Opposite of REQUEST – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

When looking for words that convey the opposite meaning of a request, it’s helpful to explore antonyms. Antonyms are words that have contrasting meanings to each other. In the context of requests, antonyms can be used to express a lack of desire or need for something, or to indicate refusal or denial.

By utilizing antonyms for request, one can effectively communicate a different intention or sentiment. These contrasting words can be valuable in various situations where requesting something is not the desired course of action. Antonyms provide a clear and direct way to convey an opposite message, ensuring effective communication and understanding in a range of contexts.

35 Antonyms for REQUEST With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for request. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding REQUEST antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Request Sentence with Antonym
Command I politely requested him to come to the party He was commanded to attend the gathering without any say in the matter
Demand She made a request for more time to finish her project Instead of demanding, she made a voluntary offer to take on extra work
Give I asked to borrow her car for the weekend She preferred not to give me permission to use her vehicle
Refuse He made a special request for extra time off work In the end, the boss had to refuse his appeal for additional vacation days
Disapprove The teacher submitted a request for a day off The principal had no choice but to disapprove her time-off application
Deny After my formal request, they granted me access They proceeded to deny my access despite my plea
Insist Can you proceed with the request for an extension? I would rather you desist from pursuing this insistent appeal
Oblige The hotel was happy to fulfill the request for extra towels Unfortunately, they were unable to oblige with their customer’s wishes
Require At the meeting, I made a request for volunteers The situation did not require any assistance from those present
Command The military officer issued a request for silence It wasn’t an option; he had to follow the command to maintain quietness
Offer She politely asked for a favor from her coworker Instead of accepting, he decided not to extend the offer to help
Grant After his urgent request, they finally approved his project They were not in a position to grant his wish after reviewing the details
Repel I made a request to collaborate on the project His negative attitude did not repel my interest in working together
Forbid We made a simple request to leave early They had been forbidden from departing before the end of the workday
Permit She politely request permission to leave early Despite her urgent plea, the supervisor refused to permit her early exit
Demand She pleaded with him for a favor He did not demand anything in return for his help
Cancel They made a formal request to cancel the reservation They were in no position to cancel the booking they had confirmed earlier
Disapprove The parents requested a later curfew for their son The guardian had no choice but to disapprove his child’s request
Accept Despite the insistent request, he refused the offer Instead of agreeing, he decided not to accept the invitation
Refuse She made a direct request for a raise The management had to refuse her financial demand
Approve He made a reasonable request for additional manpower The panel was happy to approve his sensible proposal
Allow We made a last-minute request for an extension The supervisor refused to allow us any additional time to complete the task
Deny He kindly asked if he could leave early Sadly, his boss had to deny his request to depart ahead of schedule
Forbid The teacher requests students to arrive on time It is forbidden to arrive late for class
Prevent She politely asked for permission to go on the trip They couldn’t prevent her from taking the journey she desired
Permit She made a respectful request for a day off Her boss was pleased to permit her to take the time off work
Compel He asked his boss for a leave of absence His employer did not compel him to take time off
Allow A formal letter requested approval for the project The response was positive; they decided to allow the proposal to proceed
Prohibit The city requested a new law to ban smoking The government has chosen to prohibit the activity
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of REQUEST

In contrast to demanding, which implies a forceful request, the antonyms for request such as suggest, propose, and inquire suggest a softer and more polite approach to asking for something. These alternative words convey a sense of respect, openness to discussion, and a willingness to consider other perspectives. By choosing gentler antonyms for request, one can foster better communication, build stronger relationships, and promote a collaborative environment.

Instead of commanding or ordering, using words like recommend, offer, or seek input can lead to more positive interactions and smoother negotiations. Embracing these antonyms for request can create a more harmonious and cooperative atmosphere where ideas are freely exchanged, compromises are reached amicably, and mutual understanding and respect are upheld.

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