Opposite of PUSH – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Antonyms for push are words that convey the opposite action of pushing. These antonyms represent actions that involve pulling, rather than applying pressure in a forward direction. By understanding these contrasting terms, one can have a clearer grasp of the various movements and forces at play in different situations.

Pull, drag, or tug are common antonyms for push, indicating actions that involve moving something towards oneself, rather than away. These terms highlight the different directions in which force can be applied, showing the diversity of movements possible in physical interactions. Knowing these antonyms can help in accurately describing and understanding the dynamics of motion and force.

In everyday life and in various fields such as physics, sports, or engineering, the distinction between pushing and its antonyms plays a crucial role in determining how objects move and interact with one another. By recognizing and using the antonyms for push, individuals can communicate more effectively and navigate through tasks requiring different types of forces and movements.

35 Antonyms for PUSH With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for push. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding PUSH antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Push Sentence with Antonym
Pull He tried to push the heavy door open. She used all her strength to pull the door shut.
Drag The truck was pushed up the hill by the driver. The workers had to drag the truck down the hill.
Shove Please do not push me, I can walk on my own. Instead of shoving him, she gently guided him.
Propel The jet engine helps to push the airplane forward. The wind helped to propel the sailboat forward.
Thrust He used his foot to push the ball across the field. She used her hand to thrust the ball back to him.
Slide She pushed the box along the floor with her foot. He started to slide the box along the counter.
Nudge Could you please push the box closer to the wall? He decided to nudge the box away from the wall.
Press She gently pushed the button to close the elevator door. He firmly pressed the button to open the door.
Drive He pushed the car forward to get it out of the snow. She had to drive the car to get to their destination.
Propel The strong wind helped to push the sailboat forward. The current helped to propel the canoe down the river.
Shove The crowd started to push forward towards the stage. She felt someone shove her from behind in the crowd.
Repel The magnet’s positive poles will push each other away. The magnet’s positive poles will repel each other.
Eject He pushed the cassette into the player to listen to music. She had to eject the cassette to remove it from the player.
Lure Despite his efforts to push her out, she was drawn to the stage. The promise of a better opportunity was enough to lure her in.
Tug He pushed with all his might, but the rock wouldn’t budge. In frustration, he decided to tug at the rock to move it.
Withdraw They decided to push back the launch date due to technical issues. As a result, they had to withdraw the announcement of the launch.
Abandon He made a final attempt to push the stalled car up the hill. With a heavy heart, he knew he had to abandon the car and walk.
Deter No matter how hard she tried to push him away, he remained persistent. His determination could not be deterred despite her efforts.
Galvanize The coach’s motivational speech helped to push the team to victory. The defeat only served to galvanize the team for the next match.
Hesitate She pushed herself to speak up during the meeting despite her nerves. He couldn’t hesitate any longer and had to speak his mind.
Provoke His disrespectful comments aimed to push her to anger. She made a conscious choice not to let him provoke her.
Discourage He continued to push forward despite the obstacles in his path. His perseverance served to discourage those who doubted him.
Suppress The urge to scream was strong, but she managed to push it down. She tried her best to suppress the feelings of disappointment.
Curb He needed to push himself to curb his impulsive behavior. She realized she had to curb her spending habits and save more.
Contain It was important to push the boundaries and not contain creativity. She firmly believed that art should be free and not contained.
Overpower He was determined to push against the odds and overpower his foes. She felt helpless as the emotions threatened to overpower her.
Rebuff No matter how hard he tried, she continued to push away his advances. He took the hint and decided not to rebuff her rejection.
Prevent She tried to push the thought out of her mind to prevent worry. Despite her best efforts, she couldn’t prevent the anxiety from surfacing.
Deter The warning signs were there, but he chose to push forward and not be deterred. The storm clouds gathering made her reconsider and deter going outside.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of PUSH

In life, we encounter situations where we need to decide whether to push forward or to step back. Knowing when to advance or retreat is essential for personal growth and success. While pushing might bring progress and achievement, sometimes it is equally important to recognize the value of pulling back, pausing, or waiting.

By understanding the antonyms of push such as pull, retreat, or pause, we can better navigate challenges and make balanced decisions. It is not always about pushing harder, but rather finding the right balance between moving forward and knowing when to slow down or step back. Embracing both the act of pushing and its antonyms can lead to a more harmonious and strategic approach to challenges and opportunities.

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