Opposite of REMORSE – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Antonyms for remorse refer to the polar opposite emotional responses triggered by regret or guilt. These antonyms signify feelings of satisfaction, contentment, or indifference in contrast to the usual self-reproach and sorrow associated with remorse. Emotions that serve as antonyms for remorse are characterized by a lack of regret and a sense of peace or acceptance regarding past actions.

Understanding antonyms for remorse involves recognizing the range of emotions that can arise in response to one’s actions. While remorse typically involves feelings of repentance and anguish over past behavior, its antonyms encompass a spectrum of emotions that do not align with such self-critical sentiments. Antonyms for remorse may manifest as feelings of fulfillment, happiness, or at times apathy towards past deeds, offering an alternative perspective on personal experiences.

Exploring antonyms for remorse can shed light on the complexity of human emotions and the diverse ways individuals respond to their actions. By contrast, these antonyms provide insight into the various emotional paths one can take when reflecting on past decisions, illustrating the multitude of feelings apart from regret that may arise in such moments of contemplation.

35 Antonyms for REMORSE With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for remorse. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding REMORSE antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Remorse Sentence with Antonym
Satisfaction She felt remorse for missing her sister’s birthday. He felt great satisfaction after completing the project on time.
Joy The criminal showed no signs of remorse for his actions. She was filled with joy upon hearing the good news.
Contentment Despite his remorse, he couldn’t change the past. She lived in a state of contentment, never looking back with regrets.
Happiness The convict’s lack of remorse surprised everyone at the trial. Her happiness knew no bounds as she celebrated her achievements.
Delight The child expressed remorse after breaking the vase. Her parents’ forgiveness brought her immense delight.
Elation Sarah’s sincere remorse touched the hearts of those she had wronged. The news of her promotion brought her such elation that she danced with joy.
Fulfillment Danny’s remorse was evident as he apologized for his mistake. Completing the marathon gave her a sense of fulfillment she had never experienced before.
Glee The criminal’s lack of remorse made him seem cold and heartless. His face lit up with glee when he saw his old friend after years.
Exhilaration Even though she felt remorse for not attending the wedding, she sent a heartfelt gift. The new job offer filled him with such exhilaration that he couldn’t stop smiling.
Excitement His show of remorse was seen as a positive step towards redemption. The crowd’s excitement was palpable as they waited for the concert to begin.
Pleasure Despite his remorse, he was not forgiven by those he had hurt. The meal brought her such pleasure that she savored every bite.
Euphoria The criminal’s lack of remorse further incriminated him in the eyes of the law. Winning the championship title filled her with a sense of euphoria that lasted for days.
Ecstasy Lisa’s deep remorse led her to seek forgiveness from those she had harmed. The view from the mountaintop filled her with a sense of ecstasy she had never felt before.
Triumph Despite remorse, she couldn’t turn back time and undo her mistakes. The team’s triumph in the championship game brought them glory and recognition.
Peace His genuine remorse softened the hearts of those he had wronged. Walking by the serene lake, she felt a sense of peace unlike any other.
Relief The criminal’s lack of remorse only made his situation worse. The successful surgery brought her immense relief as she recovered quickly.
Serenity The criminal’s feigned remorse fooled no one in the courtroom. The meditation retreat provided her with a sense of serenity that calmed her mind.
Calm Despite his remorse, the damage was already done. Stepping into the quiet library brought her a sense of calm she craved after a hectic day.
Comfort Her expression of remorse showed she regretted her actions. The warm embrace provided her with a sense of comfort during the difficult times.
Pleasure His lack of remorse for the theft shocked everyone. The beach vacation brought her immense pleasure as she relaxed under the sun.
Cheer Even though he showed remorse, some people couldn’t forgive him. The festive atmosphere filled everyone with cheer as they celebrated the holidays.
Fulfillment Despite remorse, she found solace in helping those in need. Her dream of traveling around the world brought her a sense of fulfillment she had always longed for.
Hope The criminal’s lack of remorse painted him as unrepentant. The message of hope in the motivational speech inspired her to pursue her goals.
Amusement His remorse was evident in his tearful apology. The comedy show brought her great amusement as she laughed throughout the night.
Elation Even though he expressed remorse, his actions were irreversible. The unexpected surprise brought her such elation that she couldn’t contain her excitement.
Exhilaration Sarah’s genuine remorse showed her regret for the harm caused. The roller coaster ride filled her with such exhilaration that she screamed with joy.
Glee Despite his remorse, the damage was irreparable. Her face lit up with glee upon receiving the award for her hard work.
Bliss The criminal’s lack of remorse angered the victim’s family. The scenic view from the mountain peak filled her with bliss as she took in the beauty around her.
Compassion His show of remorse touched the hearts of those affected by his actions. The charity work filled her with a sense of compassion for those less fortunate.
Relief She expressed genuine remorse for her hurtful words. The rainfall brought her immense relief as it eased the scorching heat.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of REMORSE

In reflecting on her actions, Sarah felt a sense of satisfaction rather than remorse. She was content with her decision and believed it was the right choice in the circumstances. Unlike regret, she had no feelings of guilt or sorrow for her actions.

Embracing gratification instead of regret can lead to a peaceful state of mind. Rather than dwelling on past mistakes, focusing on positive outcomes can help individuals move forward with confidence and self-assurance. By choosing to see the good in their choices, one can cultivate a sense of contentment and inner peace.

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