Opposite of POST – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Antonyms for post are words that have opposite meanings or convey contrasting ideas when compared to the term “post.” In linguistic terms, antonyms are words that express contradictory meanings and are often used to provide balance and variety in communication. By utilizing antonyms for post, individuals can enhance their vocabulary, add depth to their writing, and convey nuanced messages effectively.

Exploring antonyms for post can help individuals expand their understanding of language and improve their ability to communicate with precision and clarity. By incorporating antonyms into their writing or speech, individuals can create more dynamic and engaging content that captures the attention of their audience. Using antonyms for post allows individuals to convey different perspectives, evoke emotions, and add complexity to their messages, thus contributing to effective communication.

In everyday language, antonyms for post play a crucial role in shaping our communication and expressing diverse thoughts and ideas. Understanding and utilizing antonyms can enrich one’s language skills, broaden their linguistic capabilities, and help them explore various interpretations of a concept. By incorporating antonyms for post into their vocabulary, individuals can enhance their ability to articulate thoughts effectively and engage in more compelling forms of expression.

35 Antonyms for POST With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for post. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding POST antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Post Sentence with Antonym
Before Please deliver the package post-meeting. Please deliver the package before the meeting.
Precede The keynote speaker will post the awards announcement. The keynote speaker will precede the awards announcement.
Forward She sent the email post deadline. She sent the email forward deadline.
Past The evaluation report will be sent post review. The evaluation report will be sent past review.
Late They arrived post the scheduled time. They arrived late for the scheduled time.
Earlier The project was completed post estimated time. The project was completed earlier than estimated time.
Future Let’s not worry about that issue post the project deadline. Let’s not worry about that issue in future projects.
Following The next steps are to post this discussion. The next steps are to following this discussion.
Subsequent Please review the documents post the meeting. Please review the documents subsequent to the meeting.
Back He circled post-office to drop the mail. He circled back to the office to drop the mail.
Preceding The folder is post the file cabinet. The folder is preceding the file cabinet.
Prior They planned the event post the holiday break. They planned the event prior to the holiday break.
Antecedent The crime occurred post the security upgrade. The crime occurred antecedent to the security upgrade.
Early She finished the report post deadline. She finished the report early before the deadline.
First The company will discuss the proposal post the introduction. The company will discuss the proposal first before the introduction.
Fore The location is post the park. The location is fore the park.
Pre-fare They booked their flights post the fare hike. They booked their flights pre-fare rise.
Main The conclusion is post the multiple points raised. The conclusion is main of the multiple points raised.
Proximate The exit is post the ticket counter. The exit is proximate to the ticket counter.
Unfinished The painting is post any touch-ups. The painting is unfinished even after touch-ups.
Ignored Their concerns were addressed post intervention. Their concerns were ignored without intervention.
Unopened The envelope remained post the event. The envelope remained unopened after the event.
Prolonged The meeting went on post the expected duration. The meeting went on prolonged beyond the expected duration.
Prior A decision on the project will follow post the budget approval. A decision on the project will follow prior to the budget approval.
Overlooked The detail was missed post an in-depth review. The detail was overlooked despite an in-depth review.
End The credits will roll post the movie. The credits will roll at the end of the movie.
First-class They boarded the flight post the first-class passengers. They boarded the flight before the first-class passengers.
Progenitor The technology is post the new patent release. The technology is progenitor of the new patent release.
Posterior The dilemma arose post the critical decision. The dilemma arose posterior to the critical decision.
Early The weather improved post the storm. The weather improved early after the storm.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of POST

In conclusion, the opposite of “post” can be “retrieve,” “remove,” or “take down.” While one person might post information online, another might choose to remove it instead. This highlights the importance of considering both sides of an action like posting, as it opens up possibilities for different outcomes and perspectives. By being mindful of the antonyms of “post,” individuals can make informed decisions about what information to share and how to manage it in various contexts.

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