Opposite of PRACTICAL – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Antonyms for practical refer to words or expressions that are opposite in meaning to practical terms. Antonyms are words that have contrasting meanings to each other, often highlighting different concepts or ideas. When discussing antonyms for practical, it involves exploring words that represent the opposite of practicality in various contexts.

These antonyms can be used to emphasize ideas that are more theoretical, abstract, or idealistic rather than realistic or useful in practical situations. By understanding the antonyms for practical, one can gain insight into different perspectives or ways of approaching a problem or situation. Exploring these opposite terms can help broaden one’s vocabulary and enable clearer communication by highlighting contrasting concepts.

35 Antonyms for PRACTICAL With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for practical. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding PRACTICAL antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Practical Sentence with Antonym
Impractical The practical solution to the problem was cost-effective. The impractical solution was extravagant.
Impracticable It is practical to finish the project within the given timeframe. It is impracticable to meet the deadline now.
Unrealistic We need to come up with a practical plan for the event. Setting up unrealistic goals is not advisable.
Imprudent Being practical, she saved money for emergencies. She acted imprudently by spending all her savings at once.
Unfeasible The practical approach resulted in a successful outcome. The project was deemed unfeasible due to budget constraints.
Impragmatic It is always better to be practical than impragmatic in decision-making.
Unrealizable The practical course of action led to positive changes. Dreams that are unrealizable can be demotivating.
Visionary While she was practical in her approach, he was visionary in his ideas.
Speculative We focused on practical solutions rather than speculative ones.
Immaterial It is important to focus on the practical aspects of a project. Certain details may seem immaterial, but they can be crucial.
Injudicious Being practical, he invested only in secure options. His injudicious decisions led to significant losses in the market.
Extravagant They chose a practical venue for the conference. The extravagant options were out of the budget.
Unreal She prefers to deal with practical matters rather than the unreal ideas.
Unrealistic The teacher emphasized the importance of practical skills. Focusing on unrealistic goals can be demotivating for students.
Immoderate He chose a practical approach to managing his time. Her immoderate attitude led to burnout.
Impragmatic Practical decisions are often better than impragmatic ones in business.
Visionary While one partner was practical in approach, the other was visionary.
Idealistic Practical solutions are more effective than idealistic ones in this situation.
Utopian The project manager emphasized the need for practical plans. Utopian visions can be inspiring but not always realistic.
Idealized The boss appreciated his practical approach to problem-solving. She believed in idealized solutions that were not feasible.
Imprudent Making practical financial decisions is crucial for stability. Being imprudent with money can lead to financial troubles.
Unreal She always focused on practical solutions rather than the unreal ones.
Extravagant He opted for a practical gift rather than an extravagant one.
Unrealizable She was praised for her practical approach to the project. The initial plan was unrealizable due to time constraints.
Immaterial The team concentrated on practical issues that needed immediate attention. Some concerns were deemed immaterial and set aside.
Speculative It is better to base decisions on practical considerations rather than speculative assumptions.
Unfeasible They worked hard to turn a practical idea into a feasible one. The initial proposal seemed unfeasible without additional support.
Unrealistic The company’s practical policies ensured steady growth. Pursuing unrealistic expectations could harm the business.
Injudicious In this scenario, it is wiser to be practical than injudicious with resources. His injudicious spending habits led to financial troubles.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of PRACTICAL

In essence, while theoretical knowledge lays a foundation and opens up possibilities, practical experience is the real-world application that solidifies learning. Theoretical understanding provides insight and context, giving us the tools to navigate complex problems, but practical skills are what enable us to roll up our sleeves and get the job done effectively. Striking a balance between theory and practice is key to achieving success in any endeavor, as both elements complement each other in a harmonious way, ensuring a comprehensive approach to problem-solving and innovation.

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