Opposite of RESTORE – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Antonyms for restore are words that represent the opposite action or meaning of restoring something to its original condition. While “restore” typically implies the act of returning something to its former state or improving it, antonyms for restore refer to actions that undo, damage, or worsen the condition of an object or situation.

Antonyms for restore can include terms like “destroy,” “deteriorate,” “ruin,” “damage,” and “weaken,” among others. These words signify actions that bring harm, decay, or disrepair to something that was once whole or functional. They represent the opposite outcome of restoring an item, place, or state to its previous glory or effectiveness.

By understanding antonyms for restore, we gain insight into the range of possible outcomes when trying to improve or fix something. Recognizing these opposite actions can highlight the importance and impact of restoration efforts, as well as provide a broader perspective on the consequences of neglect or destruction.

35 Antonyms for RESTORE With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for restore. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding RESTORE antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Restore Sentence with Antonym
Break They worked hard to restore the old house to its former glory. It will cost a lot of money to break down the old house and build a new one.
Ruin After the flood, they were able to restore the town to its previous state. The hurricane was so destructive, it left nothing but ruin in its wake.
Damage The repairman was able to restore the car to its original condition. The car crash was so severe, it caused irreparable damage to the vehicle.
Deteriorate Regular maintenance can help restore the condition of the road. Without proper care, the road will continue to deteriorate over time.
Worsen Medical treatment can help restore his health. Without treatment, his health will likely worsen.
Break down We need to restore trust in our relationship. Constant lies and deceit will only make trust break down further.
Demolish They plan to restore the historical building. The only way to expand the area is to demolish the old structure.
Destroy The firefighters managed to restore the forest after the fire. The wildfire had the power to completely destroy everything in its path.
Throw away You should restore that piece of antique furniture. It’s a shame you want to throw away such a beautiful piece.
Weaken Good nutrition and exercise can help restore your strength. Lack of nutrition and rest will only further weaken your body.
Deplete They needed time to restore their energy after the long journey. The exhausting trek caused them to deplete all their energy reserves.
Corrode The rust remover helped restore the metal back to its original state. Neglect and moisture can cause metal to corrode over time.
Deface They hired a professional to restore the old painting. Years of neglect and mishandling had caused the painting to deface.
Dismantle The team was able to restore the old clock to working order. Without proper care, they would have had to dismantle the clock completely.
Hinder Physical therapy aims to restore function after an injury. Pain and swelling can hinder the progress of physical rehabilitation.
Liquidate Efforts were made to restore the company’s financial stability. The financial losses were so severe that the only option was to liquidate the company.
Undermine They had to restore the faith of the community in their leadership. Continuing unethical practices would only undermine their credibility further.
Decrease Urban regeneration projects aim to restore run-down areas. Neglect and lack of investment will only cause property values to decrease.
Weaken Proper sleep and nutrition can help restore your immune system. Chronic stress can weaken the immune system over time.
Disrupt It took months to restore order after the riot. The riot had the power to completely disrupt the peace in the city.
Injure The goal of rehabilitation is to restore function after an injury. Neglecting proper care can lead to long-term injury and disability.
Devalue Renovations can help restore the value of an old property. Without maintenance, the property will only devalue over time.
Suppress They wanted to restore the natural beauty of the landscape. Continued construction would only serve to suppress the natural environment.
Terminate Efforts were made to restore the peace treaty between the two nations. Threats of war could terminate any hope of peaceful resolution.
Collapse First responders rushed to restore order after the earthquake. The earthquake had the power to collapse buildings and infrastructure.
Withdraw The new leadership aims to restore trust in the organization. Lack of transparency can lead to people withdrawing their support.
Ruin With proper care, they were able to restore the ancient artifact. Neglect and mishandling could easily ruin the delicate artifact.
Degrade Efforts were made to restore the reputation of the company. Scandals and mismanagement had caused their reputation to degrade over time.
Mar Their goal was to restore the pristine condition of the park. Vandalism and neglect had managed to mar the beauty of the park.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of RESTORE

In summary, there are numerous antonyms for the word “restore” such as damage, harm, worsen, deteriorate, and destroy. These words convey the opposite meaning of bringing something back to its original state or condition. Instead of repairing or improving something, these antonyms suggest a negative impact or a decline in quality, value, or functionality. It is important to be mindful of these antonyms when discussing the process of restoring or refurbishing something, as they highlight the potential outcomes that can result in a situation where the original state is not attained.

Understanding the antonyms for “restore” helps to provide a comprehensive view of the range of possibilities when dealing with items, structures, or systems that require attention. By acknowledging these opposites, one can better appreciate the value and significance of restoring something to its former glory rather than allowing it to deteriorate or become irreparably damaged.

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