Opposite of REPREHENSIBLE – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

When discussing antonyms for reprehensible, it is important to understand the concept of opposites in relation to actions or behaviors that are considered wrong or deserving of criticism. Reprehensible actions are those that are deemed unacceptable or morally wrong in society, while antonyms for reprehensible refer to actions that are commendable, praiseworthy, or virtuous.

Opposites of reprehensible actions are ones that are generally viewed positively or in a favorable light. Such antonyms indicate actions that are honorable, ethical, and upstanding in nature. These contrasting behaviors serve as a counterbalance to reprehensible actions, highlighting the dichotomy between right and wrong.

Identifying antonyms for reprehensible allows for a broader understanding of the spectrum of human actions and behaviors. By exploring these contrasting terms, we gain insight into the diverse range of virtues and moral principles that govern human conduct, offering a more nuanced perspective on ethical decision-making and societal norms.

35 Antonyms for REPREHENSIBLE With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for reprehensible. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding REPREHENSIBLE antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Reprehensible Sentence with Antonym
Acceptable The behavior of the employee was reprehensible. The behavior of the employee was perfectly acceptable.
Praiseworthy His actions were reprehensible and unethical. His actions were praiseworthy and noble.
Admirable It is reprehensible to disrespect your elders. It is admirable to show respect to your elders.
Laudable The decision to lie was deemed reprehensible. The decision to tell the truth was considered laudable.
Virtuous Cheating in the exam is considered reprehensible. Honesty and integrity are considered virtuous traits.
Righteous The unjust actions of the dictator were reprehensible. The leader’s actions were always righteous and fair.
Exemplary His conduct towards his colleagues was reprehensible. His behavior towards others was always exemplary.
Honorable The scam was exposed, revealing reprehensible actions. He is known for his honorable and honest character.
Commendable The act of bullying is considered reprehensible. Kindness and acceptance are always commendable traits.
Respectable The company’s treatment of its employees was reprehensible. A respectable company values and respects its employees.
Worthy His dishonest behavior was truly deplorable and reprehensible. On the contrary, his honesty and integrity make him worthy of respect.
Ethical Cheating on the test is reprehensible and goes against all ethical standards. Upholding ethical principles and values is always commendable.
Upright The corrupt politician’s actions were reprehensible and dishonest. In contrast, his opponent is known for being exceptionally upright and honest.
Honored The soldier’s courageous acts were praised, while his immoral behavior was reprehensible. He was honored for his bravery and integrity, unlike his reprehensible actions.
Dignified The behavior of the unruly guest was considered reprehensible by the host. The host’s demeanor throughout the evening was poised and dignified, contrasting the guest’s behavior.
Decent The reprehensible conduct of the group tarnished their reputation. They were known to be a decent group that always acted with integrity and respect.
Upright The company’s scandal was reprehensible and unethical. The individual responsible was always upright and followed moral standards.
Noble His actions were deemed selfish and reprehensible by his peers. On the contrary, his generosity and acts of kindness were always seen as noble.
Commendable The teacher found the student’s behavior in class reprehensible. However, the student’s commitment to learning and participation outside of class was truly commendable.
Appropriate His comments were considered offensive and reprehensible. In contrast, his remarks during the meeting were thoughtful and appropriate.
Respectful It is reprehensible to speak to your elders in such a disrespectful manner. One should always be respectful and polite towards those older than them.
Exemplar The leader’s actions were considered reprehensible and not a good exemplar for the rest of the team. Being exemplar is essential to guide others in the right direction, unlike reprehensible behavior.
Ethical The company’s stance on child labor was widely regarded as reprehensible. Their competitor, however, followed the highest ethical standards in all their business dealings.
Worthy His deceitful behavior was deemed reprehensible by all who knew him. On the other hand, his unwavering honesty and integrity made him truly worthy of trust and respect.
Honorable The judge found their actions during the trial to be reprehensible. Conversely, the lawyer was known for their honorable conduct inside and outside the courtroom.
Exemplary His behavior at the party was reprehensible and unbecoming of his rank. However, his actions at the fundraiser were exemplary and admirable.
Laudatory The artist received reprehensible reviews for their latest work. But their previous exhibitions were always met with laudatory acclaim.
Noble The actions of the tyrant were known to be reprehensible and unjust. In contrast, the compassionate ruler was always seen as noble and fair in his decisions.
Admirable Cheating on the test is considered reprehensible and dishonorable. However, putting in hard work and being honest is always seen as admirable.
Upright The scandal revealed the company’s reprehensible business practices. In stark contrast, the founder was known for his upright and principled character.
Ethical The politician’s actions were deemed corrupt and reprehensible. On the other hand, the civil rights activist was known for her ethical and honest approach towards change.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of REPREHENSIBLE

It is important to note that while some actions may be praised as commendable, others might be condemned as blameworthy. Acts that are honorable and estimable contrast with those that are disgraceful or dishonorable. It is vital to consider the repercussions of our choices and strive to choose behavior that is just, commendable, and respectable in order to make positive contributions to society and foster a sense of integrity and morality. By embracing virtues like honesty, fairness, and compassion, we can work towards creating a more virtuous and ethical world, where reprehensible actions are replaced by acts of kindness and benevolence.

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