Opposite of PROGNOSTICATE – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Antonyms for prognosticate are words that are essentially opposites in meaning when it comes to predicting or forecasting future events. While prognosticate involves making educated guesses or predictions about what may happen in the future, antonyms for this word refer to expressing uncertainty or hesitation in making such predictions.

Antonyms for prognosticate include terms like doubt, second-guess, and speculate. These words suggest a lack of confidence or belief in one’s ability to accurately foresee or anticipate future outcomes. Instead of making firm predictions, these antonyms denote a sense of hesitation or reluctance to commit to a specific forecast.

In contrast to the act of prognosticating, employing antonyms for this term acknowledges the unpredictability of the future and the complexity of making accurate forecasts. By understanding the opposite meanings of prognosticate, one can appreciate the nuances and implications of uncertainty in predicting future events.

35 Antonyms for PROGNOSTICATE With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for prognosticate. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding PROGNOSTICATE antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Prognosticate Sentence with Antonym
Ignore She refused to prognosticate on the outcome of the game. She decided to ignore any predictions about the outcome of the game.
Hinder Experts are trying to prognosticate the effects of the new policy. Experts are trying to help hinder the effects of the new policy.
Disregard Despite his attempts to prognosticate, the future remains uncertain. Despite his attempts to disregard, the future remains uncertain.
Conceal It is difficult to prognosticate what the future holds. It is easy to conceal what the future holds.
Suppress The economist attempted to prognosticate the market trends. The economist decided to instead suppress the market trends.
Mislead It is best not to prognosticate without solid evidence. It is best not to mislead without solid evidence.
Ignore She continued to prognosticate despite the uncertainties. She decided to ignore all uncertainties instead.
Overlook The CEO refused to prognosticate the company’s future. The CEO chose to overlook the company’s future instead.
Prevent It is impossible to prognosticate every possible outcome. It is possible, however, to prevent every possible outcome.
Stifle The psychic tried to prognosticate the future accurately. The psychic chose not to stifle the future with predictions.
Depress The actuary attempted to prognosticate the stock market. The actuary chose not to depress the stock market with predictions.
Repress The astrologer will try to prognosticate the upcoming events. The astrologer will not attempt to repress the upcoming events.
Stifle The weatherman tried to prognosticate the approaching storm. The weatherman decided not to stifle the approaching storm with predictions.
Revoke The clairvoyant is known to prognosticate world events. The clairvoyant is not known to revoke world events.
Forgo She decided not to prognosticate the consequences of her actions. She chose instead to forgo any predictions about the consequences.
Inhibit The students were asked to prognosticate their exam grades. The students were advised not to inhibit their exam grades with predictions.
Prevent We cannot accurately prognosticate the outcome of the experiment. We can, however, prevent the inaccurate prognostication of the outcome.
Stifle The fortune teller tried to prognosticate the lottery numbers. The fortune teller realized it was best not to stifle the lottery numbers.
Repress The analyst refused to prognosticate on the market trends. The analyst chose not to repress the market trends with predictions.
Overturn The psychic was unable to prognosticate the future events. The psychic attempted to overturn the future events with predictions.
Dispose We shouldn’t try to prognosticate the actions of others. Instead, we should dispose of any inclination to predict the actions of others.
Neglect The oracle was able to prognosticate the upcoming disaster. The oracle unfortunately neglected the upcoming disaster in her predictions.
Inhibit The researchers are trying to prognosticate the disease’s spread. They must be careful not to inhibit the disease’s spread with predictions.
Prevent The scientist managed to prognosticate the outcome of the experiment. The scientist failed to prevent the inaccurate prognostication of the outcome.
Divulge The psychic’s job is to prognosticate future events for clients. The psychic’s job is not to divulge future events for clients but to keep them confidential.
Override The seer tried to prognosticate the best course of action. The seer decided not to override the best course of action with predictions.
Thwart It is not appropriate to prognosticate the intentions of others. It is more useful to thwart the intentions of others than to predict them.
Disbelieve The fortune teller attempted to prognosticate the future correctly. The skeptic chose instead to disbelieve the future predictions.
Discourage The psychic tried to prognosticate the course of events. The psychic did not try to discourage the course of events coming to pass.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of PROGNOSTICATE

Predicting the future can be challenging, but it is vital to adapt to uncertainties. While some may attempt to prophesy, others prefer to react to unfolding events spontaneously. Instead of forecasting, responding to immediate circumstances can lead to more effective decision-making. By relinquishing the need to project outcomes, individuals can focus on staying flexible and adapting to change.

Embracing the unknown can foster resilience and open up new opportunities. Eschewing predictions allows for a more fluid approach to problem-solving, enabling individuals to navigate unforeseen challenges with an open mind. Rather than fixating on foretelling the future, embracing uncertainty can lead to more organic and successful outcomes in various aspects of life.

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