Opposite of RAISED – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Antonyms for raised refer to words or phrases that express the opposite of something being lifted or elevated. These antonyms signify a lowering or decreasing in height, level, or position. By understanding antonyms for raised, one gains clarity on contrasting actions or states of being.

In the realm of language and vocabulary, antonyms for raised offer diversity and versatility in how we describe movement, change, or status. They serve as tools to enhance communication by providing alternatives that convey different meanings or nuances. In many contexts, antonyms for raised enable us to articulate a full spectrum of scenarios and conditions.

Exploring antonyms for raised can enrich one’s verbal and written expression by offering a range of options to portray varying degrees of elevation or increase. By incorporating these contrasting terms into language, individuals can communicate with precision and depth, ensuring clear and accurate conveyance of concepts and ideas.

35 Antonyms for RAISED With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for raised. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding RAISED antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Raised Sentence with Antonym
Lowered The teacher raised her hand to ask a question. The teacher lowered her hand to signal that it was time for quiet.
Depressed The charity event raised a significant amount of money. The charity event depressed the attendees due to lack of interest.
Dropped The firefighter raised the ladder to rescue the cat. The firefighter dropped the ladder, causing an additional obstacle.
Lower The orchestra conductor raised his baton to start the performance. The orchestra conductor asked the musicians to lower their voices during the rehearsal.
Declined The prices on the stock market raised dramatically. The prices on the stock market declined steadily over the course of the day.
Decreased The company’s profits raised by 10% this quarter. The company’s profits decreased due to the economic downturn.
Reduced The team captain raised an important issue during the meeting. The team captain reduced the tension by offering a compromise.
Settled The dust raised by the construction workers made it hard to breathe. After the workers finished, the dust settled back down.
Lowering She raised her voice to be heard over the crowd noise. She tried lowering her voice to maintain her privacy in the busy cafe.
Lessen The politician raised concerns about healthcare reforms. The politician sought to lessen the impact of the new policies on vulnerable populations.
Placed She raised the vase on the highest shelf for visibility. She gently placed the vase on the table to prevent it from breaking.
Fell The construction workers raised the beam into place. Unfortunately, the beam fell before it could be secured properly.
Drop The bartender raised the glass to toast to the newlyweds. The bartender was about to drop the glass when his coworker bumped into him.
Fallen The stock prices have raised steadily for the past month. The stock prices had fallen drastically before rebounding slightly.
Lowering The athlete raised the bar higher for an extra challenge. Instead of lowering the bar, he decided to try again at the higher height.
Dismissed The student raised a question regarding the lesson. The teacher dismissed the question as irrelevant to the topic at hand.
Lowered The magician raised his hands to perform his next trick. Spectators were amazed as he slowly lowered them without anything disappearing.
Descended The elevator raised to the top floor of the building. As quickly as it descended, it stopped unevenly between floors.
Decreasing The number of accidents on the road has been raising lately. To prevent them from decreasing, additional safety measures have been implemented.
Dropped She raised concerns about the changes in the company’s policy. However, when her suggestions were met with silence, she dropped the issue.
Settled The rising tension in the room could not be raised by reasoning alone. It was only when a neutral mediator stepped in that the situation finally settled.
Subside He raised a fuss about the poor quality of the food at the restaurant. Eventually, his anger started to subside as the manager tried to make amends.
Lessening The investment in the new technology surprisingly raised the overall productivity. This positive effect is now slowly lessening as the technology starts to become outdated.
Declining The project’s success rate has been raising over the last few months. Despite the team’s efforts, the enthusiasm for the project is declining.
Fell She raised her nephew after her brother passed away. However, after a few years, the responsibility fell upon the child’s other relatives.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of RAISED

In summary, we have explored various antonyms for the word “raised” through sentences that showcase contrasting actions like lowered, dropped, and fell. These antonyms provide a clear picture of actions that are opposite to raising something. Understanding antonyms helps in enhancing communication skills and expressing ideas effectively by using the right words to convey the intended meaning. By incorporating antonyms like lowered, dropped, and declined into our vocabulary, we can create more nuanced and precise descriptions in our writing and conversations.

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