issues, leading to misunderstandings and wasted time. By prioritizing important tasks over trivial concerns, we can make better use of our time and energy. When we focus on the substantial instead of the petty, we can achieve greater efficiency and clarity in our actions.

Addressing significant matters with a sense of importance and purpose can lead to more meaningful outcomes. By recognizing the value in addressing substantial issues over small details, we can enhance productivity and foster better communication and understanding in our interactions with others.

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