Opposite of RECEPTIVE – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

When seeking to expand one’s vocabulary or enhance communication skills, understanding antonyms can be incredibly beneficial. Antonyms are words that have opposite meanings to one another. By recognizing antonyms, individuals can effectively convey contrasting ideas and add depth to their conversations or writing.

Exploring antonyms for words such as “receptive” can provide valuable insights into language usage. Opposites of receptive include words that denote resistance, reluctance, or indifference. By familiarizing oneself with these antonyms, individuals can accurately express ideas of refusal, reluctance, or lack of openness in communication.

By being able to identify and utilize antonyms for words such as “receptive,” individuals can enhance both their understanding of language and their ability to articulate nuanced concepts. Embracing the study of antonyms not only broadens vocabulary but also sharpens verbal and written communication skills, aiding in effective expression and clarity in conveying ideas.

35 Antonyms for RECEPTIVE With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for receptive. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding RECEPTIVE antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Receptive Sentence with Antonym
Closed She was receptive to new ideas. He was closed off to any suggestions.
Resistant The students were receptive to feedback. The students were resistant to criticism.
Indifferent The team was receptive to their coach’s advice. The team was indifferent to any guidance given to them.
Unresponsive The patient was receptive to treatment. The patient was unresponsive to the medication.
Unreceptive He was receptive to the proposal. She was unreceptive to any new initiatives.
Unamenable The employees were receptive to new policies. The employees were unamenable to any changes.
Closed-minded She was receptive to different perspectives. He was closed-minded and unwilling to consider other views.
Narrow-minded The community was receptive to diversity. The community was narrow-minded and resistant to change.
Uninviting The audience was receptive to the speaker’s message. The audience found the speaker’s message uninviting.
Disapproving She was receptive to alternative solutions. He was disapproving and unwilling to explore other options.
Hostile The team was receptive to feedback. The team was hostile towards constructive criticism.
Rejecting The customer was receptive to the product. The customer was rejecting of any new offerings.
Unaccepting They were receptive to the changes. They were unaccepting of any modifications.
Close-minded She was receptive to innovative ideas. He was close-minded and stuck in old ways of thinking.
Unbending The board was receptive to the proposal. The board was unbending and refused to consider the plan.
Non-receptive The students were receptive to the new curriculum. The students were non-receptive and resisted learning.
Unyielding She was receptive to different opinions. He was unyielding and would not consider other points of view.
Unimaginative She was receptive to creative ideas. He was unimaginative and lacked vision.
Close-hearted The community was receptive to help. The community was close-hearted and did not offer assistance.
Standoffish She was receptive to socializing. He was standoffish and avoided interaction.
Cold The team was receptive to collaboration. The team was cold and did not communicate effectively.
Uncompromising She was receptive to negotiation. He was uncompromising and refused to find a middle ground.
Unfriendly She was receptive to making new friends. He was unfriendly and did not approach others.
Unhelpful They were receptive to assisting others. They were unhelpful and did not offer any support.
Unsupportive The family was receptive to her decisions. The family was unsupportive and criticized her choices.
Unwelcoming The audience was receptive to the performance. The audience was unwelcoming and did not applaud.
Unimaginative She was receptive to bold ideas. He was unimaginative and stuck in his ways.
Unaffectionate She was receptive to gestures of love. He was unaffectionate and did not show any warmth.
Unbiddable The children were receptive to instructions. The children were unbiddable and did not follow directions.
Immune The patient was receptive to treatment. The patient was immune to the effects of the medication.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of RECEPTIVE

In communication, being unreceptive can hinder understanding and collaboration. Closed-mindedness, aloofness, and indifference can create barriers to effective relationships. Conversely, fostering an open-minded, approachable, and engaged attitude can enhance communication and create strong connections with others.

By avoiding being unreceptive and instead choosing to be open, welcoming, and interested, we can improve our interactions and build more meaningful relationships. Being receptive to new ideas, feedback, and perspectives can lead to better communication, mutual understanding, and a more collaborative environment. Embracing a receptive mindset opens the door to growth, learning, and positive interactions in both personal and professional settings.

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