Opposite of PROFUSE – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Antonyms for profuse are words that represent the opposite of abundant or extravagant. These terms denote scarcity, restraint, or moderation in contrast to the excessive or overflowing nature of something described as profuse. By using antonyms for profuse, one can effectively convey a sense of limitation, control, or frugality in their communication.

Choosing antonyms for profuse helps to create a more balanced and nuanced expression, allowing for a clearer and more precise articulation of ideas. By incorporating these contrasting words into writing or speech, one can achieve a more refined and deliberate impact on the audience or reader. The use of antonyms for profuse adds depth and variation to language, enhancing the overall quality and effectiveness of the message being conveyed.

35 Antonyms for PROFUSE With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for profuse. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding PROFUSE antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Profuse Sentence with Antonym
Scanty She was profuse with her compliments. She was scanty with her compliments.
Sparse The profuse decorations filled the room. The sparse decorations barely covered the room.
Meager His profuse apologies did not make up for his mistake. His meager apologies were not enough to make up for his mistake.
Limited The profuse amount of food at the party impressed everyone. The limited amount of food at the party left guests hungry.
Moderate Her profuse spending habits often left her broke. Her moderate spending habits helped her save money.
Restrain He could not restrain his profuse laughter during the solemn ceremony. He managed to restrain his laughter during the solemn ceremony.
Frugal She was known for her profuse generosity towards those in need. She was known for her frugal spending habits and practicality.
Economical The chef was not economical with the ingredients, using them in a profuse manner. The chef was very economical in his use of ingredients, avoiding any profuse use.
Reserved The quiet, reserved man was always the opposite of profuse when speaking about himself. The profuse storyteller never held back, unlike his reserved counterpart.
Insufficient Profuse rain led to flooding in the area. Insufficient rain caused drought and crop failure.
Scarce The resources were profuse and abundant in the new land they discovered. The resources were scarce and hard to come by in the barren wasteland.
Dearth The profuse variety of options made choosing difficult. The dearth of choices made the decision clear and easy.
Scarcity In a world of profuse materialism, simplicity can be seen as a luxurious scarcity. In a world of scarcity, profuse materialism can lead to a lack of appreciation for what one has.
Conserve While he was profuse with his words, his wife preferred to conserve hers. While she was conserve in her spending, he was profuse with his purchases.
Minimal She adorned herself in a profuse amount of jewelry, while her sister preferred a minimal approach to accessories. His minimal effort in preparing for the presentation was in stark contrast to her profuse preparation.
Restraint He showed no restraint in his profuse spending habits. His restraint in spending was evident in his minimal purchases.
Limited The limited resources led to a profuse amount of competition among the teams. The profuse resources ensured that there was no need for limited creativity.
Avarice His austerity made him immune to her profuse spending habits. Her austerity in choices was the antithesis of his profuse desires.
Scarceness The scarceness of water made every drop precious, contradicting the profuse rainstorm that recently passed through. The profuse number of guests overwhelmed the scarceness of food provided at the event.
Dearth The dearth of resources in the village was apparent, as the city had profuse wealth and opportunities. The profuse amount of food available contrasted sharply with the dearth of options for vegetarian guests.
Niggardly His niggardly behavior was the exact opposite of her profuse generosity. Her profuse compliments were in stark contrast to his niggardly remarks.
Rationed The government rationed out the resources, making them profuse in one area and limited in another. The profuse sunshine made it hard to believe they had rationed the water supply.
Hoarding Instead of profuse spending, he was accused of hoarding his wealth away. Her hoarding tendencies were a stark contrast to her friend’s profuse sharing of resources.
Abundance The abundance of food was in stark contrast to the profuse decoration in the dining hall. The profuse number of guests overwhelmed the abundance of resources available.
Minimum She needed minimum help in decorating the house, as her profuse nature made everything look full and lively. His minimum effort did not compare to her profuse attention to detail.
Restrained His restrained applause was a stark contrast to her profuse cheering. The profuse decorations clashed with the restrained elegance of the event.
Austerity In a display of austerity, he rejected her profuse offers of help. Despite his austerity, her habits remained profuse.
Scarce The resources were profuse in the city but scarce in the countryside. Her scarce compliments were a stark contrast to his profuse praise.
Prudent She was known for her profuse spending, while he was more prudent with his finances. His prudent decision-making stood in contrast to her profuse generosity.
Curb Without any curb, her profuse behavior led to overspending. Her ability to curb her desires contrasted with his profuse indulgence.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of PROFUSE

In contrast to being abundant and overflowing, being conservative and restrained is the opposite of being profuse. Where profusely giving might overflow and exceed limits, being reserved and controlled can bring balance and moderation. While profuse generosity can sometimes be admirable, it is also essential to exercise restraint and mindfulness in order to achieve a harmonious and sustainable approach in various aspects of life. Balancing between being profuse and conservative allows for a more thoughtful and well-rounded way of living, where abundance is appreciated without excess.

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