Opposite of QUELL – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

When looking for antonyms for “quell,” it is important to consider words that have contrasting meanings to the act of suppressing or pacifying something. Antonyms provide an opportunity to explore words that convey the opposite end of the spectrum in terms of emotions or actions.

By understanding the antonyms for “quell,” one can gain a deeper insight into the complexity of language and how different words can evoke varied feelings and responses. Antonyms serve as valuable tools in expanding vocabulary and expressing thoughts with precision and clarity.

Exploring antonyms for “quell” can also help in enhancing communication skills and promoting more nuanced and sophisticated writing or speaking. Having a diverse range of words at one’s disposal allows for greater flexibility in conveying ideas and emotions effectively.

35 Antonyms for QUELL With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for quell. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding QUELL antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Quell Sentence with Antonym
Incite The police tried to quell the rebellious crowd. His speech only served to incite further unrest.
Aggravate Your constant interruptions are not helping to quell my anger. Please stop talking; you are only aggravating the situation.
Excite The teacher’s monotonous voice did nothing to quell the student’s boredom. The unexpected surprise truly excited the children.
Stir The calming music helped to quell her anxiety. He was trying to stir up trouble between the colleagues.
Provoke His actions were intended to quell the disagreement. She knew her words would only provoke him further.
Inflame The authorities acted quickly to quell the rising violence. His inflammatory comments only served to inflame the situation.
Encourage She tried to quell her son’s fears about starting a new school. Her supportive words encouraged him to face his fears.
Agitate The calming tea was meant to quell her nerves. The loud noises only served to agitate her further.
Excacerbate The slow response from the government did nothing to quell the public’s anger. His irresponsible actions seemed to excacerbate the already tense situation.
Restore The peace talks were successful in quelling the hostilities. The new leadership helped restore harmony in the community.
Foment The ambassador’s speech was aimed at quelling the tensions. His words seemed to foment further discord among the audience.
Calm The teacher’s presence helped to quell the students’ anxieties. The storm only managed to calm the winds briefly.
Ease The medication helped quell the patient’s pain. Rest and relaxation can ease your stress levels.
Sedate The doctor prescribed a mild sedative to quell her agitation. The energetic music only served to sedate the baby to sleep.
Pacify The leader’s words were meant to quell the protestors. The soothing music helped pacify the upset child.
Rouse She managed to quell her anger and respond calmly. His rude remarks seemed to rouse her to immediate action.
Soothe The soft music was playing to quell her stress. There is nothing like a warm bath to soothe tired muscles.
Placate The promises made by the company were meant to quell the customer’s complaints. His attempts to placate her only made her more suspicious.
Settle They finally managed to quell the long-standing dispute. The fair negotiations helped to settle the issue.
Harmonize The joint efforts of the two factions helped quell the discord. Their shared values helped harmonize their relationship.
Relax Taking deep breaths can help to quell your anxiety. The spa treatment was designed to help you relax.
Suppress Martial law was declared to quell the rioting. The dictator adopted harsh measures to suppress dissent.
Dispel His smile was able to quell her doubts. All the evidence presented dispelled any lingering suspicions.
Lower The manager worked to quell the rising tensions in the office. They were asked to lower their voices to avoid arguments.
Hush The teacher tried to quell the noisy students. The loud noise suddenly hushed as the performers took the stage.
Lull The peaceful setting helped to quell her anxieties. The gentle rocking motion had a lulling effect on the baby’s crying.
Appease The government promised reforms to quell the people’s anger. Her conversations with the upset customer seemed to appease him.
Subdue The police were called in to quell the violent protests. They had to use force to subdue the aggressive behavior.
Mitigate The measures taken helped to quell the negative effects. His actions only served to mitigate the damage caused.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of QUELL

In conclusion, while quelling means to suppress or calm, its antonyms such as provoke, ignite, and inflame signify actions that incite or escalate. When you quell a protest, you are pacifying or ending it, but when you provoke a protest, you are stirring or stimulating it. Similarly, while quelling fears means allaying or easing them, feeding fears involves heightening or intensifying them. Therefore, understanding the antonyms of quell can help distinguish between actions that subdue and those that exacerbate situations. It’s essential to choose the appropriate approach, whether to quell tensions or avoid actions that may exacerbate them.

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