Opposite of RAVENOUS – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Understanding antonyms for “ravenous” can provide clarity in differentiating between opposite meanings. Antonyms are words that have opposite meanings to a specific word, providing a contrast in understanding. In the case of “ravenous,” exploring its antonyms can help paint a vivid picture of a diverse range of states or actions.

While “ravenous” typically conveys intense hunger or greed, its antonyms offer alternative perspectives that may denote moderation or satisfaction. By exploring these antonyms, we can gain a deeper understanding of the nuances in language and how words can convey varying shades of meaning. Additionally, recognizing antonyms for “ravenous” can also aid in constructing more precise and nuanced communication, allowing for better articulation of ideas or descriptions.

35 Antonyms for RAVENOUS With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for ravenous. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding RAVENOUS antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Ravenous Sentence with Antonym
Satisfied After the rigorous workout, she was ravenous and devoured her meal in minutes. After the rigorous workout, she was so satisfied that she only ate a small portion of her meal.
Full The ravenous wolves hunted for food in the dark forest. The wolves were full and content after a successful hunt.
Fulfilled His ravenous appetite for success drove him to work tirelessly. His lack of drive left him feeling empty and unfulfilled.
Moderated She opened the fridge, feeling ravenous after not eating all day. She felt a mild hunger, which she moderated by snacking on a small piece of fruit.
Satiated The marathon runner was ravenous after the race and ate a huge meal. The runner was satisfied with a light snack and felt satiated.
Quenched Their ravenous exploration of the buffet left them completely full. After a light meal, their hunger was quenched
Calm The ravenous wasp buzzed around the picnic table in search of food. The calm and gentle bee hummed a different tune than the ravenous wasp.
Nourished The stray cat was ravenous and eagerly accepted the food offered. Under the care of the shelter, the cat was well-fed and nourished.
Regulated The ravenous students eagerly lined up for the free pizza. With a sense of control and organization, the students regulated themselves and waited for their turn to get a slice.
Controlled The ravenous bear tore through the campsite looking for food. The bear’s hunger was controlled as it patiently waited for the salmon to swim upstream.
Content The ravenous crowd rushed to the front to get a better view. The crowd was content and relaxed, comfortably positioned at the back.
Refreshed The climbers reached the summit, feeling ravenous after the long hike. The climbers felt refreshed after stopping to enjoy the view and catch their breath.
Idle The ravenous lioness prowled the Savannah in search of prey. The lioness rested under the acacia tree, feeling idle and uninterested in hunting.
Moderate The ravenous traveler ate everything in sight at the new restaurant. The traveler carefully chose a light meal showing moderate appetite.
Affluent In the land of abundance, no bird was ravenous as food was plentiful. The affluent birds were in no need of hunting as they enjoyed the luxury of dining in their nests.
Temperate The ravenous shark circled the boat, agitated and hungry. The shark, usually a predator, exhibited a temperate behavior by swimming peacefully past the boat.
Surfeited With the buffet in full swing, the guests were ravenous and devouring everything in sight. As the meal went on, the guests became surfeited and pushed their plates away, unable to eat another bite.
Balanced The ravenous vampires descended on the sleepy town, thirsting for blood. The town’s atmosphere remained balanced, undisturbed by any external forces.
Composed The ravenous shoppers rushed to get their hands on the latest sale. Being composed, the shoppers took their time and calmly browsed through the various items without any rush.
Harmonious The ravenous pack of wolves howled in hunger through the night. The forest was harmonious as birds chirped and animals coexisted peacefully.
Temperate The ravenous beast snarled and attacked anything in its path. The beast’s behavior was usually temperate but now it was calm and relaxed.
Gentle The ravenous wind whipped through the valley, uprooting trees. A gentle breeze caressed the valley, making the leaves rustle softly.
Regulated The ravenous bulldozer plowed through the forest without restraint. A well-regulated machine moved carefully and deliberately through the forest.
Vaguely With a ravenous hunger, the child pushed the plate away after a few bites. After a long day, the child felt vaguely hungry and enjoyed a light snack.
Tame The ravenous bear stormed through the campsite in pursuit of food. The bear, once tame and used to being fed, waited patiently near the food stash.
Frugal Coming from a family with ravenous appetites, she had to cook large meals every day. In contrast, her neighbors had frugal eating habits and preferred small portions.
Relaxed The ravenous cheetah sprinted across the savannah in pursuit of a gazelle. Lying under the shade of a tree, the cheetah appeared relaxed and at peace.
Placid The ravenous soldier consumed his meal quickly and returned to duty. The soldier, placid and peaceful, savored his meal and enjoyed the moment of calm.
Unconcerned The ravenous squirrel scavenged for nuts in the forest without a care. Meanwhile, a unconcerned squirrel lounged in the sun, unbothered by hunger.
Measured The ravenous party guests consumed the snacks in minutes upon arrival. The hosts measured their own intake and nibbled at the snacks throughout the evening.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of RAVENOUS

In exploring antonyms for ravenous, we uncovered terms like satisfied, full, and satiated. These words describe a state of being content, no longer hungry, and possessing a feeling of fulfillment after eating. They represent a balanced and moderate approach to consumption, contrasting with the intense craving and insatiability associated with being ravenous.

By understanding the opposite of ravenous, we can appreciate the importance of listening to our body’s signals, practicing mindful eating, and fostering a healthy relationship with food. Choosing to be mindful of our eating habits and recognizing when we are full can lead to a more balanced and fulfilling experience with food, allowing us to enjoy meals without the overwhelming drive to consume excessively.

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