Opposite of PROHIBIT – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Antonyms for prohibit are words or phrases that denote permission or allowance instead of restriction or ban. These antonyms serve as opposites to the concept of prohibiting something, highlighting instances where actions are encouraged or allowed rather than forbidden.

Incorporating antonyms for prohibit into communication can help convey a sense of freedom, choice, or permissibility. By using these contrasting terms, individuals can more effectively express the notion of allowing or endorsing certain behaviors or actions that are not subject to restriction or prohibition.

Understanding antonyms for prohibit expands the range of language available to convey nuances in meaning related to permission and restriction. By incorporating these antonyms into writing or speech, one can better articulate the concept of permission or freedom in contrast to the notion of prohibition or constraint.

35 Antonyms for PROHIBIT With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for prohibit. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding PROHIBIT antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Prohibit Sentence with Antonym
Allow Prohibit entry without a ticket. Visitors are allowed entry without a ticket.
Permit Smoking is prohibited in this area. Smoking is permitted in this area.
Enable The lock is set to prohibit access. The key will enable access to the room.
Authorize The sign clearly prohibits parking. The sign clearly authorizes parking.
Approve The rules prohibit drinking in public. The rules approve drinking in public.
Allow Pets are strictly prohibited in the hotel. Pets are freely allowed in the hotel.
Sanction Strict laws prohibit any form of discrimination. The new policy sanctions inclusion and diversity.
Free The contract prohibits cancellation. The service offers a free cancellation option.
Encourage The rules prohibit students from using phones. The school encourages students to use technology responsibly.
Unleash The strict regulations prohibit access to certain areas. The new policy unleashes freedom of movement.
Embrace Traditions sometimes prohibit progress. Innovation embraces progress and change.
Permit The law strictly prohibits littering. The law allows and permits recycling efforts.
Promote Strict diets prohibit certain types of food. Balanced diets promote the consumption of a variety of foods.
Release The contract prohibits release of confidential information. The agreement allows for the release of information when needed.
Undo Regulations may prohibit undoing certain actions. The system allows for an undo option for recent changes.
Free The terms of service clearly prohibit sharing accounts. The software offers a free account-sharing feature.
Legalize The law prohibits sales of certain substances. The new legislation will legalize sales and distribution.
Facilitate The restrictions prohibit easy access to resources. The new system facilitates quick and easy access.
Enable Security measures prohibit unauthorized access. New security keys will enable access for authorized personnel.
Advance The outdated policies prohibit technological advancements. The company will advance with updated technology.
Support The school rules prohibit participation in extracurricular activities. The school actively supports engagement in extracurricular activities.
Encourage Fear should not prohibit exploration and growth. Positive feedback and support will encourage further exploration.
Break School policies prohibit breaking rules. Creativity sometimes requires thinking outside of the box and breaking the norms.
Foster Strict regulations prohibit fostering creativity. Creative environments should foster experimentation and innovation.
Spread Quarantine measures prohibit the spread of disease. Awareness campaigns aim to educate and spread important health information.
Aid The rules prohibit aid to those in need. The charity organization aims to provide aid to those affected by the crisis.
Embrace The culture may prohibit embracing new ideas. An open mind will embrace diverse perspectives and innovative solutions.
Encourage The regulations prohibit encouraging diversity in hiring practices. Companies should actively encourage diversity and inclusion initiatives.
Legalize Current laws prohibit legalizing certain activities. Advocates are lobbying to legalize those activities.
Embrace Fear can sometimes prohibit embracing change. Positive attitudes will embrace change and its potential benefits.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of PROHIBIT

There are many ways to express the idea of allowing or permitting something, such as allowing, permitting, approving, or authorizing. Conversely, terms like banning, restricting, prohibiting, or outlawing convey the opposite meaning of prohibiting. The use of various antonyms for prohibiting can help to convey different shades of meaning and provide nuance in communication. It is important to choose the right word that accurately reflects the intended message to avoid misunderstandings or confusion. By understanding and utilizing antonyms effectively, individuals can enhance clarity in their communication and convey their intentions more precisely.

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