Opposite of PLACID – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Antonyms for placid are words that represent the opposite of calmness and tranquility. These terms are used to describe situations, emotions, or environments that are characterized by turbulence, agitation, or chaos. Antonyms for placid can evoke feelings of unrest, unease, or volatility.

When looking for antonyms for placid, one might encounter words such as tumultuous, turbulent, rambunctious, or frenetic. These terms suggest a sense of disarray, commotion, or disorder, reflecting a state of being that is far removed from peace and serenity. Antonyms for placid can be particularly useful when trying to add intensity or urgency to a description or narrative.

In literature, conversations, or everyday discourse, incorporating antonyms for placid can help create contrast, emphasize emotions, or set the tone for a particular scene or moment. By exploring words that stand in opposition to placid, one can capture a wider range of experiences and paint a more vivid picture of the dynamics at play.

35 Antonyms for PLACID With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for placid. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding PLACID antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Placid Sentence with Antonym
Turbulent The placid lake reflected the clear blue sky. The stormy sea was turbulent and dangerous.
Agitated Despite the chaos, he remained placid. She was visibly agitated by the news.
Raging The river flowed placidly through the valley. The fire burned with raging intensity.
Restless His placid demeanor didn’t match his thoughts. The toddler was restless and wouldn’t sit still.
Boisterous The placid garden was a peaceful retreat. The party was filled with boisterous laughter.
Chaotic Her mind was usually placid and serene. The scene outside was chaotic and overwhelming.
Violent The placid countryside was a sight to behold. The protesters were met with violent resistance.
Stormy Despite the tension, she remained placid. The relationship was stormy and unpredictable.
Anxious His placid expression masked his true feelings. She was visibly anxious about the upcoming presentation.
Unsettled The placid surface hid the danger beneath. The situation left her feeling unsettled and unsure.
Aggressive His placid demeanor seemed out of place. The dog’s behavior was aggressive and territorial.
Disruptive The placid town was a welcome change of pace. The construction noise was disruptive and irritating.
Tumultuous The river flowed placidly through the valley. The years ahead promised to be tumultuous and uncertain.
Excitable The placid sunset painted the sky in pastel hues. The child was easily excitable and full of energy.
Eruptive Despite the chaos, he remained placid. The volcano was dangerously eruptive and unpredictable.
Aggravated She maintained a placid exterior in tough times. His behavior only seemed to aggravate the situation.
Frenetic The placid meadow was a tranquil oasis. The city streets buzzed with frenetic energy.
Booming The placid lake was a peaceful fishing spot. The economy was hit by a booming industry.
Frantic His placid voice contrasted his frantic actions. The search for the missing child was frantic and urgent.
Uncontrolled The placid evening cooled the hot day. The fire was uncontrolled and spreading quickly.
Violent The placid countryside was a sight to behold. The protesters were met with violent resistance.
Troubled Despite the tension, she remained placid. The relationship was troubled and strained.
Wild The placid pasture was a serene landscape. The forest was filled with wild and untamed animals.
Combative His placid manner disarmed his opponents. The argument turned combative and heated.
Stirring The music set a placid mood in the room. The speech was stirring and emotional.
Noisy Despite the chaos, he remained placid. The room was filled with noisy chatter.
Energetic The placid lake was a peaceful place to reflect. The child was full of energetic playfulness.
Harsh His placid response diffused the situation. Her words were harsh and unforgiving.
Rowdy The placid park was a welcome retreat. The bar down the street was filled with rowdy patrons.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of PLACID

In contrast to placid, turbulent waters can be unpredictable and chaotic, causing unease and discomfort. While a serene environment promotes relaxation and peace, an agitated atmosphere can lead to stress and anxiety. The absence of tranquility can be characterized by commotion, turmoil, or agitation, which disrupts a sense of calm and stability.

Maintaining a peaceful and placid state of mind can help enhance overall well-being and foster a sense of tranquility. By avoiding tumultuous situations and seeking harmony, individuals can cultivate a peaceful existence free from discord and restlessness. Striving for serenity amidst a discordant world is essential for mental peace and emotional balance.

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