Opposite of REFUGE – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

When discussing antonyms for refuge, we are exploring words that signify the opposite of safety, protection, or shelter. In other words, these antonyms represent situations or places where one may feel exposed, vulnerable, or without a place of solace.

One of the antonyms for refuge is a term that indicates a lack of safety or security, leading to feelings of unease or danger. This can present scenarios where one is lacking a place of retreat or protection from harm. It contrasts the idea of refuge, where individuals seek comfort and security in times of distress.

Furthermore, these antonyms may refer to places or conditions that offer no sanctuary or relief from difficulties or threats. Instead of finding a haven or sanctuary, individuals facing these antonyms for refuge may find themselves navigating challenging or perilous circumstances without a safe space to seek refuge.

35 Antonyms for REFUGE With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for refuge. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding REFUGE antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Refuge Sentence with Antonym
Exposure The lost hiker sought refuge in a nearby cave. The explorer enjoyed the exposure to nature while hiking in the open wilderness.
Vulnerability The child found refuge in his mother’s arms. The child felt a sense of vulnerability when he was surrounded by strangers.
Endangerment The endangered species sought refuge in a sanctuary. The animal was placed in a position of endangerment due to habitat loss.
Abandonment The refugees sought refuge in a neighboring country. The orphan felt a sense of abandonment after being left alone on the streets.
Banish The persecuted community found refuge in a new land. The criminal was forced to banish from the village as a punishment for his actions.
Harm The injured bird sought refuge in a birdhouse. The predator swooped in to cause harm to the small bird.
Exposure The victim found refuge in a safe house. The celebrity couldn’t handle the constant exposure to the media and paparazzi.
Danger The family sought refuge from the approaching storm. The reckless adventurer didn’t mind the thrill of putting himself in danger.
Harm The wounded soldier sought refuge in a medical tent. The arms manufacturer’s negligence led to the harm of innocent civilians.
Exile The political dissident found refuge in a foreign embassy. The dissident was forced into exile from his own country due to persecution.
Misfortune The homeless man sought refuge under a bridge. The lottery winner never expected to face such misfortune after hitting the jackpot.
Hostility The persecuted group found refuge in a neutral territory. The rival gangs were met with open hostility upon entering each other’s turf.
Threat The protesters sought refuge in a church. The witness received a direct threat from the suspect, forcing them to go into hiding.
Desolation The survivors sought refuge in a makeshift shelter. The abandoned building exuded an air of desolation as they entered the crumbling structure.
Attack The soldiers sought refuge in a fortified bunker. The enemy troops launched a surprise attack on the unsuspecting soldiers.
Unprotected The stray cat sought refuge in an abandoned house. The wild animal out in the open was left unprotected from the harsh elements of nature.
Openness The introverted student sought refuge in the library. The social butterfly thrived in the openness of a crowded party.
Expel The refugees sought refuge in a neighboring country. The troublemaker was given a final warning before they were expelled from school.
Attack The civilians sought refuge in a fortified shelter. The enemy troops planned their next attack strategy against the vulnerable town.
Risk The victim sought refuge in a safer neighborhood. The daredevil didn’t mind taking the risk of base jumping from the tallest building.
Danger The sailors sought refuge from the approaching storm. The reckless behavior of the captain put the crew in grave danger as the storm closed in.
Imprisonment The fugitives sought refuge in a rundown warehouse. The criminal faced the harsh reality of imprisonment after being caught by law enforcement.
Aid The war-torn country sought refuge from neighboring nations. The independent nation refused to offer any aid to their struggling neighbors.
Insecurity The victim sought refuge in a supportive community. The bully’s actions only served to increase the victim’s sense of insecurity at school.
Eviction The homeless man sought refuge in an abandoned building. The homeless family faced the threat of eviction from their current shelter due to unpaid rent.
Intimidation The refugee sought refuge in a safe house. The victim of a crime felt a sense of intimidation when the perpetrator kept stalking them.
Displace The refugees sought refuge in a neighboring country. The natural disaster caused thousands to be displaced, with many seeking shelter in temporary camps.
Vulnerability The lost child found refuge in a police station. The child’s sense of vulnerability increased when they got separated from their parents.
Insecurity The survivor sought refuge in a secure bunker. The ongoing threat of the enemy forced many to live in a constant state of insecurity.
Hostility The victim sought refuge in a women’s shelter. The heated argument escalated into open hostility between the two parties involved.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of REFUGE

In times of danger, seeking shelter or sanctuary may not always be available, leaving individuals exposed or vulnerable. When safety is compromised, the lack of refuge can result in peril or distress. Without a place of protection or safety, individuals may find themselves at risk or in jeopardy.

On the contrary, having a refuge offers comfort, security, and a sense of peace. It provides a safe haven where one can seek solace and protection from harm or danger. In contrast to being exposed or vulnerable, having a refuge ensures a place of safety and shelter, offering a sense of security and well-being.

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