Opposite of REPULSION – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Antonyms for repulsion refer to words that convey attraction or a positive response instead of a feeling of disgust or aversion. When we talk about antonyms for repulsion, we are exploring words that represent an opposite emotional reaction to something unpleasant or undesirable. These antonyms provide a contrasting perspective to expressions of repulsion, offering a range of emotions and attitudes that signify acceptance or affinity.

Understanding antonyms for repulsion can help in expanding our vocabulary and communication skills by providing us with a diverse array of words to express positive responses and feelings. By learning these antonyms, we can effectively convey the opposite of repulsion in various contexts, whether in written or spoken communication. Embracing antonyms for repulsion enables us to express a spectrum of emotions and reactions, enhancing our ability to articulate our thoughts and engage with others more effectively.

35 Antonyms for REPULSION With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for repulsion. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding REPULSION antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Repulsion Sentence with Antonym
Attraction The thought of the slimy texture caused repulsion in him. The beautiful scenery filled him with attraction.
Fascination The idea of public speaking was met with repulsion by the shy girl. The intriguing documentary sparked her fascination.
Endearment His harsh words towards her led to feelings of repulsion. Despite the argument, the gesture of love brought feelings of endearment.
Delight The smell from the dumpster caused a feeling of repulsion. The sweet melody playing in the background filled her with delight.
Admiration The cruel actions of the dictator instilled repulsion in the citizens. The kind deeds of the humanitarian leader earned admiration from the public.
Affinity Her strong aversion to horror movies stemmed from repulsion. He felt a deep affinity for the genre and enjoyed every moment of the film.
Love The toxic relationship was beyond repair, leading to feelings of repulsion. The deep connection between the two old friends was rooted in unconditional love.
Allure The unsettling noise emitted by the old house created a sense of repulsion. The elegant design and inviting atmosphere filled the room with a sense of allure.
Infatuation His intense repulsion towards commitment caused issues in their relationship. The spark of infatuation he felt for her grew stronger with each passing day.
Fondness The disgusting taste of the medicine resulted in feelings of repulsion. The sweet memories of their childhood made her heart swell with fondness.
Temptation The idea of attending the party filled her with repulsion. The invitation to the exclusive event sounded too good to resist, tempting her with temptation.
Charm His arrogant attitude towards others evoked a sense of repulsion. The warm smile and friendly demeanor he possessed exuded charm to everyone he met.
Prepossession The tragic news story left her with a sense of repulsion towards the media. Her prepossession with positivity helped her maintain a bright outlook in challenging times.
Attractiveness The sight of the decaying building elicited feelings of repulsion. The remarkable beauty of the architectural masterpiece drew crowds in awe of its attractiveness.
Desire His repulsion towards participating in the activity was evident. The burning desire to succeed in the competition motivated him to train harder than ever.
Fond The bitter taste of the coffee left her with a sense of repulsion. The sweet aroma of freshly baked cookies filled the kitchen with a sense of warmth and fond memories.
Lure The dark alley held an air of danger that elicited feelings of repulsion. The promise of adventure and excitement was a powerful lure for the group of friends.
Charming The cold, unfriendly demeanor of the salesman evoked repulsion from customers. The warm, welcoming smile of the new employee was incredibly charming and put everyone at ease.
Adoration The controversial artist’s work stirred feelings of repulsion among critics. The audience’s adoration for the talented singer was evident in their loud cheers and applause.
Approval His reckless behavior garnered repulsion from his peers. The responsible and diligent approach of his colleague earned approval from the whole team.
Excitement The news of the upcoming exam filled him with repulsion. The anticipation of the upcoming trip brought a surge of excitement to everyone involved.
Harmony The heated argument between the two friends left a lingering feeling of repulsion. The peaceful silence that followed brought a sense of harmony to their relationship.
Attract The garbage disposal emitted a foul smell that caused repulsion. The colorful display of flowers in the garden seemed to attract butterflies of all kinds.
Gleeful The gruesome scene in the horror movie was met with repulsion from the audience. The celebratory atmosphere at the party filled everyone with a sense of gleeful excitement.
Fondness The bitter taste of the medicine triggered a sense of repulsion. The sweet memories of their childhood filled her heart with a sense of warmth and fondness.
Sorrowful The photograph of the destruction caused by the storm instilled repulsion. The heartwarming reunion between the long-lost siblings brought tears of sorrowful joy.
Compliment His harsh criticism of her work led to feelings of repulsion. The sincere compliment from her mentor uplifted her spirits and motivated her to do even better.
Cheery The morbid subject matter of the movie evoked a sense of repulsion. The colorful decorations and festive music filled the room with a sense of cheery delight.
Revulsion His actions caused a sense of repulsion and discomfort among his peers. The heartwarming act of kindness towards the stranger invoked a feeling of revulsion.
Charisma His arrogant behavior evoked repulsion rather than charisma. Her natural grace and charm exuded charisma that drew people towards her effortlessly.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of REPULSION

In relationships, attraction serves as the opposite of repulsion. It fosters a connection based on mutual admiration, rather than a sense of aversion. When two individuals are drawn to each other, they experience a magnetic pull that leads to shared experiences and personal growth. This attraction can strengthen bonds and create fulfilling connections between people.

By cultivating feelings of attraction and understanding its antonym, repulsion, individuals can navigate their relationships with clarity and intention. Recognizing the differences between these two emotions allows for a deeper appreciation of the positive aspects that attraction brings to our lives, shaping meaningful connections and enriching our experiences with others.

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