Opposite of PRACTICALLY – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

When we consider antonyms for the word “practically,” we are examining words that convey opposite meanings in terms of practicality, usefulness, or feasibility. Antonyms serve to offer contrasting perspectives and can aid in providing a more thorough understanding of a concept by exploring its complete spectrum.

In the realm of language and communication, antonyms play a crucial role in expressing nuances and creating a rich tapestry of vocabulary. By juxtaposing words that are antonyms of “practically,” we can uncover a diverse range of expressions that offer alternative viewpoints and broaden our linguistic capabilities.

Exploring antonyms for the term “practically” allows us to delve deeper into the complexities of language and expand our ability to articulate thoughts and ideas. By considering words that stand in opposition to “practically,” we open up new avenues for expression and enrich our communication skills with a wider array of vocabulary choices.

35 Antonyms for PRACTICALLY With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for practically. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding PRACTICALLY antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Practically Sentence with Antonym
completely She practically finished all her work. She completely ignored her tasks.
entirely He practically forgot about the meeting. He entirely remembered the appointment.
totally The project is practically complete. The project is totally unfinished.
wholly The team is practically prepared for the presentation. The team is wholly unprepared for the talk.
fully She is practically recovered from her illness. She is fully sick and unable to work.
purely The decision was practically based on logic. The decision was purely emotional.
not nearly He is practically an expert in the subject. He is not nearly knowledgeable about the field.
scarcely She practically ate any of her lunch. She scarcely touched her dinner plate.
largely This issue is practically resolved. This issue is largely unresolved.
barely We practically made it to the meeting on time. We barely arrived at the venue before it ended.
hardly His efforts were practically recognized. His efforts were hardly acknowledged.
not enough They practically brought food for everyone. They did not bring enough food for the group.
nothing like The report is practically accurate. The report is nothing like the truth.
not quite The result was practically as expected. The result was not quite what was predicted.
rarely She practically misses a deadline. She rarely meets a project timeline.
unsubstantially Their claims were practically proven. Their claims were unsubstantially verified.
inadequately The resources were practically provided. The resources were inadequately supplied.
remotely The idea is practically feasible. The idea is remotely achievable.
seldom He practically speaks in meetings. He seldom contributes to discussions.
marginally The effect was practically noticeable. The effect was marginally significant.
partially She is practically satisfied with the results. She is partially content with the outcomes.
inadequately The assignment was practically detailed. The assignment was inadequately described.
meagerly He practically earns a decent salary. He meagerly survives on his income.
slightly The results are practically improving. The results are slightly getting better.
negligibly The impact was practically significant. The impact was negligibly small.
barely The opportunity is practically a risk. The opportunity is barely worth taking.
explicitly The requirements were practically stated. The requirements were explicitly defined.
merely His role is practically supervisory. His role is merely advisory.
minimally She is practically involved in the project. She is minimally engaged in the initiative.
insignificantly The contribution was practically appreciated. The contribution was insignificantly acknowledged.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of PRACTICALLY

In summary, while some may argue for the necessity of fantasy, in reality, practicality is often more beneficial in everyday decision-making. Compelled by dreams, individuals may stray from grounded realities, neglecting the importance of practicality. In contrast, when driven by pragmatic considerations, people tend to make sensible choices and pursue achievable goals, leading to tangible outcomes and progress. Ultimately, a balance between dreaming and being practical is key to success, allowing for aspirations to flourish within the constraints of real-world feasibility.

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