Opposite of PLASMA – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Antonyms for plasma refer to substances that are not in the gaseous state of matter. Plasma, in scientific terms, is a state of matter where atoms are ionized and exist as charged particles. Antonyms for plasma are materials that are not in this high-energy state where electrons are free to move about independently.

Unlike plasma, which is often found in stars, lightning, and some man-made environments like fluorescent lights, antonyms for plasma are typically found in more familiar states of matter such as solids, liquids, or gases. These contrasting materials have atoms that are not ionized and do not exhibit the same conductive and glowing properties associated with plasma.

Understanding antonyms for plasma helps to distinguish the various states of matter based on the arrangement and behavior of atoms. By recognizing the opposite characteristics of plasma, we gain a clearer understanding of the diverse nature of matter and the distinct properties that differentiate plasma from other states.

35 Antonyms for PLASMA With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for plasma. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding PLASMA antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Plasma Sentence with Antonym
Solid The plasma screen TV was mounted on the wall. The solid brick wall was impossible to move.
Stillness The plasma in the blood can be identified by testing. The movement in the wind created ripples in the pond.
Rest The physician recommended a plasma transfusion for the patient. The person refused to rest and kept working.
Neutral The plasma state consists of charged particles. The charged battery needed to be replaced.
Absence The plasma donation center is always busy. The absence of donors caused a shortage of supply.
Clear The plasma was clear and yellowish in color. The water in the glass was cloudy and undrinkable.
Stop The plasma flow within the cell membranes was essential for survival. The decision to halt the project came suddenly.
Leisure The plasma TVs in the store were on sale. People took part in various work activities at the event.
Static The plasma torch cut through the metal effortlessly. The object remained static on the shelf for years.
Halt The plasma donated at the blood bank helps many patients. The factory had to halt production due to technical issues.
Quiet The plasma interaction is crucial for nuclear fusion. The noisy crowd outside created a chaotic ruckus.
Solidify The plasma state is distinct from a solid state. Liquids solidify when frozen.
Underwhelmed The results of the experiment with plasma were astounding. They were left feeling underwhelmed by the performance.
Cure The patient required a plasma transfusion for recovery. The doctor struggled to find a cure for the disease.
Apathetic Despite the exciting news, she remained plasma towards it. His passionate speech moved the audience.
Agile The plasma particles moved rapidly in the laboratory. An agile performer wowed the audience with her moves.
Discontinue The decision was made to discontinue the use of plasma in the experiment. They chose to continue with the traditional methods.
Stall The research progress was plasma, with new breakthroughs. The negotiations seemed to stall as both sides refused to compromise.
Excitement The plasma TV was a source of enjoyment for the family. The party was devoid of excitement and felt dull.
Prompt The plasma treatment had a prompt effect on the patient. The delayed response was unlike the prompt action expected.
Hyperactivity The child’s symptoms were linked to high plasma levels. Parents worried about the hyperactivity of their child.
Stability Plasma leads to instability in certain physical systems. A strong foundation ensures stability in structures.
Dull The bright colors on the plasma screen caught their attention. The dull lecture seemed never-ending.
Kindle The plasma appeared vibrant under the microscope. The damp wood refused to kindle a fire.
Silence The plasma display emitted a buzzing sound. The serene forest was enveloped in silence.
Torpid The plasma flow in the experiment indicated activity. His torpid behavior indicated he needed rest.
Tepid The plasma experiment resulted in high temperatures. The water was uncomfortably tepid for a bath.
Capable The plasma state of matter has unique properties. Some doubted if he was capable of handling the task.
Vitality The plasma in the cells regulates many functions. His vitality was evident in the way he tackled challenges.
Purify The plasma screen displayed vibrant colors. He tried to purify the contaminated water source.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of PLASMA

In conclusion, instead of referring to plasma as a uniform substance, we can describe it as a heterogeneous mixture. This implies that plasma is not consistent throughout. While some may view plasma as stable, we can also consider it unpredictable. Furthermore, plasma can be perceived as calm rather than turbulent, and structured rather than chaotic. Understanding the diverse characteristics and antonyms associated with plasma can provide us with a more nuanced perspective on this fundamental state of matter. It allows us to appreciate the complexity and variability present in plasma, highlighting its importance in various scientific fields and everyday applications.

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