Opposite of PRINCESS – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Antonyms for princess refer to words that represent the opposite of royal female figures. These terms are used to describe individuals who do not possess the qualities typically associated with princesses, such as grace, nobility, or elegance.

Unlike princesses who are often characterized by their regal demeanor and luxurious lifestyles, antonyms for princess may evoke images of commoners, peasants, or individuals who lack wealth and privilege. These terms signify a departure from the fairy-tale image of a princess and instead depict more ordinary or mundane individuals.

By exploring antonyms for princess, we can gain a deeper understanding of the contrasting qualities that exist within society’s perception of royalty. These terms provide insight into the diverse range of characteristics and attributes that can be associated with individuals who do not conform to the traditional princess archetype.

35 Antonyms for PRINCESS With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for princess. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding PRINCESS antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Princess Sentence with Antonym
Commoner The princess lived in a grand palace. The commoner lived in a modest home.
Peasant The princess wore a tiara on her head. The peasant wore a simple headscarf.
Pauper The princess was born into great wealth. The pauper had nothing but the clothes on their back.
Servant The princess was waited on hand and foot. The servant catered to the needs of others.
Simpleton The princess had a royal title and privileges. The simpleton lacked sophistication and refinement.
Common man The princess attended royal balls and events. The common man attended local gatherings.
Regular person The princess rode in a carriage to the ball. The regular person walked to their destination.
Average Joe The princess was seen as royalty by all. The average Joe went about their day unnoticed.
Non-royalty The princess had a line of servants behind her. The non-royalty had to do everything themselves.
Inferior The princess was always treated with respect. The inferior was often belittled and ignored.
Humble The princess had a luxurious lifestyle. The humble lived a modest and simple life.
Subject The princess ruled over her kingdom with grace. The subject followed the orders of their ruler.
Untitled The princess held a position of power and authority. The untitled worked hard to make ends meet.
Regular woman The princess was known for her regal presence. The regular woman blended into the crowd unnoticed.
Average citizen The princess was showered with lavish gifts. The average citizen had to work hard for everything they had.
Plebeian The princess was of noble birth. The plebeian was of common origins.
Layperson The princess had royal blood in her veins. The layperson was just an ordinary individual.
Proletarian The princess had a life of luxury and privilege. The proletarian worked hard to make ends meet.
Serf The princess was adored by her subjects. The serf was bound to work the land for their Lord.
Lowborn The princess had a crown on her head. The lowborn had to struggle to survive.
Commoner The princess had a life of royal luxury. The commoner experienced the harsh realities of life.
Vassal The princess was treated with deference by all. The vassal had to serve their Lord with loyalty.
Citizen The princess had a coat of arms to represent her name. The citizen had no such symbols of nobility.
Denizen The princess was used to the extravagant lifestyle. The denizen lived in the town like everyone else.
Lord The princess lived in a castle fit for royalty. The lord ruled over the land with an iron fist.
Baron The princess was of royal lineage. The baron owned vast estates and lands.
Aristocrat The princess had a retinue of loyal subjects. The aristocrat belonged to the elite of society.
Nobleman The princess had a title that commanded respect. The nobleman was part of the upper class.
Duchess The princess held court with grace and elegance. The duchess was known for her beauty and charm.
Countess The princess dined at banquets fit for royalty. The countess hosted grand feasts in her estate.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of PRINCESS

In contrast to a princess, who is often seen as wealthy and privileged, an ordinary person may lead a simpler and more modest lifestyle. While a princess may be adorned with jewels and fancy attire, an average individual may choose practicality over luxury. By embracing the qualities of an everyday person over those of a princess, one can find beauty in simplicity and appreciate life’s smaller joys. It’s essential to recognize that one’s value and worth are not defined by material possessions or status, but by character and integrity.

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