Opposite of PREVENT – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Antonyms for prevent are words that convey the opposite meaning of stopping or hindering something from happening. These antonyms suggest allowing events to occur without interference or obstruction. In contrast to prevent, antonyms emphasize enabling or facilitating actions to take place freely.

One antonym for prevent is to promote, which means to support or encourage the development or occurrence of something. Another antonym is to permit, which signifies allowing or giving permission for an action to happen without interference. These words stand in direct opposition to prevent by indicating the opposite approach towards inhibiting or obstructing events.

Understanding antonyms for prevent provides a broader perspective on the range of actions one can take regarding a particular situation. By acknowledging the opposing concepts of prevent, individuals can explore alternative ways of approaching problems or events by considering options that involve promoting or permitting actions to unfold naturally.

35 Antonyms for PREVENT With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for prevent. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding PREVENT antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Prevent Sentence with Antonym
Allow Preventing accidents requires careful attention to safety measures. We must allow for accidents to happen in order to learn from them.
Encourage Good parenting includes preventing bad habits from forming in children. A nurturing environment will encourage positive habits to develop in children.
Permit The security guard is tasked with preventing unauthorized access to the building. Our new policy will now permit employees to enter the building without any restrictions.
Enable Installing fire alarms is crucial in preventing extensive damage in case of a fire. Providing fire extinguishers will enable individuals to quickly put out a fire and minimize damage.
Facilitate Preventing misunderstandings in a relationship requires open communication. Effective communication will facilitate understanding and resolve any issues that may arise in a relationship.
Promote Regular exercise is key in preventing heart diseases. A sedentary lifestyle can promote the development of heart diseases.
Aid Reinforcing the wall will help prevent it from collapsing. A support beam can aid in preventing the wall from collapsing under pressure.
Allow The strict security measures are in place to prevent unauthorized entry. Loosening security protocols will allow individuals to enter the premises without any restrictions.
Encourage Building confidence can help in preventing self-doubt from hindering progress. Positive affirmations and support can encourage individuals to overcome self-doubt and achieve their goals.
Permit Locking the gate is a precaution to prevent intruders from entering. Leaving the gate unlocked will permit intruders to enter the premises without any resistance.
Enable Disabling the auto-save feature may help prevent accidental overwriting of files. Enabling the auto-save feature will enable automatic saving to prevent any loss of data.
Facilitate Preventing misunderstandings can be achieved through clear communication. Facilitating effective communication will help to prevent misunderstandings and ensure clarity in interactions.
Promote A balanced diet can aid in preventing obesity. Unhealthy eating habits can promote obesity and related health issues.
Aid Wearing a helmet while biking can help prevent serious head injuries. The helmet is designed to provide aid in protecting the head from any injuries sustained during biking.
Allow The lock on the door serves to prevent unauthorized access. Removing the lock will allow individuals to enter the room without any restrictions.
Encourage Setting achievable goals can help prevent procrastination. Positive reinforcement can encourage individuals to stay motivated and avoid procrastinating.
Permit Screening visitors at the entrance is a precaution to preventing unauthorized entry. Allowing unrestricted access will permit visitors to enter the premises without undergoing any security checks.
Enable Following safety guidelines can help prevent workplace accidents. Providing safety equipment will enable employees to work safely and minimize the risk of accidents.
Facilitate Preventing communication breakdowns is essential for a successful team. Implementing team-building activities will facilitate communication and collaboration within the team.
Promote Regular exercise can prevent muscle atrophy. Prolonged inactivity can promote muscle atrophy and lead to weakness in the muscles.
Aid Having a first aid kit readily available can prevent minor injuries from escalating. The first aid kit is designed to provide aid in treating minor injuries and preventing further complications.
Allow Restricting access to sensitive information is key in preventing data breaches. Granting permission will allow authorized individuals to access the data without any restrictions.
Encourage Providing feedback can help prevent misunderstandings in a project. Open communication and feedback can encourage clarity and understanding in the project.
Permit Enforcing password protection is crucial in preventing unauthorized access to accounts. Disabling password protection will permit anyone to access the accounts without any security measures.
Enable Implementing safety protocols can prevent accidents at the construction site. The safety protocols will enable workers to carry out their tasks safely and reduce the chances of accidents.
Facilitate Preventing conflicts in a team requires effective conflict resolution strategies. Implementing conflict resolution workshops will facilitate the resolution of conflicts and maintain a harmonious team environment.
Promote A healthy lifestyle can prevent various health issues. Unhealthy habits can promote the development of health issues such as obesity, diabetes, and heart disease.
Aid Fire extinguishers are vital tools that can prevent fires from spreading. Having fire extinguishers on hand will provide aid in quickly extinguishing fires and preventing further damage.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of PREVENT

While measures can be taken to impede certain outcomes, no action is foolproof against thwarting them completely. It is essential to recognize that while we can help inhibit negative consequences, we cannot entirely avoid them. The absence of prevention does not always result in failure or harm, as there are often ways to mitigate or address issues after they arise, ensuring that progress is still possible despite setbacks. It is important to acknowledge that although preventing challenges is valuable, adaptability and problem-solving remain critical in navigating obstacles effectively.

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