Opposite of REASONABLE – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

When we discuss antonyms for “reasonable,” we are essentially exploring words that represent the opposite end of the spectrum in terms of rationality, logic, and fairness. While “reasonable” embodies the quality of sound judgment and justifiable thinking, its antonyms deviate from this, expressing ideas that are illogical, unfair, or irrational.

These antonyms offer a glimpse into contrasting viewpoints that challenge logic and common sense. They present an alternative perspective that may be rooted in emotion, impulse, or bias, rather than reason and practicality. By examining these antonyms, we unveil the diversity of human thought and the multitude of ways in which individuals may perceive and approach various situations.

In everyday conversations, writing, and debates, incorporating antonyms for “reasonable” can add depth and complexity to discussions. These contrasting words enable individuals to navigate through nuances in language and better articulate their arguments or beliefs by drawing attention to contrary viewpoints that may exist.

35 Antonyms for REASONABLE With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for reasonable. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding REASONABLE antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Reasonable Sentence with Antonym
Irrational It is reasonable to consider both options. It would be irrational to consider both options.
Absurd Her request for an extension is reasonable. His demand for a promotion is absurd.
Unjustifiable His decision to resign was reasonable. Their decision to dismiss her was unjustifiable.
Illogical There is a reasonable explanation for the delay. His theory is completely illogical.
Excessive A price increase of 5% is reasonable. An increase of 20% would be excessive.
Impractical A two-hour commute is reasonable. A six-hour commute would be impractical.
Unpredictable His behavior was reasonable given the circumstances. Her reactions were completely unpredictable.
Unjust It is reasonable to expect equal pay for equal work. Pay discrimination is unjust.
Invalid The argument she presented was reasonable. His points were completely invalid.
Preposterous It is reasonable to assume he will arrive by 3 pm. It would be preposterous to expect him before 6 pm.
Illegitimate The concerns raised are reasonable. Their doubts are completely illegitimate.
Unacceptable His behavior is reasonable in this situation. Their conduct is completely unacceptable.
Unreasonable The delay is reasonable due to unforeseen circumstances. Her insistence on a refund is unreasonable.
Immoderate A three-day extension is reasonable. Requesting a month-long extension would be immoderate.
Untenable The decision to cut costs was reasonable. Continuing to overspend is untenable.
Extravagant A budget of $1000 is reasonable for this project. A budget of $5000 would be extravagant.
Foolish His approach to the problem was reasonable. Her reaction was completely foolish.
Ludicrous The proposal was reasonable and well-received. His proposal, on the other hand, was ludicrous.
Absurd His explanation for being late was reasonable. The excuse he gave was absurd.
Illegitimate The concerns they raised are reasonable. Their claims are illegitimate.
Unjustifiable It was reasonable to terminate his contract. Their decision to terminate her was unjustifiable.
Indefensible His behavior was reasonable given the circumstances. Their actions were indefensible.
Arbitrary The decision was reasonable given the evidence. Making decisions arbitrarily is not acceptable.
Foolish His attempt to fix the leaking pipe was reasonable. Her idea of ignoring the leak was foolish.
Preposterous It is reasonable for him to ask for clarification. It would be preposterous to expect him to figure it out on his own.
Ludicrous The initial offer was reasonable and fair. Their counteroffer, however, was ludicrous.
Baseless Their complaints about the service were reasonable. The accusations made against them were completely baseless.
Thoughtless His decision to take the day off was reasonable. Her decision to quit without notice was thoughtless.
Unreasonable The new policy is reasonable given the circumstances. Their demand for special treatment is unreasonable.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of REASONABLE

In conclusion, when faced with decisions or arguments, it is important to consider both sides and not jump to conclusions hastily. Emotions can often cloud judgment, leading to unreasonable behavior or responses. By maintaining a calm and rational approach, conflicts can be resolved more effectively.

Being open-minded and willing to listen to differing viewpoints can lead to compromises and understanding, promoting harmonious relationships and better decision-making. It’s essential to strive for fairness and balance, avoiding extreme positions or actions that may be irrational or illogical. By embracing moderation and practicality, individuals can navigate challenges with reason and tact.

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