Opposite of PROPHESY – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Exploring antonyms for prophesy invovles examining words that convey the opposite meaning of making predictions or foretelling the future. Antonyms for prophesy are terms that relate to denying, disbelieving, or rejecting the idea of predicting future events.

These antonyms can encompass a variety of concepts including skepticism, uncertainty, and randomness in contrast to the notion of prophecy. By understanding the antonyms for prophesy, we gain insight into alternate perspectives on the nature of predicting future outcomes and the limitations of such forecasts.

Exploring antonyms for prophesy can provide a balanced view on the subject of foretelling the future, offering a diversified outlook that includes disbelief, skepticism, and uncertainty. Engaging with these contrasting terms allows for a deeper understanding of the complexities surrounding the act of making predictions and the varying attitudes towards prophecy.

35 Antonyms for PROPHESY With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for prophesy. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding PROPHESY antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Prophesy Sentence with Antonym
Conceal The wise woman could prophesy the future events. The deceptive man tried to conceal the truth.
Suppress The psychic was able to prophesy the upcoming storm. The government tried to suppress information about it.
Silence The prophecy foretold a great war. The peace treaty aimed to silence the drums of war.
Conceal The oracle could prophesy the fate of the kingdom. The traitor tried to conceal his nefarious plans.
Prevent The prophets foretold a time of peace and prosperity. The interventions sought to prevent the impending war.
Stifle The seer was known for her ability to prophesy accurately. The oppressive regime tried to stifle dissenting voices.
Mute The prophecy spoke of a coming darkness. The truth seemed to mute any hope for a brighter future.
Hide The ancient text contained prophecies of doom. The cover-up was meant to hide the impending disaster.
Hush The soothsayer could prophesy tragedies. The command to hush ensured the secrets remained buried.
Obscure The visionary could prophesy the rise of a new era. The fog of war continued to obscure the path forward.
Conceal The prophecy hinted at a change in power. The manipulative leader tried to conceal his intentions.
Mislead The prophet warned of a false prophet’s rise. The cunning plan was created to mislead the population.
Quiet The prophesy stirred unrest among the people. The government sought to quiet any dissenting voices.
Quash The legendary oracle was known for her accurate prophesies. The rulers tried to quash any prophecies that challenged their rule.
Suppress The psychic was able to prophesy events before they happened. There were attempts to suppress any mention of her abilities.
Conceal The prophecy hinted at a new beginning. The secrecy shrouded efforts to conceal the truth.
Hamper The seer’s words had a profound impact on the kingdom. The restrictions sought to hamper the spread of prophecies.
Stifle The prophesy instilled fear in the minds of the people. The oppressive regime sought to stifle any dissenting voices.
Suppress The prophecy predicted a time of great change. The actions taken aimed to suppress any upheavals.
Hide The oracle’s prophecies were known far and wide. The attempts to hide her predictions were in vain.
Conceal The prophecy warned of a betrayal within the kingdom. The efforts to conceal the truth only made it more apparent.
Silence The prophesied fall of the tyrant was near. The attempt to silence dissent only fueled the rebellion.
Quell The prophecy spoke of a new leader emerging. The attempt to quell rumors of dissent only led to unrest.
Disprove The prophecy foretold a time of great suffering. The goal was to disprove the prophecy and prevent panic.
Hush The psychic could prophesy events with uncanny accuracy. The order was to hush any talk of supernatural powers.
Conceal The prophecy held the key to the kingdom’s future. The conspirators aimed to conceal their part in it.
Quiet The oracle’s prophesy brought hope to the people. Any attempts to quiet the prophecies were met with resistance.
Suppress The prophets foretold an era of prosperity. The rulers’ actions sought to suppress any mention of it.
Conceal The prophecy hinted at a reconciliation between warring factions. The attempt to conceal the prophecies failed miserably.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of PROPHESY

In conclusion, while predicting the future may seem challenging, there are various antonyms for prophesy that convey uncertainty and ambiguity. Instead of foretelling events, one can speculate, guess, or conjecture about what may happen. Rather than being certain, one can be doubtful, skeptical, or unsure about future outcomes. Embracing these antonyms for prophesy allows for a more realistic understanding of the unpredictable nature of the future and encourages a humble approach to forecasting events. So, next time you find yourself trying to prophesy, consider exploring the realm of speculation and uncertainty for a more nuanced perspective on what lies ahead.

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