Opposite of PHYSICAL – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Antonyms for physical refer to words that represent concepts or ideas that are not related to the tangible or corporeal aspects of the world. These antonyms focus on the abstract, conceptual, or non-material realms that contrast with the attributes of the physical world.

Exploring antonyms for physical allows for a deeper understanding of the various dimensions of language and thought. By considering words that stand in contrast to physical terms, we can expand our linguistic repertoire and appreciate the rich diversity of concepts that language can convey.

Engaging with antonyms for physical can lead to a more nuanced and comprehensive grasp of vocabulary, fostering a more nuanced and precise expression of ideas. By recognizing and appreciating antonyms for physical, we can enhance our ability to communicate effectively and convey complex notions with greater clarity and depth.

35 Antonyms for PHYSICAL With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for physical. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding PHYSICAL antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Physical Sentence with Antonym
Mental She focused on her physical health by jogging daily. She prioritized her mental health by meditating regularly.
Intangible His presence had a strong physical impact on the room. His ideas left an intangible mark on the project.
Abstract The artist molded the physical sculpture with care. The poet crafted an abstract piece that stirred emotions.
Immaterial The scientist was interested in physical properties. The philosopher delved into the immaterial aspects of existence.
Invisible The physical barrier blocked their path. The invisible force pushed them backward.
Ethereal The dancer was known for her exquisite physical grace. The singer captivated the audience with her ethereal voice.
Metaphysical The clinic focused on physical therapy treatments. The seminar delved into deep metaphysical discussions.
Spiritual She found peace through physical exercise. She sought solace in her spiritual practices.
Non-physical His job required a lot of physical labor. Her job revolved around non-physical tasks like coding.
Intuitive He preferred physical books over digital ones. She had an intuitive understanding of complex concepts.
Conceptual The artist explored physical dimensions in his work. The professor discussed conceptual frameworks in the lecture.
Intellectual She excelled in both physical and mental challenges. He was known for his intellectual prowess in solving problems.
Invisible The detective found evidence of a physical struggle. The paranormal investigator sensed an invisible presence in the room.
Supernatural The scientist only believed in physical phenomena. The psychic claimed to have contact with supernatural entities.
Immaterial His argument had no physical evidence to support it. Her accusation was based on immaterial feelings and suspicions.
Tangible The architect drew plans for a physical building. The accountant worked with tangible assets and liabilities.
Untouchable The artwork was so lifelike, it seemed almost physical. The ghostly figure appeared untouchable to the frightened onlookers.
Imperceptible The changes were subtle but had a physical impact. The difference in his mood was almost imperceptible to others.
Disembodied The voice seemed to come from a physical source. The eerie sound appeared to be disembodied from any visible being.
Nonmaterial The company dealt with physical goods and services. The artist specialized in creating nonmaterial artworks.
Spiritual He sought solace in physical activities like hiking. She found peace through spiritual practices such as meditation.
Mental The team needed both physical strength and mental focus. The debate required more mental agility than physical prowess.
Noncorporeal The creature appeared to have a physical form. The ghostly apparition seemed to be noncorporeal and ethereal.
Invisible The physical shield protected them from harm. The magic cloak rendered them invisible to their enemies.
Abstract His art showcased intricate physical details. Her paintings were more abstract, capturing intangible emotions.
Intangible The reward for his hard work was physical in nature. The joy she felt was intangible, beyond material possessions.
Conceptual The project required physical construction elements. The new initiative was more conceptual and focused on ideas.
Impalpable Her laughter filled the room, a physical expression. His dreams and aspirations were impalpable, known only to him.
Esoteric The textbook covered physical aspects of chemistry. The masterclass delved into more esoteric and hidden knowledge.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of PHYSICAL

In summary, when considering the antonyms for physical, we are looking at aspects that are non-physical or immaterial. This includes mental, emotional, or conceptual elements that contrast with the tangible and visible characteristics of the physical realm. By exploring these opposing concepts, we gain a broader understanding of the diverse dimensions that shape our experiences and perceptions.

By distinguishing between physical and its antonyms, we acknowledge the multifaceted nature of existence and the various ways in which we interact with the world around us. Embracing both the tangible and intangible aspects of life allows us to appreciate the richness and complexity of human experience beyond just the physical realm.

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