Opposite of PRO – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Do you often find yourself searching for words that mean the opposite of “pro”? Antonyms are words that have opposite meanings. When looking for antonyms, think about words that convey the opposite concept or idea. In the case of “pro,” you may be searching for words that express negativity, opposition, or disapproval.

Antonyms can help add depth and variety to your writing by providing contrasting perspectives or insights. By incorporating antonyms for “pro” into your vocabulary, you can create a more nuanced and balanced representation of ideas. Whether you are writing an essay, giving a speech, or simply engaging in conversation, antonyms can be a valuable tool for expressing contrasting viewpoints.

Exploring the antonyms for “pro” can enhance your language skills and broaden your understanding of different contexts and perspectives. By incorporating these words into your communication, you can effectively convey a range of emotions, opinions, and attitudes. So, next time you are searching for words that express the opposite of “pro,” consider utilizing antonyms to enrich your language and foster deeper connections with your audience.

35 Antonyms for PRO With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for pro. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding PRO antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Pro Sentence with Antonym
Against She was pro the idea. She was against the idea.
Con Are you pro this decision? Are you con this decision?
Oppose He is pro the change. He does not oppose the change.
Anti She has always been pro war. She has always been anti war.
Negative He is pro risk-taking. He is not negative about risk-taking.
Detractor She is a pro of the company’s new policy. She is a detractor of the company’s new policy.
Refutation The article presented pro arguments. The article provided strong refutation.
Con The decision received pro responses. The decision was met with con responses.
Contest She pro the election results. She intends to contest the election results.
Opponent He is a pro of the new plan. She is an opponent of the new plan.
Contrary Her opinion is pro to the new policy. Her opinion is contrary to the new policy.
Reverse She is pro the shift in priorities. She wants to reverse the shift in priorities.
Different They hold pro perspectives on the issue. They hold different perspectives on the issue.
Opposing They are pro views on the matter. They have opposing views on the matter.
Counter His claim is pro to the existing theory. His claim runs counter to the existing theory.
Disagree She is pro the proposal. She disagrees with the proposal.
Unreal His expectations are pro given the circumstances. His expectations are unreal given the circumstances.
Contra She is pro to the plan. She is contra the plan.
Incompatible The new system is pro with the old one. The new system is incompatible with the old one.
Non-supporter He is a strong pro of the policy. He is a strong non-supporter of the policy.
Negate He pro the idea that change is necessary. He wants to negate the idea that change is necessary.
Clash They have gone pro the decision. They frequently clash over the decision.
Deny She is a pro environmental measures. She does not deny environmental measures.
Resist She is a pro electronic voting systems. She is resisting electronic voting systems.
Combat He is a pro the new rules. He is combating the new rules.
Argue He is a pro the idea of cutting costs. He likes to argue against cutting costs.
Reverse She was pro the decision to expand. She wants to reverse the decision to expand.
Inhibit The substance is pro growth. The substance can inhibit growth.
Resist He is a pro the new schedule. He is resisting the new schedule.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of PRO

Understanding the concept of antonyms is essential for grasping language comprehensively. By exploring words that convey opposite meanings, we can enhance our vocabulary and communication skills. For instance, while some may be pro change, others might be against it, showcasing contrasting perspectives.

Embracing the diversity of opinions represented by antonyms allows for a richer dialogue and encourages critical thinking. Whether discussing pros and cons or examining conflicting viewpoints, recognizing antonyms adds depth and nuance to our discussions. Ultimately, incorporating antonyms into our language usage helps us express ideas more accurately and engage in more meaningful conversations.

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