Opposite of REALIZE – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

When we talk about antonyms for the word “realize,” we are referring to words that represent the opposite concept or a negative form related to understanding, becoming aware, or achieving clarity about a particular situation, idea, or goal. Antonyms serve as the direct opposites of a given term, providing a complementary perspective or contrasting meaning.

In the context of “realize,” the antonyms can encompass words that suggest failing to comprehend, ignoring, overlooking, or remaining oblivious to aspects of reality or the truth. These antonyms illuminate the different ways one can be disconnected from realizing, encompassing a range of emotions or states of being that hinder the process of recognition, acknowledgment, or acceptance.

By exploring the antonyms for “realize,” we gain insight into the diverse ways in which individuals can struggle with perceiving, comprehending, or coming to terms with various situations or information. Understanding these antonyms offers a deeper understanding of the complexities surrounding the concept of realization and the multifaceted nature of human cognition and perception.

35 Antonyms for REALIZE With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for realize. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding REALIZE antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Realize Sentence with Antonym
Miss She realized she left her keys at home. She missed noticing her keys were at home.
Ignore It’s hard to realize what we ignore It’s easy to ignore what we fail to realize
Overlook Don’t realize the small things you overlook Don’t overlook the small things you realize
Unaware She realized he was unaware of her plan She was unaware of his realization
Neglect Realize the importance and don’t neglect Neglect to realize the significance
Reject He realized his mistake when she rejected He rejected the truth he had realized
Dismiss Don’t dismiss the thoughts you realize They dismissed the evidence they realized
Misunderstand Try not to misunderstand when you realize They often misunderstand the truths they realize
Disregard Don’t realize too late what you disregard They often disregard the important things they realize
Conceive He realized his dream before he could conceive of it The idea conceived before I realized its potential
Forget She realized it only to forget Trying not to forget things once you realize
Dissociate When you realize you can’t dissociate They couldn’t realize the need to dissociate
Misinterpret She realized he was misinterpreting They continue to unknowingly misinterpret what they realize
Unnoticed He was unnoticed until they realized They quickly noticed what they had realized
Unperceived The problem remained unperceived until they realized They realized the error once it was perceived
Disbelieve She didn’t disbelieve his realization They realized they couldn’t disbelieve the truth
Refuse He realized the opportunity she refused They later refused to realize the benefits
Ignore Ignore the facts and you won’t realize Realize what you ignore and act upon it
Fail You may fail to realize the implications Recognizing the signs can prevent a failure
Unmindful She is often unmindful of what she realizes Being unmindful could lead you to miss what you realize
Unconscious Acting unconscious of what they realized Realizing the situation, he remained unconscious of his surroundings
Disallow He could not disallow what he realized They realized they could not disallow the decision
Unrealistic She couldn’t see how unrealistic she was until she realized Realizing how unrealistic the plan was, she abandoned it
Negate Don’t negate the truth when you realize Some realize but still choose to negate
Discern It’s important to discern once you realize Their inability to discern led to the realization
Acknowledge They refused to acknowledge what they realized Realizing the truth, they had no choice but to acknowledge it
Unlearn Sometimes you have to unlearn to truly realize Failing to realize can prevent you from unlearning
Unsee Once you realize, you can’t unsee it They tried to unsee what they had unwillingly realized
Undiscover She wished she could undiscover what she realized Once discovered, it is hard to realize you can’t undiscover
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of REALIZE

Understanding the opposite of “realize” can lead to the comprehension of terms like overlook, ignore, or misunderstand. When individuals fail to realize information presented to them, they are essentially overlooking or ignoring crucial details. In contrast, acknowledging, grasping, or recognizing facts demonstrate a level of understanding and realization of the given information.

Recognizing the antonyms for realize helps in distinguishing between situations where one is attentive and aware versus instances where one may miss or neglect important facts. By being mindful of these opposites, individuals can strive to actively engage with information, prevent misunderstandings, and ensure a comprehensive and accurate perception of their surroundings.

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