Opposite of REDEMPTION – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Antonyms for redemption refer to words or phrases that convey the opposite meaning of redemption. In the context of redemption, which typically signifies the act of being saved or forgiven for one’s sins or wrongdoings, antonyms for redemption would include terms that suggest condemnation, damnation, or unforgiveness. These antonyms contrast the concept of redemption by emphasizing guilt, punishment, or lack of absolution.

Understanding antonyms for redemption can provide insight into the various possible outcomes or interpretations of a situation where redemption is sought or expected. By exploring the opposite meanings of redemption, one can deepen their understanding of the consequences or implications that may arise if redemption is not achieved. Antonyms for redemption can evoke feelings of hopelessness, despair, or eternal suffering, offering a stark contrast to the hope, forgiveness, and salvation associated with redemption.

In literature, religion, and everyday life, the exploration of antonyms for redemption allows for a richer examination of moral dilemmas, personal growth, and the complexities of human nature. By considering the antonyms of redemption, individuals can contemplate the dualities inherent in concepts of forgiveness, justice, and atonement, leading to a more nuanced appreciation of the challenges and possibilities that come with the pursuit of redemption.

35 Antonyms for REDEMPTION With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for redemption. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding REDEMPTION antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Redemption Sentence with Antonym
Condemnation She sought redemption for her past mistakes. She faced severe condemnation for her actions.
Damnation The character in the novel found redemption in the end. The villain in the story faced eternal damnation for his sins.
Blame He hoped for redemption after admitting his faults. Instead of offering forgiveness, they placed the blame on him.
Censure The protagonist’s journey was a quest for redemption. The critics’ reviews were full of harsh censure for the film.
Punishment Despite his past, he yearned for redemption and a fresh start. He believed his actions warranted severe punishment.
Rejection The character’s path to redemption involved self-discovery. She could not find solace, only rejection from her family.
Vindication She found redemption in helping others overcome their struggles. His actions did not bring him any vindication in the end.
Disgrace The protagonist’s journey was one of seeking redemption. His fall from grace resulted in lasting disgrace and shame.
Guilt Through acts of kindness, he sought redemption for his sins. The weight of his guilt prevented him from moving forward.
Punitive The character’s journey led him to a path of redemption. Their behavior was seen as harsh and punitive in nature.
Condemn They hoped for a chance at redemption despite the odds. The court’s decision to condemn him left no room for hope.
Absolution The story’s climax revolved around a moment of redemption. There was no chance of absolution for the character’s crimes.
Discredit The character’s actions were part of a quest for redemption. The scandal only served to further discredit her reputation.
Accusation Despite his past mistakes, he believed in the power of redemption. The false accusations made it harder for him to prove his innocence.
Forgiveness She found redemption through acts of genuine kindness. Holding onto resentment only hindered her ability to seek forgiveness.
Justification His journey was one of seeking redemption and inner peace. There was no justification for the harm he had caused others.
Dishonor Despite her checkered past, she sought redemption in the eyes of others. The stain of dishonor followed him wherever he went.
Penitence The character’s actions were driven by a desire for redemption. His lack of penitence only deepened the divide between them.
Reprisal The novel’s protagonist found redemption through selfless acts. His need for reprisal only perpetuated a cycle of violence.
Reproach He embarked on a journey to seek redemption for his past misdeeds. The harsh reproach from his peers made it difficult to move forward.
Exoneration The character struggled to find redemption for his actions. The lack of exoneration haunted him as he tried to start anew.
Degrade Despite the obstacles, she believed in the power of redemption. Their attempts to degrade her were met with unwavering resolve.
Apology She found redemption through acts of selflessness and kindness. His lack of a sincere apology only served to worsen the situation.
Reconciliation His journey was one of seeking redemption and inner peace. Their inability to reach reconciliation kept them at odds.
Absolve Despite his past, he sought redemption through acts of kindness. There was no one to absolve him of his sins, only consequences.
Indictment The character’s quest for redemption was a central theme in the story. The unexpected indictment turned his world upside down.
Disapproval Her path to redemption involved confronting her past mistakes. The constant disapproval made it hard for her to move forward.
Accusation He yearned for a chance at redemption after his past misdeeds. The false accusations from his enemies only added to his burden.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of REDEMPTION

Understanding the concept of redemption is vital as it helps us appreciate the value of second chances, forgiveness, and hope. Redemption offers the opportunity to rectify past mistakes, heal relationships, and build a brighter future. On the contrary, when redemption is absent, individuals might feel trapped in a cycle of guilt, missed opportunities, and unforgiveness.

By exploring antonyms for redemption such as condemnation, damnation, and punishment, we gain insight into the consequences of not seeking or offering redemption. These antonyms highlight the bleak outcomes of harboring resentment, holding grudges, and refusing to extend compassion. Embracing redemption allows us to move forward, grow, and find resolution in our lives and relationships.

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