Opposite of REDEMPTIVE – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Antonyms for redemptive refer to words or concepts that are the opposite of the quality of being redeemed or saved. These antonyms indicate a lack of salvation, deliverance, or rescue from sin or wrongdoing.

When considering antonyms for redemptive, it is important to focus on terms that emphasize condemnation, damnation, or punishment instead of forgiveness, absolution, or restoration. These antonyms highlight the absence of redemption and the continuation of guilt or wrongdoing.

Exploring antonyms for redemptive provides insight into contrasting ideas and beliefs regarding the possibility of salvation or the inability to atone for one’s sins. By understanding these opposite concepts, one can gain a deeper grasp of the complexities surrounding the notions of redemption and damnation.

35 Antonyms for REDEMPTIVE With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for redemptive. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding REDEMPTIVE antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Redemptive Sentence with Antonym
Damning The redemptive power of forgiveness is undeniable. The evidence presented was damning.
Ruinous His decision to seek redemptive therapy saved his marriage. The effects of the divorce were ruinous.
Disastrous The redemptive qualities of the hero’s actions were praised. The hurricane had a disastrous impact on the town.
Vindictive The redemptive act of compassion restored their friendship. Her actions were seen as vindictive and spiteful.
Condemning The redemptive storyline in the movie was heartwarming. The judge’s condemning words echoed in the courtroom.
Harmful Her redemptive gestures towards her sister were appreciated. His behavior was harmful and destructive.
Destructive The redemptive message in the sermon gave hope to the congregation. The tornado left a destructive path in its wake.
Unforgiving The redemptive power of love healed their fractured relationship. His heart was unforgiving and cold.
Punitive The redemptive nature of the apology made amends in their friendship. The boss’s punitive actions led to unrest in the company.
Damaging The redemptive qualities of second chances were evident in the adoption process. His lies had a damaging effect on their trust.
Blaming She found redemptive qualities in his apology. His blaming attitude pushed people away.
Cursed The redemptive act of kindness changed her outlook on life. The land was said to be cursed by ancient rituals.
Sinful The character’s actions were redemptive in the face of adversity. The priest condemned his actions as sinful.
Unsalvageable The redemptive power of forgiveness saved their friendship. He believed the situation was unsalvageable.
Irredeemable The redemptive nature of their relationship was evident in their reconciliation. She saw him as irredeemable after the betrayal.
Unyielding The redemptive act of understanding improved their communication. His stubborn and unyielding stance caused conflicts.
Harsh His redemptive actions spoke louder than words. Her harsh criticism was demoralizing.
Malignant The redemptive power of truth strengthened their bond. His lies were malignant and spread rumors.
Injurious The redemptive decision to seek help transformed his life. His injurious behavior alienated those around him.
Unforgiving The redemptive qualities of forgiveness brought peace to their hearts. Her heart was unforgiving and resentful.
Censorious His redemptive act of charity touched many lives. Her censorious remarks hurt those around her.
Damnable The redemptive nature of the truth was revealed in the confession. His actions were damnable in the eyes of the law.
Accepting The redemptive power of love healed old wounds. Her accepting nature made others feel welcomed.
Negative His redemptive deeds brought hope to the community. Her negative attitude was draining to be around.
Malevolent The redemptive qualities of empathy shone through in her actions. His malevolent intentions were clear to see.
Hurtful The redemptive act of forgiveness healed their broken relationship. His words were hurtful and caused pain.
Despising The redemptive power of compassion made a difference in their lives. His despising attitude created tension in the room.
Condemning She found redemptive value in his difficult past. The judge’s condemning verdict was final.
Gracious The redemptive act of kindness transformed their perspective. Her gracious demeanor made everyone feel welcome.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of REDEMPTIVE

In exploring the antonyms for redemptive, we have encountered terms such as damning, punishing, and unforgiving. These oppositions shed light on the contrasting notions of the concept of redemption, highlighting its transformative and salvational significance in contrast to its negative counterparts. While redemption offers hope, forgiveness, and healing, its antonyms signify condemnation, retribution, and relentless judgment. Understanding these antonyms deepens our comprehension of the complexities surrounding the idea of redemption and emphasizes the importance of seeking and embracing redemption in the face of harshness and judgment.

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