Opposite of PREY – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

When exploring the concept of antonyms for prey, it’s crucial to understand the term “prey” itself. Prey refers to an animal that is hunted and eaten by another for sustenance. This dynamic is prevalent in the natural world, where various species rely on hunting and feeding on other organisms to survive.

Antonyms for prey, on the other hand, represent the opposite end of this predator-prey relationship. These antonyms denote beings that are not hunted or consumed by others for nourishment. By identifying and understanding these antonyms, we gain insights into the diverse relationships and interactions that exist within ecosystems.

Exploring antonyms for prey sheds light on the varied roles organisms play in ecological systems. It emphasizes the complexity and balance required for different species to coexist harmoniously without becoming the target of predators. Understanding these antonyms broadens our perspective on the intricate web of life and the roles different organisms play in maintaining the natural order.

35 Antonyms for PREY With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for prey. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding PREY antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Prey Sentence with Antonym
Predator The prey gazelle ran for its life from the hungry lion. The hungry lion stalked its predator in the hopes of securing its next meal.
Victual The snake has prey in its grasp, ready to devour its meal. The snake has managed to capture its victual and is preparing to feast on it.
Hunter The prey rabbits darted through the fields to escape the hunter. The hunter set out to find some prey for his next hunting expedition.
Rescuer The hawk swooped down to grab its prey from the ground. The hawk acted as the rescuer, saving the small creature from becoming its meal.
Guardian The prey animals huddled together, seeking protection from predators. The guardian of the forest kept watch over the antonym to ensure their safety.
Safe The zebra stayed close to the herd to remain safe from prey. The zebra ventured out into the open, away from potential antonym, feeling secure.
Protection The owl’s feathers provided excellent camouflage while hunting prey. The fortress walls offered strong protection from invaders, similar to how the owl hunts for food.
Savior The spider spun its web, waiting patiently for prey to get trapped. The superhero acted as a savior, rescuing innocent civilians from dangerous situations.
Rescue The lioness carefully stalked her prey before going in for the kill. The coast guard sprang into action to rescue the sailors stranded at sea.
Harmless The tiny mouse cowered in fear, knowing it was prey for many predators. The placid cow grazed in the meadow, appearing harmless to any potential threats.
Guarded The deer kept watch as some of their group slept, wary of lurking prey. The house was left unattended and vulnerable, without anyone to keep it guarded.
Protect The mother bear fiercely fought off any threats to her cubs, protecting them from prey. The security guard was tasked with protecting the valuable artifacts from potential thieves.
Defender The eagle soared high above, always on alert for prey and ready to strike. The lawyer acted as the accused’s defender, fighting to prove their innocence.
Harm The cheetah’s speed is unmatched, making it a formidable hunter of prey. The activist’s words were intended to educate, not to cause any harm to others.
Save The falcon eyed its unsuspecting prey from a distance, ready to make its move. The lifeguard dove into the water to save the struggling swimmer from drowning.
Prohibit The endangered antelope struggled to survive in an environment full of prey. Rules are in place to prohibit hunting in this area, in an effort to protect the wildlife.
Open The gazelle kept its eyes wide open, scanning the surroundings for any signs of prey. The hunter’s trap was deviously set, waiting for an unsuspecting animal to fall into its open jaws.
Shield The herd of buffalo formed a circle, using their size to shield the young from prey. The knight raised his shield, protecting himself from the onslaught of his antonym.
Attacker The pack of wolves worked together as they pursued their prey through the woods. The attacker lunged forward, aiming to harm their victim in a sudden and forceful manner.
Secure The herd of elephants moved together, providing support and security from lurking prey. With the alarm system in place, the store was considered secure from any potential break-ins.
Weak The wildebeest’s alertness was its strength when evading predators looking for prey. His weak attempts to come across as confident did not fool those who knew him well.
Dangerous The leopard’s stealth made it a dangerous prey not to be taken lightly. The trek through the jungle was risky and dangerous, with unknown perils awaiting at every turn.
Shelter The rabbit burrowed into its underground shelter to hide from prey, remaining safe. The homeless sought refuge in the shelter, grateful for protection and warmth during the cold night.
Secure The giraffes, with their long necks, had a secure advantage that helped them spot prey from afar. The software update included new security features to keep personal information secure from hackers.
Fearful The rabbit’s fearful eyes darted around, expecting a predator to pounce at any moment. His calm demeanor signaled that he was not fearful or anxious about the upcoming challenges.
Stressful The gazelle’s life in the wild was full of stress, always being on alert for threats of prey. The vacation was meant to be relaxing, providing a break from the stressful demands of work.
Brave The deer showed bravery as it stood its ground, facing the potential danger of being prey. The soldier demonstrated bravery in the face of danger, never backing down from the mission.
Defend The adult elephant stood tall, ready to defend the young calf from any lurking prey in the vicinity. The lawyer was prepared to defend his client in court, presenting a strong argument for their innocence.
Suspicious The monkey glanced around, suspicious of any movement that might indicate the presence of prey. She could not help but feel suspicious, wondering why he was being so nice all of a sudden.
Fight The tiger prepared to fight for its prey, knowing it had to be strong and aggressive to claim its meal. They decided to talk things out calmly rather than resort to a fight that could escalate the situation.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of PREY

In the natural world, predators rely on hunting their prey for survival, while prey must evade being caught and consumed. The relationship between predator and prey is essential for maintaining ecological balance. Predators like lions stalk their quarry, while herbivores like gazelles must stay vigilant to avoid falling victim to predators.

Without predators and prey, the delicate equilibrium of ecosystems would be disrupted. The interaction between animals in these roles highlights the complexity and interconnectedness of nature. By understanding the dynamics of predators and their antonyms, we can appreciate the intricate web of life that relies on each part playing its role in maintaining a healthy and functioning ecosystem.

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