Opposite of PROFOUND – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

When it comes to exploring language and expanding vocabulary, it is essential to consider antonyms. Antonyms are words with opposite meanings to a given word or concept, providing a valuable tool for enhancing communication and expression. By understanding antonyms for various terms, one can effectively convey nuanced differences and contrasts in their writing and speech.

Antonyms serve as a key element in language development and comprehension, enabling individuals to grasp the full spectrum of meanings associated with a particular word. By juxtaposing a term with its antonym, one can highlight the depth and complexity of language, offering multiple perspectives and interpretations. Antonyms facilitate clearer communication by offering alternative choices that convey different shades of meaning.

Exploring antonyms for familiar words opens up new avenues for expression and creativity, allowing individuals to play with language and construct more dynamic and engaging communication. By incorporating antonyms into one’s vocabulary, one can enrich their writing and speech by imbuing it with contrasting perspectives and shades of meaning. Antonyms provide a powerful tool for refining language skills and deepening one’s understanding of the subtleties inherent in words and their meanings.

35 Antonyms for PROFOUND With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for profound. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding PROFOUND antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Profound Sentence with Antonym
Shallow She had profound thoughts about the meaning of life. He only had shallow thoughts about the topic.
Superficial His words had a profound impact on her. Her words had only a superficial impact on him.
Surface-level The book offered a profound analysis of the situation. The article only provided a surface-level analysis.
Simple The documentary had a profound effect on the audience. The comedy show had a simple effect on the viewers.
Trivial Her profound insights changed the course of the discussion. His trivial comments did not contribute anything valuable.
Basic The research findings had a profound impact on the field. The basic findings did not have the same profound impact.
Insignificant The speech had a profound impact on the public. The remarks were insignificant and quickly forgotten.
Unimportant His profound understanding of the subject impressed many. Her lack of depth made her points seem unimportant.
Superficial Their profound connection was evident to everyone. Their bond felt superficial and lacked true depth.
Surface She had a profound understanding of the philosophical concept. His understanding of the concept was only on the surface.
Minor Her painting had a profound impact on the art world. His art piece was considered minor and not impactful.
Trivial The professor’s profound knowledge amazed the students. His knowledge on the subject was seen as trivial by many.
Lazy She put profound thought into every decision she made. He tended to make lazy decisions without much consideration.
Superficial The movie had a profound theme that resonated with many viewers. The film’s theme felt superficial and failed to captivate.
Vague She had a profound understanding of the complex issue. His understanding of the issue was vague and unclear.
Light His profound words inspired many to make positive changes. Her light remarks failed to make an impact on the audience.
Cursory His profound knowledge on the subject impressed the committee. Her understanding was only cursory and did not showcase expertise.
Unintentional The artist’s profound message was evident in every brush stroke. His message seemed unintentional and unclear to viewers.
Obvious Her profound conclusion shed light on the mystery. His obvious answer failed to address the true complexity.
Superficial The conversation had a profound effect on their relationship. Their superficial talk did not truly deepen their connection.
Minor The writer’s profound insights transformed the readers. His contribution was seen as only minor and not impactful.
Trivial Her profound thoughts on the topic changed the discussion. His trivial remarks did not add value to the conversation.
Basic The lecture offered a profound analysis of the issue. The summary provided only a basic understanding.
Insignificant His profound knowledge of the issue made a substantial impact. Her role was seen as insignificant and easily replaceable.
Unimportant Her profound observations led to significant breakthroughs. His points seemed unimportant and were quickly dismissed.
Basic The music had a profound effect on her emotions. The song’s melody had only a basic impact on her mood.
Shallow Their profound connection was evident to everyone. Their bond felt shallow and lacked true depth.
Surface-level The article offered a profound analysis of the issue. The report provided only a surface-level analysis.
Simple Her profound insights changed the course of the conversation. His simple input did not have the same impact.
Trivial His profound understanding of the issue impressed many. Her trivial knowledge on the topic did not have the same impact.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of PROFOUND

In conclusion, instead of deep and complex, we can use simple and shallow to describe something that is not profound. This contrast between intricate and basic can help us differentiate between profound ideas and superficial thoughts. While profound insights delve deeply into a subject matter, shallow observations only scratch the surface, lacking depth or significance. By recognizing these antonyms for profound, we can better understand the varying levels of depth in our thoughts and conversations, making it easier to communicate effectively and accurately convey the depth of our understanding.

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