Opposite of PROGRESSIVE – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

When discussing antonyms for progressive, it is essential to understand the concept of progressiveness. Progressiveness refers to the advancement or improvement towards a better state or condition. It embodies the idea of moving forward, evolving, and embracing positive change.

Opposed to progressiveness, antonyms for progressive signify stagnation, regression, or resistance to change. These terms denote a lack of development, growth, or improvement. They suggest a reluctance to adopt new ideas or methods, maintaining a status quo or reverting to a previous, less advanced state.

Exploring antonyms for progressive can provide insight into contrasting perspectives on change and evolution. By examining these opposing terms, we can better understand the complexities of individual or societal attitudes towards progress and innovation.

35 Antonyms for PROGRESSIVE With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for progressive. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding PROGRESSIVE antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Progressive Sentence with Antonym
Stagnant The company is making progressive changes to improve its operations. The business has remained stagnated with no signs of growth.
Retrogressive Our society should aim for progressive reforms to ensure equality for all individuals. Embracing retrogressive ideas will only lead to regression in social development.
Traditional Some people prefer progressive methods of teaching while others prefer traditional techniques. The school has decided to stick to traditional teaching methods, neglecting any progressive changes.
Regressive The tax policy introduced by the government is considered to be progressive. The new policy seems to be regressive, disproportionately affecting low-income earners.
Conservative The city council is divided between those who support progressive policies and those who prefer a conservative approach. Conservative citizens are often resistant to embracing progressive ideas.
Nonprogressive The management team is pushing for progressive strategies to improve the company’s performance. The lack of innovation and evolution has led the company to be labeled as nonprogressive.
Backward The school is known for its progressive curriculum that encourages critical thinking. Some critics argue that the education system is regressing and moving backward.
Pessimistic Despite facing setbacks, the team maintains a progressive outlook and continues to strive for success. Being pessimistic about future possibilities will hinder any chances of improvement.
Stationary The country’s economy has been experiencing progressive growth over the past few years. The economy has come to a standstill and is now stationary without any signs of advancement.
Inflexible The organization needs to adopt a progressive approach to adapt to the changing market demands. The company’s stubborn and inflexible attitude has caused it to fall behind its competitors.
Inert Implementing progressive changes will revitalize the company and boost its competitiveness. The lack of action and the inert nature of the team have prevented any growth.
Reactionary The political party advocates for progressive policies that aim to improve social welfare. Opposing the government’s progressive agenda, some members lean towards a reactionary stance.
Traditionalist The artist is known for his progressive approach to modern art, pushing boundaries with each creation. His critics, who are staunch traditionalists, dismiss his work as too unconventional.
Intolerant It is crucial to build a progressive society that embraces diversity and fosters inclusivity. An intolerant community will only perpetuate discrimination and hinder social progress.
Unchanging The team needs to implement progressive strategies to keep up with the evolving market trends. Maintaining an unchanging mindset will lead to stagnation and irrelevance in the industry.
Disruptive Despite facing challenges, the company’s willingness to embrace progressive ideas has enhanced its competitiveness. Disruptive behavior within the organization has caused chaos and hindered any chance of improvement.
Retrograde The new technology represents a progressive leap forward in the field of medicine. Choosing to stick to old methods is seen as a retrograde step in the industry.
Reactionist Advocates for progressive environmental policies believe in sustainable practices for the future. The reactionist stance against implementing green initiatives harms the planet and future generations.
Inhibitive The organization must adopt a progressive mindset to overcome obstacles and achieve success. Fear of change and an inhibitive attitude are detrimental to progress and innovation.
Reminiscent Instead of dwelling on the past, we need to focus on progressive solutions for a better future. The nostalgic, reminiscent viewpoint hinders any chance of advancement.
Unadventurous A company that embraces progressive ideas is more likely to adapt to market changes. Remaining unadventurous in a fast-paced industry will result in being left behind.
Reactionary The candidate’s platform supports progressive policies aimed at societal betterment. His opponent takes a more reactionary stance that favors maintaining the status quo.
Radical The organization’s commitment to progressive social change has earned it widespread support. Some members believe the proposed changes are too extreme and radical.
Retrogressive The school aims to implement progressive educational methods to enhance student learning. Some faculty members hold onto outdated practices, making the school retrogressive.
Nonconformist The artist is known for his progressive and nonconformist approach to art. Those who choose to follow tradition instead of being nonconformist may miss out on innovative ideas.
Reactionary The government’s new policy marks a progressive step forward in the fight against poverty. Critics argue that the policy is too hesitant and reactionary to bring about real change.
Conventional The company is adopting progressive business models to stay ahead in the competitive market. Other businesses are sticking to conventional methods, resisting change and innovation.
Reactionary The organization is dedicated to implementing progressive diversity initiatives to create an inclusive environment. Some employees are hesitant to embrace change and hold reactionary views on diversity.
Declining The town’s newly elected mayor promises progressive changes to boost economic growth. The town’s declining infrastructure reflects a lack of forward-thinking and development.
Declining Despite progressive efforts, some industries may face a declining market due to changing consumer preferences. Companies that fail to adapt may see a declining trend in their sales and revenue.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of PROGRESSIVE

In contrast to progress, regression signifies a backward movement or decline. While advancement suggests moving forward, stagnation implies a lack of growth or development. The pursuit of tradition may oppose innovation, with conservatism resisting changes and the unconventional.

By recognizing and understanding these antonyms for progressive, one can appreciate the spectrum of possibilities and perspectives in any situation. Embracing this diverse range can lead to a deeper understanding of different viewpoints and the complexities of progress itself.

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