Opposite of PLEAD – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

When we communicate, we often use antonyms to express contrasting ideas. Antonyms are words that have opposite meanings. Just as “hot” and “cold” are antonyms because they represent opposite temperature extremes, antonyms play a crucial role in language by allowing us to convey nuances and differences in meaning.

In legal contexts, the term “plead” is frequently encountered, referring to the act of making a formal statement in response to an accusation or charge. Antonyms for “plead” can offer insight into alternative ways of responding or expressing oneself in legal settings. By understanding these antonyms, individuals can broaden their understanding of legal language and communication.

Exploring antonyms for “plead” can enhance comprehension in legal discussions or scenarios involving negotiation and conflict resolution. By being aware of these antonyms, individuals can better navigate legal procedures and ensure effective communication.

35 Antonyms for PLEAD With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for plead. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding PLEAD antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Plead Sentence with Antonym
Accuse She pleaded guilty in court. He vehemently denied the accusations.
Defend The lawyer pleaded for mercy. The attorney did not oppose the prosecutor’s argument.
Prosecute The attorney was asked to plead his case. The defense attorney is prepared to defend his client.
Accept She pleaded with him to forgive her. He refused to acknowledge her apology.
Answer He pleaded not guilty. He failed to respond to the allegations.
Refuse They pleaded for more time to submit the report. The supervisor declined their request.
Demand The protestors pleaded for justice. The group chose not to insist on their demands.
Grant The judge pleaded for a lighter sentence. The judge declined to approve the request.
Agree She pleaded with them to compromise. They were unable to concur on a decision.
Ignore He pleaded with her to heed his warning. She chose to disregard his advice.
Comply They pleaded with him to obey the rules. He refused to conform to their requests.
Reject She pleaded for a second chance. They decided to deny her appeal.
Repudiate He pleaded with them to reconsider. They firmly disavowed his request.
Allow The mother pleaded with her child to go to bed. The mother chose not to permit the child to stay up late.
Deny He pleaded with them to accept his proposal. They were quick to refute his suggestion.
Disagree They pleaded with him to see their perspective. He continued to dispute their viewpoints.
Disobey The child pleaded with her parents to let her play outside. The child decided to disregard the rules and sneak out.
Contradict He pleaded for the truth to be revealed. His actions seemed to oppose what he had said.
Withdraw She pleaded with him to stay and talk. He chose to retract and leave the room.
Object The defense lawyer pleaded for a mistrial. The prosecutor did not protest the request.
Renounce She pleaded with him to withdraw his resignation. He decided to abandon his position.
Dissent They pleaded for a different course of action. The group chose to differ in opinion.
Forbid She pleaded with her parents to let her stay out late. Her parents prohibited her from doing so.
Oppose He pleaded with them to support his plan. They decided to counter his proposal.
Give up She pleaded with him not to abandon the project. He made the decision to surrender and walk away.
Resist She pleaded with him to stop resisting help. He continued to oppose any assistance.
Disapprove The teacher pleaded for cooperation from the students. The teacher objected to their behavior.
Contravene The lawyer pleaded with the judge for a fair trial. The defendant’s actions seemed to violate the court’s rules.
Approve She pleaded with them to endorse the initiative. They chose not to authorize the project.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of PLEAD

In summary, the contrasting words for plead encompass a range of expressions including demand, insist, assert, deny, and command. These antonyms signify a shift in tone from a plea for mercy or forgiveness to a more forceful or self-assured stance. For instance, instead of pleading for leniency, one might assert their innocence or demand justice. By understanding these opposing words, individuals can better navigate different situations that call for a stronger or more direct approach, thereby enhancing their communication skills and assertiveness in various circumstances.

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