Opposite of REITERATE – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Antonyms for reiterate are words that suggest the opposite action of repeating or stating something again. When we talk about antonyms for reiterate, we are referring to terms that imply a lack of repetition or the introduction of new information instead of repeating what has already been said.

These antonyms serve as a way to diversify language use, providing alternative options to express ideas without using the same phrases repeatedly. By incorporating antonyms for reiterate into speech or writing, one can add variety and nuance to communication, avoiding monotony and keeping the audience engaged.

Exploring antonyms for reiterate can enhance one’s vocabulary and communication skills by offering different ways to convey thoughts and concepts effectively. By understanding and utilizing these contrasting terms, individuals can elevate their language proficiency and expressiveness in various contexts.

35 Antonyms for REITERATE With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for reiterate. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding REITERATE antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Reiterate Sentence with Antonym
Cease The teacher reiterated the importance of studying for the upcoming exam. The teacher encouraged the students to cease their chatter and focus on their work instead.
Abort I had to reiterate my point during the meeting in order to make it clear. I made sure not to abort my explanation during the presentation so that everyone could understand.
Refrain He often reiterates his ideas in order to make sure everyone understands. Instead of refraining from providing details, he decided to elaborate on his thoughts.
Contradict The speaker will reiterate various points throughout the presentation. The speaker will not contradict what he has said earlier to avoid confusion.
Cease The company’s CEO will reiterate the company’s mission statement in his speech. The company’s CEO will cease to update stakeholders on future plans during the address.
Discontinue The professor had to reiterate the assignment instructions to the class. However, the professor decided to discontinue the project after receiving feedback from students.
Halt The manager decided to reiterate the safety guidelines for the workplace. The manager also decided to halt all further work until the safety issues were resolved.
Deny She had to reiterate her request for time off to attend her sister’s wedding. After considering her schedule, the boss did not deny her request for leave.
Silence His parents had to reiterate their concern about his late-night habits. Eventually, they hoped that he would silence his late-night activities and get more rest.
Stay silent The police officer had to reiterate the suspect’s rights before questioning him. It was essential for the officer not to stay silent about the suspect’s rights during the interrogation.
Conceal The detective decided to reiterate all of the evidence gathered in the case. However, he also made sure not to conceal any information that could help solve the crime.
Invalidate The judge had to reiterate the importance of presenting accurate evidence in court. Conversely, the judge made it clear that it was crucial not to invalidate the evidence presented.
Expedite The manager will reiterate the need for the project to move forward quickly. However, the manager will not expedite the project if it compromises the quality of the work.
Cease The CEO decided to reiterate his commitment to sustainability during the conference. Nonetheless, he made it clear that he would not cease the company’s environmental initiatives.
Launch The president will reiterate his plan to expand the company into new markets. However, he will not launch the expansion until all necessary preparations have been made.
Conceal The witness had to reiterate the details of what he saw during the incident. Yet, the witness was careful not to conceal any information that could help solve the crime.
Discredit The speaker will reiterate the importance of facts and evidence in his argument. The speaker will not discredit opposing views but will consider them respectfully.
Disrupt The manager had to reiterate the new workflow process to avoid confusion. The manager will not disrupt the operations further by introducing frequent changes.
Terminate The coach decided to reiterate the team’s game plan for the upcoming championship match. Nevertheless, he made it clear that he would not terminate any player’s opportunity to shine on the field.
Cancel The event coordinator had to reiterate the schedule for the day to all participants. She also made sure not to cancel any activities due to unforeseen circumstances.
Withhold The doctor will reiterate the importance of taking the prescribed medication. However, he will not withhold the treatment details from the patient for any reason.
Disregard The teacher had to reiterate the instructions for the difficult assignment. The teacher reminded the students not to disregard the assignment’s requirements to avoid penalties.
Hide The lawyer decided to reiterate all the information relevant to the case. Nevertheless, he promised not to hide any evidence that could affect the outcome of the trial.
Suspend The supervisor will reiterate the safety protocols to all employees before starting the project. The supervisor will not suspend the implementation of the safety protocols under any circumstances.
Disapprove The committee had to reiterate the decision to reject the proposal due to budget constraints. The committee did not want to disapprove any further proposals before exploring all options.
Keep quiet The leader had to reiterate the need for transparency in all communication within the organization. The leader also emphasized the importance of not keeping quiet about important matters.
Neglect The manager will reiterate the importance of completing the project on time and within budget. However, he will make sure not to neglect the additional resources required to achieve the goals.
Disturb The teacher decided to reiterate the assignment guidelines to clarify any misunderstandings. The teacher also ensured not to disturb the students while they were working on the task.
Silence The official had to reiterate the rules of the competition before it began. It was essential to maintain silence during the event and avoid unnecessary distractions.
Hesitate I had to reiterate my decision during the meeting to ensure everyone understood. I knew I could not hesitate in my response if I wanted to convey my message clearly.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of REITERATE

In summary, instead of continually restating the same information, it is important to introduce new perspectives, ideas, or insights to keep the conversation fresh and engaging. By incorporating diverse viewpoints and varying communication styles, we can avoid redundancy and enhance the richness of the discourse. Embracing creativity and originality in our expressions can lead to more dynamic and stimulating interactions, fostering growth and innovation in our exchanges. Therefore, let’s strive to diversify our communication approach to foster deeper connections and spark genuine interest in our conversations.

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