Opposite of QUEST FOR – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

When we try to find words that are the opposite of “quest for,” we are essentially looking for terms that convey a sense of relinquishing or letting go of the pursuit of something. Antonyms represent words that have contradictory meanings and help to provide a clearer understanding and context to the original term.

Antonyms serve as linguistic tools that aid in expanding our vocabulary and communication skills by offering contrast and nuance to the meaning of words. By identifying antonyms for “quest for,” we can explore a different perspective and gain insights into alternative ways of thinking and expressing ideas.

Finding antonyms for “quest for” can improve our ability to articulate various concepts and emotions by offering contrasting terms that help to convey different shades of meaning. By incorporating antonyms into our language, we can enrich our understanding of words and their diverse interpretations, ultimately enhancing our communication skills.

35 Antonyms for QUEST FOR With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for quest for. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding QUEST FOR antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Quest For Sentence with Antonym
Avoid She decided to quest for the truth about her family history. She chose to avoid learning any more about her family.
Content His quest for adventure led him to travel to exotic lands. He was content with staying in his familiar surroundings.
Ignore Sarah’s quest for knowledge motivated her to read every book in the library. Sarah chose to ignore the books and spent her time outdoors instead.
Leave The detective had a relentless quest for finding the missing woman. The detective decided to leave the case unsolved and move on.
Disinterest My friend’s quest for success in business drove him to work long hours. My friend’s disinterest in business resulted in him pursuing other hobbies.
Reject Despite her quest for acceptance, she was constantly criticized by her peers. She decided to reject their opinions and continued being herself.
Settle After years of questing for adventure, she finally found peace in a small town. She was ready to settle down and live a quiet life at last.
Dismiss The scientist’s relentless quest for truth led him to make groundbreaking discoveries. His colleagues chose to dismiss his findings as inconsequential.
Discontinue The company’s quest for innovation led to the creation of new products every year. The company’s decision to discontinue their research resulted in a lack of new ideas.
Disregard Despite her quest for excellence, she was often overlooked for promotions. She decided to disregard the opinions of her superiors and focus on her own growth.
Avoidance Her quest for self-improvement motivated her to take up new hobbies. Her avoidance of change kept her stuck in her old routines.
Invalidate The journalist’s quest for truth led to the exposure of corruption at the highest levels. Those involved tried to invalidate the evidence and deny any wrongdoing.
Abandon His quest for justice for his brother’s murder consumed him. He was forced to abandon his search when new evidence cleared the suspect.
Reject She was on a quest for love, hoping to find her soulmate. After a series of disappointments, she decided to reject the idea of a perfect match.
Disinterest Their quest for fame and fortune drove them to pursue risky ventures. Their growing disinterest in material wealth led them to prioritize family time instead.
Disapprove His quest for approval from his parents led him to pursue a career he disliked. He finally realized that their constant disapproval was toxic and chose to follow his own path.
Disregard The explorer’s quest for new lands took him to uncharted territories. Others chose to disregard his discoveries and continued to believe the world was flat.
Dread Her quest for happiness often felt like an elusive dream. She had come to dread the constant pursuit of something she could never truly grasp.
Despise His quest for power and control over others made him ruthless. His despise for those who challenged his authority led to conflict and unrest.
Reject The student’s quest for knowledge was evident in her thirst for learning. Her willingness to reject ignorance and seek wisdom set her apart from her classmates.
Disgust His quest for perfection made him critical of even the smallest flaws. His disgust for imperfection led to a sense of dissatisfaction with everything around him.
Unconcern Her quest for inner peace led her to meditation and self-reflection. Her unconcern for material possessions allowed her to focus on spiritual growth.
Forsake Their quest for wealth and prosperity drove them to make ruthless decisions. They were willing to forsake their values in pursuit of material gain.
Disinclination His quest for adventure led him to climb the highest mountains. His disinclination for routine kept him constantly seeking new challenges.
Neglect Her quest for happiness led her to explore new hobbies and interests. Her neglect of personal well-being eventually caught up with her.
Reject The artist’s relentless quest for perfection was evident in every brushstroke. His refusal to reject mediocrity set him apart as a master of his craft.
Dislike Her quest for justice for those who had been wronged drove her to become a lawyer. Her dislike for injustice fueled her passion for standing up for the voiceless.
Restrain His quest for freedom from oppression inspired him to take a stand. The government’s efforts to restrain his activism only fueled his determination further.
Avoidance His quest for success in the corporate world drove him to sacrifice his personal life. His avoidance of failure at all costs led to a lack of true fulfillment in his achievements.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of QUEST FOR

In a world where many strive for achievement and fulfillment, it can be equally important to recognize moments of contentment and satisfaction. Instead of relentlessly pursuing success, taking time to appreciate the present can bring a sense of peace and gratitude. Letting go of the relentless quest for more and embracing the simplicity of what already exists can lead to a greater sense of joy and balance in life.

By shifting the focus from constantly seeking to finding contentment in the present moment, individuals can cultivate a more sustainable sense of happiness. Rather than always chasing the next goal, learning to appreciate the beauty in what is already here can bring a deeper sense of fulfillment and peace.

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