Opposite of PRECARIOUS – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Antonyms for precarious refer to words that signify stability, safety, and reliability as opposed to uncertainties and risks. Simply put, these are terms that represent the opposite of precariousness, offering a sense of security and assurance instead.

When we talk about antonyms for precarious, we are delving into a realm of language that presents contrasting meanings to the concept of being uncertain, fragile, or unstable. These synonyms provide a clear distinction from the notion of something being in a delicate, dangerous, or unpredictable state.

By exploring antonyms for precarious, we can better understand the importance of stability, strength, and dependability in various contexts. These alternative words offer a positive perspective, highlighting the opposite characteristics of what is considered precarious, thus broadening our vocabulary and enhancing our ability to express ideas with clarity and precision.

35 Antonyms for PRECARIOUS With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for precarious. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding PRECARIOUS antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Precarious Sentence with Antonym
Safe The precarious ladder wobbled as I climbed up to the roof. The sturdy ladder provided a safe path to the roof.
Secure Her job at the startup felt precarious due to its instability. The government position offered a secure and stable career.
Stable The precarious stack of dishes trembled on the edge of the table. The dishes were placed on a stable surface, showing no signs of toppling over.
Firm The precarious friendship quickly fell apart after a disagreement. Their firm friendship remained unshaken even during difficult times.
Strong Walking on the precarious rope bridge required great concentration. The strong bridge made the walk easy and carefree.
Reliable The precarious nature of the old car made the road trip nerve-wracking. A reliable vehicle ensured a smooth and stress-free journey.
Secure Thieves targeted precarious houses in the neighborhood. Houses with advanced security systems remained secure from any potential threats.
Assured The precarious future of the company worried employees. A plan for sustainable growth brought an assured sense of stability.
Steady The precarious boat rocked uncontrollably in the rough sea. The crew felt relieved when they reached the steady waters of the harbor.
Certain The precarious nature of the fragile vase made everyone anxious. Placing the vase in the glass cabinet brought a certain level of safety.
Reliable Mr. Smith’s precarious financial situation kept him up at night. Finding a new job with a steady income provided a reliable solution.
Firm The precarious foundation of the old building posed a danger to residents. A new, firm foundation was laid to ensure the safety and stability of the structure.
Stable The precarious balancing act on the tightrope made the audience gasp. Walking on the stable ground after the performance brought a sense of relief.
Safe The precarious condition of the rope bridge forced the hikers to turn back. Discovering a safe and sturdy bridge nearby allowed them to continue their journey.
Secure The precarious lock on the door made the homeowners uneasy. Installing a secure lock system provided peace of mind and enhanced safety.
Steady Her precarious health required constant monitoring from the doctors. Following a strict health regime led to her achieving a steady state of wellness.
Assured The precarious plan was bound to fail if not revised. Finalizing a well-structured plan with clear objectives gave an assured chance of success.
Firm The precarious hold on the branch made the climber nervous. Finding a firm grip allowed the climber to move confidently along the tree.
Strong The precarious bridge stood as the only route across the river. The construction of a new, strong bridge provided a safer and more reliable crossing.
Reliable The precarious line of credit became a burden for the struggling business. Switching to a more reliable financial institution helped bring stability to the business.
Secure The precarious lock on the gate failed to provide adequate protection. Upgrading to a new, high-security lock system ensured a more secure environment.
Certain Making decisions based on precarious information could lead to errors. Gathering certain and accurate data ensured a better outcome for all decisions.
Steady The precarious structure of the old building worried the architects. Incorporating a new, more steady design eliminated any concerns about structural integrity.
Assured The precarious investment scheme proved to be a disaster for many investors. Choosing an assured and well-researched investment strategy brought financial stability.
Firm Walking on the precarious ice required extreme caution and balance. The firm ground provided a safer path for pedestrians to walk on without slipping.
Strong The precarious handshake showed a lack of confidence in the deal. A strong handshake signified a commitment to the agreement and mutual trust.
Reliable Relying on precarious sources for information could lead to misunderstandings. Seeking out reliable sources ensured accurate and trustworthy information.
Secure The precarious roof could not withstand the heavy rainfall. Installing a new, secure roof prevented any leaks or water damage during storms.
Certain The precarious ground made it difficult for vehicles to pass through. Clearing the area and providing a certain path allowed traffic to flow smoothly.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of PRECARIOUS

In contrast to precarious situations, stable conditions offer security and safety. When circumstances are secure, they are firm, solid, and reliable, providing a sense of stability and assurance. On the other hand, when situations are unstable, they can be unpredictable, unreliable, and subject to change. By seeking stability over precariousness, individuals can establish a foundation for success and peace of mind.

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