Opposite of PRECISE – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Antonyms for precise are words that represent the opposite of accuracy, exactness, or correctness. When we talk about antonyms for precise, we are referring to words that convey a sense of ambiguity, vagueness, or lack of specific details.

In communication, having a diverse vocabulary that includes antonyms for precise can help add depth and nuance to your writing or speech. By incorporating words that are the opposites of precise, you can create a more dynamic and expressive message that leaves room for interpretation and creativity.

Exploring antonyms for precise allows us to consider alternative ways of expressing ideas and emotions. By embracing words that offer a different perspective from precision, we can evoke different feelings and shades of meaning in our communication.

35 Antonyms for PRECISE With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for precise. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding PRECISE antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Precise Sentence with Antonym
Ambiguous The instructions were precise and easy to follow. The instructions were ambiguous and confusing.
Vague His memory of the event was precise and detailed. His memory of the event was vague and blurry.
Uncertain She gave a precise answer to the question. She gave an uncertain response to the question.
Inaccurate The measurement was precise to the nearest millimeter. The measurement was inaccurate and off by several inches.
Imprecise The recipe called for precise measurements. The recipe called for imprecise measurements.
Fuzzy The picture quality on the TV was precise and clear. The picture quality on the TV was fuzzy and unclear.
Approximate Please provide a precise number for the budget. Please provide an approximate number for the budget.
Random He picked a precise time for the meeting. He picked a random time for the meeting.
Hazy Her memory of the event was precise and sharp. Her memory of the event was hazy and unclear.
Loose The screws needed to be tightened to a precise degree. The screws were left loose and likely to come undone.
Indistinct The painting captured the scene in a precise manner. The painting was indistinct and lacked clarity.
Careless She was always known for providing precise work. She was known for her careless and sloppy work.
Inexact The engineer needed precise measurements for the project. The engineer provided inexact measurements, causing mistakes.
Approximation The answer given was precise and accurate. The answer given was an approximation and not exact.
Open-ended The deadline for the project was precise and non-negotiable. The deadline for the project was open-ended and flexible.
Obscure The instructions were precise and easy to understand. The instructions were obscure and difficult to decipher.
Fuzzy The TV reception was precise and clear. The TV reception was fuzzy and unclear.
General The feedback given was precise and focused. The feedback given was general and broad.
Rough The design called for precise edges. The design had rough and uneven edges.
Approximate The value of the antique was precise and well-known. The value of the antique was approximate and uncertain.
Inaccurate The map provided precise directions to the destination. The map provided inaccurate directions, leading them astray.
Questionable The evidence presented was precise and irrefutable. The evidence presented was questionable and unreliable.
Flexible She preferred precise and structured plans. She preferred flexible plans that allowed for changes.
Unsystematic The data was organized in a precise and clear manner. The data was presented in an unsystematic way, making it hard to follow.
False The witness gave a precise account of the events. The witness gave a false and misleading account of the events.
Disordered The books on the shelf were arranged in a precise order. The books were placed in a disordered and messy manner.
Discreet She offered precise advice on handling the situation. She offered discreet advice that was vague and non-specific.
Flexible The schedule was precise and strictly adhered to. The schedule was flexible and allowed for changes.
Blurry The images on the screen were precise and sharp. The images on the screen were blurry and out of focus.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of PRECISE

In summary, the use of ambiguous language can lead to confusion and inaccuracies in communication. Clear and explicit instructions are vital to ensure understanding and efficiency in any situation. Vague statements can cause misunderstandings, while detailed and specific information helps to convey messages accurately. Embracing exactness over ambiguity can enhance clarity and precision in both verbal and written communication, fostering effective and productive exchanges. It is important to strive for clarity and specificity in our language to avoid confusion and ensure that our messages are conveyed accurately.

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