Opposite of PRIVATE – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Are you looking for antonyms for the word “private”? Antonyms are words that refer to the opposite meaning of a given word. In this case, antonyms for “private” would be words that imply openness, sharing, or public access.

When seeking antonyms for “private,” it is helpful to consider words that indicate a lack of secrecy or exclusivity. These could include terms that suggest collective ownership, accessibility, or visibility to a wider audience.

Expanding your vocabulary by exploring antonyms for words like “private” can enrich your understanding of language and help you communicate with more precision. Discovering the opposite terms can offer insight into different concepts and perspectives related to privacy and openness.

35 Antonyms for PRIVATE With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for private. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding PRIVATE antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Private Sentence with Antonym
Public She wanted to keep her private life a secret. The concert was a public event.
Shared He preferred to work in a private office. The project required shared collaboration.
Open She is a very private person, rarely sharing her feelings. He has an open personality, always willing to chat.
Revealed The information about the new product launch was kept private. The company had their plans revealed early.
Social He enjoys private parties with close friends. She is more comfortable in social gatherings.
Exposed Though a private person, she felt exposed under the spotlight. The artist’s work is exposed to the public for critique.
Open She received a private message on her phone. They had an open conversation in the meeting.
Confidential The company had a private meeting to discuss sensitive information. The report was marked confidential and only for specific eyes.
Shared They decided to have a private dinner at home. The exhibition tour was a shared experience with friends.
Public They enjoyed a private beach vacation. The park is a popular public destination for families.
Unrestricted She has a private room at the top floor of the house. The employees have unrestricted access to the shared workspace.
Out in the open Her private journal entries were kept hidden. Her thoughts were out in the open for everyone to see.
Free He likes to work in private, away from distractions. They prefer the free seating arrangement at the event.
Confidential The private investigator kept his findings confidential. The news was confidential until the official statement.
Conspicuous She tends to avoid private conversations in public spaces. His actions were conspicuous and drew attention.
Personal She shares a private joke with her best friend. The letter contained personal antidotes from their childhood.
Intimate They had a private moment under the moonlight. The gathering turned into a large, intimate celebration.
In the open He prefers to keep his finances private. The account details were left in the open for review.
Open to the public The meeting was held in a private conference room. The museum is open to the public every Sunday.
Common He values his private time alone. She enjoys spending her time with common friends.
Free She enjoys reading in private. The event was free and open to everyone.
Social She prefers working in a private space. He thrives in a social environment at work.
Shared They had a private conversation away from prying eyes. The news was shared among the team before the official announcement.
Public The artist has a private studio for creative work. His art display was public for all to admire.
Revealed The company has a private section for executives. The truth behind the scandal was revealed during the press conference.
Accessible The data was stored in a private folder on the server. The resources were made accessible to all employees.
Common They prefer keeping their personal matters private. She finds comfort in common conversations among groups.
Exposed She felt private and secure in her room. The truth was exposed in the investigation.
Open The diary was meant to be her private thoughts. His story was left open for interpretation by the readers.
Unveiled The artist kept his new project private. The mystery was finally unveiled to the audience.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of PRIVATE

In conclusion, the opposite of private, which is public, refers to something that is open to or shared with the general community. When information, spaces, or activities are public, they are accessible to all individuals and can be freely observed or participated in by anyone. Conversely, when something is private, it is restricted or limited to a specific individual, group, or entity, maintaining confidentiality and exclusivity.

Understanding the distinction between public and private is essential in various contexts, such as personal data, property, relationships, and services. Recognizing when to maintain privacy and when to share information or resources publicly promotes transparency, trust, and appropriate boundaries in interactions and communication.

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