Opposite of PREVIOUS – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Antonyms are words that have opposite meanings to another word. They provide contrast and can help to clarify the intended meaning of a text. By using antonyms, writers can create depth and enhance the richness of their language.

Exploring antonyms can be a useful exercise in expanding one’s vocabulary and understanding the nuances of language. By learning antonyms, individuals can improve their communication skills and express ideas more effectively. This can lead to clearer writing and more precise speech.

Antonyms for previous words offer a unique way to enhance the description and meaning of a text. By employing antonyms, writers can create balance and provide a more comprehensive view of a topic. Understanding and using antonyms can significantly improve one’s mastery of language and contribute to more engaging and impactful writing.

35 Antonyms for PREVIOUS With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for previous. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding PREVIOUS antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Previous Sentence with Antonym
Above She lives above her office She lives below her office
Buy I can’t buy that expensive car I can sell my old car
Fast The cheetah runs very fast The turtle moves very slowly
Empty The room is completely empty The room is full of furniture
Beautiful The garden is so beautiful The desert is barren and ugly
Include The package will include a gift The package will exclude the gift
Loud The party is very loud The library is quiet
Full The glass is completely full The glass is now empty
In The cat is in the house The cat is now outside the house
Dark The room is so dark The room is now very bright
Increase The temperature will increase tomorrow The temperature will decrease tomorrow
Success The project was a success The project was a failure
Begin We will begin the project on Monday We will end the project on Monday
Best Chocolate chip cookies are the best dessert Chocolate chip cookies are the worst dessert
Male The lion is a male The lioness is a female
Old The building is very old The building is brand new
Open Please leave the door open Please make sure the door is closed
Strong The weightlifter is very strong The child is very weak
Few There are few people at the party There are so many people at the party
Win Our team will win the game Our team will lose the game
Hard The math test was very hard The math test was very easy
Little The baby takes little naps during the day The baby takes long naps during the day
Worst This was the worst movie I’ve ever seen This was the best movie I’ve ever seen
Small The elephant stepped on the small toy The elephant stepped on the large toy
Clean Please make sure your room is clean Please make sure your room is dirty
High The plane is flying very high The plane is flying very low
Heavy The box is very heavy The box is very light
Straight The road goes straight for miles The road curves and doesn’t go straight for miles
Empty The cup is completely empty The cup is now full and not empty
Young The elderly woman lives with her young granddaughter The elderly woman lives with her old granddaughter
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of PREVIOUS

In summary, we have explored a variety of contrasts to the word “previous,” such as “future,” “upcoming,” and “subsequent.” Through examples like “The upcoming event will be even more exciting than the previous one” and “The subsequent chapters delve deeper into the mystery,” we have highlighted the importance of considering different points in time or sequence. By understanding and utilizing antonyms like these, we can effectively communicate the chronological order of events or emphasize the progression of a narrative. It is essential to incorporate diverse vocabulary to accurately convey the intended meaning and create a vivid and engaging story or description.

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