Opposite of PLAUSIBLE – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

When exploring the concept of antonyms for plausible, it is crucial to understand the meaning of the term plausible itself. Plausible refers to something that is reasonable or believable, based on the available information or evidence. In contrast, antonyms for plausible are words that signify ideas or scenarios that are improbable, unlikely, or difficult to accept as true.

Opposite to the notion of plausibility, antonyms for plausible present a range of possibilities that challenge conventional belief or logic. These antonyms push boundaries and provoke thought by presenting ideas that are not easily accepted or justified. By exploring antonyms for plausible, we can expand our perspectives and engage in critical thinking by considering alternative viewpoints or scenarios that may not align with common understanding.

Examining antonyms for plausible allows us to delve into the realm of uncertainty and skepticism, fostering a deeper exploration of ideas and concepts that may be considered unconventional or far-fetched. By acknowledging the existence of antonyms for plausible, we open the door to questioning assumptions and broadening our understanding of what is considered reasonable or believable in various contexts.

35 Antonyms for PLAUSIBLE With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for plausible. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding PLAUSIBLE antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Plausible Sentence with Antonym
Unlikely The explanation seemed plausible at first glance. The explanation appeared unlikely and was met with skepticism.
Absurd His story sounded plausible but turned out to be false. The idea he proposed was completely absurd and unbelievable.
Improbable Despite the witness’s plausible testimony, doubts remained. The events described appeared highly improbable and unrealistic.
Unbelievable Her excuse sounded plausible but was soon proven false. The story they told was so unbelievable, it could not be trusted.
Dubious The witness provided a plausible alibi for the crime. Their alibi was dubious and raised further suspicions.
Implausible Although the theory seemed somewhat plausible, further investigation revealed it to be implausible.
Unconvincing The explanation seemed plausible initially but quickly fell apart upon examination. His argument was unconvincing and failed to sway the jury.
Untrustworthy Despite his seemingly plausible excuse, many found him untrustworthy.
Unrealistic The proposal sounded plausible but was ultimately deemed unrealistic.
Inconceivable While the plan may seem plausible, the chances of success are inconceivable.
Nonsensical His claims appeared plausible but were dismissed as nonsensical.
Far-fetched The idea seemed plausible until it veered into far-fetched territory.
Invalid The argument sounded plausible but was deemed invalid upon closer examination.
Unprovable Although her theory was plausible, it remained unprovable due to lack of evidence.
Unreasonable While the conditions were plausible, the demands were utterly unreasonable.
Unsubstantiated Her claims appeared plausible but proved to be unsubstantiated.
Unimaginable The scenario seemed plausible until it delved into the unimaginable.
Unreal While the scenario was plausible, it seemed to shift into the unreal.
Preposterous The idea sounded somewhat plausible but quickly morphed into something preposterous.
Inplausible While the plan appeared plausible, many deemed it inplausible.
Illogical Her arguments seemed plausible at first, but were ultimately deemed illogical.
Haphazard The explanation sounded somewhat plausible but was delivered in a haphazard manner.
Baseless While his explanation was plausible, it was ultimately deemed baseless.
Groundless The theory seemed plausible but was ultimately groundless.
Uncredible The source seemed plausible initially, but was ultimately uncredible.
Unreasonable While his explanation was plausible, his demands were completely unreasonable.
Idiotic Though his explanation seemed somewhat plausible, it quickly devolved into something idiotic.
Unthinkable The solution seemed plausible until it crossed into the realm of unthinkable.
Unrational Though the idea seemed somewhat plausible, most considered it unrational.
Unwise Their explanation seemed plausible but their actions were unwise and risky.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of PLAUSIBLE

In this exploration of antonyms for “plausible,” we have uncovered a range of words that convey the opposite of credibility, such as implausible, improbable, and unbelievable. These terms highlight ideas or situations that lack believability, certainty, or likelihood. When evaluating information or making decisions, it is essential to consider not only what is plausible but also what may be deemed implausible or improbable.

By understanding these antonyms for plausible, we can better recognize when a statement, claim, or explanation may lack credibility or feasibility. It serves as a reminder to approach information critically, question assumptions, and assess the evidence supporting an assertion. Embracing a mindset that acknowledges both the plausible and its antonyms can lead to more informed judgments and decisions in various aspects of life.

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