Opposite of PREFER – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Antonyms for “prefer” refer to words that represent the opposite of choosing one option over another. These are terms that suggest a lack of favoritism or a preference towards a different choice. Antonyms for “prefer” allow for the discussion of alternative options or the absence of a clear favorite.

Some common antonyms for “prefer” include words such as “dislike,” “reject,” or “avoid.” These terms indicate a disinterest or aversion towards a particular option, as opposed to favoring it over others. By utilizing antonyms for “prefer,” it is possible to explore different perspectives and consider a range of possibilities in decision-making processes.

In various contexts, understanding antonyms for “prefer” can help in expressing neutrality or highlighting the absence of a strong preference. By examining these contrasting terms, one can broaden their vocabulary and communicate effectively in situations where choices are not based on favoring one option over another.

35 Antonyms for PREFER With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for prefer. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding PREFER antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Prefer Sentence with Antonym
Dislike I prefer tea over coffee. She dislikes coffee.
Reject I would prefer a window seat. He chose to reject the window seat.
Depreciate She prefers classical music. He depreciates classical music.
Abhor They prefer action movies. She abhors action movies.
Spurn I prefer cats to dogs. He spurns cats as pets.
Avoid She prefers to work alone. He tends to avoid working alone.
Reject I prefer to sleep early. She rejects the idea of sleeping early.
Hate They prefer summer over winter. She hates summer.
Refuse He prefers hiking over biking. She refuses to go hiking or biking.
Despise She prefers reading to watching TV. He despises reading.
Shun He prefers action over words. She shuns action and prefers words.
Disapprove They prefer homemade meals. He disapproves of homemade meals.
Detest I prefer ice cream for dessert. She detests ice cream.
Loathe She prefers to travel by plane. He loathes plane travel.
Snub I prefer the red dress. She snubs the red dress.
Disfavor He prefers the blue shoes. She disfavors the blue shoes.
Decline I would prefer to walk. She declines the offer to walk.
Neglect She prefers the beach to the mountains. He neglects the beach.
Disapprove They prefer dogs as pets. She disapproves of dogs.
Undermine He prefers honesty in relationships. She tends to undermine honesty in relationships.
Hinder She prefers to stay up late. He won’t hinder her from staying up late.
Disfavor I would prefer the red paint. She disfavors the red paint.
Oppose They prefer sunny weather. He opposes sunny weather.
Disgust He prefers tea to coffee. She disgusts tea.
Neglect She prefers Italian cuisine. He neglects Italian cuisine.
Repudiate I prefer action movies. She repudiates action movies.
Mistrust They prefer honesty. He mistrusts honesty.
Object He prefers the blue pen. She objects to the blue pen.
Thwart She prefers cats as pets. He would thwart her choice of pets.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of PREFER

Choosing between options can be challenging, especially when we have contrasting preferences. While some may pick one thing over another, others might opt for the opposite. This variety in choices highlights the diversity in personal tastes and demonstrates that what one person likes, another may dislike.

The array of antonyms for preferring illustrates the complex nature of decision-making and the subjectivity of individual preferences. Understanding that people have different inclinations can foster empathy and tolerance towards diverse perspectives. Ultimately, embracing contrasting preferences can lead to a more inclusive and harmonious society where differences are respected and valued.

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