Opposite of RANGE – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Antonyms for range refer to words that convey the opposite meaning of the term “range.” A range typically denotes the extent or variety of something, but antonyms for range would indicate a confined or limited scope. These antonyms can be helpful in expressing ideas with precision and clarity by highlighting the opposite end of the spectrum from what a range typically represents.

In language, antonyms for range can be vital in providing a nuanced understanding of concepts by presenting the converse perspective. By exploring the antonyms of range, one can uncover alternative ways to articulate ideas and concepts within a more defined parameter. Utilizing antonyms for range can aid in effectively communicating thoughts or descriptions that are exact and specific, emphasizing limitations rather than expansiveness.

Identifying antonyms for range assists in strengthening language skills and enhancing communication by offering contrasting terms that challenge the conventional meaning of “range.” The use of antonyms in conjunction with range can help individuals express their thoughts with greater accuracy and depth by illustrating the opposite end of the spectrum. By incorporating antonyms for range into writing or speech, individuals can convey ideas with subtlety and precision, enriching their expression of concepts.

35 Antonyms for RANGE With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for range. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding RANGE antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Range Sentence with Antonym
Limit The product is available in a limited range of colors. The options are limitless when it comes to colors.
Minimum The range of prices starts at a $10 minimum. There is no minimum spend required.
Maximum The hiking trail offers a range of options for all fitness levels, from easy to challenging. The trail does not have a maximum difficulty level, it caters to all.
Narrow The range of menu options at the restaurant is quite narrow. The restaurant offers a wide selection, not just a narrow range of dishes.
Set The store’s clothing selection includes a diverse range of sizes and styles. The store does not have a set collection, it includes a variety of sizes and styles.
Fixed The range of dates for the event is fixed, with no flexibility. The event dates are not fixed and can be altered accordingly.
Stagnant The prices of the products have remained within a fixed range for months. The prices of the products have been fluctuating, not remaining stagnant.
Contracted The company experienced a contracted range of services due to budget cuts. The services offered by the company expanded greatly, despite financial constraints.
Limited The range of books available at the library is limited. The library has an unlimited selection of books to choose from.
Specific The range of details provided in the report was very specific. The report lacked specifics, providing only a general overview.
Complex The tutorial covered a wide range of topics, from simple to complex. The tutorial focused on simple topics, avoiding any complexities.
Expand The company decided to expand its range of products to reach a wider audience. The company chose to limit its product line instead of expanding further.
Different The restaurant offers a unique range of dishes that you can’t find anywhere else. The dishes served at the restaurant are not different from regular options.
Variable The income range for the job is variable, depending on experience. The income for the job is constant and does not fluctuate.
Contrary The statements made by the witnesses were in direct range of each other. The witnesses’ statements were completely contrary to each other.
Consistent The weather forecast predicts a consistent range of temperatures throughout the week. The weather forecast shows an inconsistent range of temperatures for the week.
Reachable The city is located within a reasonable driving range from the countryside. The city is not easily reachable from the countryside by car.
Undefined The job roles within the startup have an undefined range of responsibilities. The roles within the startup have clearly defined responsibilities.
Long The range of flights offered by the airline includes long-haul options. The airline does not have long flights on its range of destination choices.
Close The department store carries a close range of clothing sizes. The department store offers a wide range of clothing sizes, not just close ones.
Uniform The art exhibition featured a uniform range of paintings from the same artist. The paintings in the exhibition were not uniform, showcasing a variety of artists.
Attachable The backpack comes with an attachable range of accessories for customization. The backpack lacks attachable features, limiting customization options.
Reduce The gym aims to reduce the range of motion in certain exercises to avoid injuries. The gym promotes increasing the range of motion for enhanced flexibility and strength.
Vary The range of choices at the buffet varies daily to keep it interesting. The buffet always offers the same food options and does not vary its selection.
Expansive The art gallery houses an expansive range of contemporary artworks. The art gallery has a limited selection and is not expansive in its variety.
Defined The laws have well-defined range of consequences for breaking them. The consequences for law-breaking are not clearly defined and vary.
Big The grocery store has a big range of fruits and vegetables available. The store has a small range of fruits and vegetables to choose from.
Broad The company has a broad range of services that cater to various customer needs. The company has a narrow range of services, focusing on a specific niche.
Adjacent The two stores belong to the same chain and have an adjacent range of products. The stores are not related and have completely different ranges of products.
Polar The north and south poles are on opposite ends of the range of temperature extremes. The temperature at the poles is consistent and does not vary to extreme levels.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of RANGE

In summary, the antonyms for range include terms like limit, narrow, and restrict. By using these words, we can convey the idea of setting boundaries, being specific, and confining choices or possibilities. The antonyms of range help us to understand the concept of restricting or limiting options, as opposed to allowing a wide variety of choices or possibilities within a certain scope. This can be useful in clarifying and refining ideas, making decisions, or narrowing down selections in different contexts.

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