Opposite of RESTRAIN – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Often, when we think about controlling our actions or impulses, the word “restrain” comes to mind. To put it simply, when we restrain ourselves, we hold back or limit certain behaviors or desires. However, just as every action has an equal and opposite reaction, there are also antonyms for restrain.

One antonym for restrain is to “liberate,” which involves setting free or emancipating oneself from constraints or limitations. People may liberate themselves from their fears, doubts, or inhibitions to fully express themselves and pursue their goals without hesitation.

Another antonym for restrain is “unleash,” which implies releasing or setting loose one’s potential, energy, or creativity. When we unleash ourselves, we remove the barriers that hold us back and allow our full capabilities to shine through without any restrictions.

35 Antonyms for RESTRAIN With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for restrain. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding RESTRAIN antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Restrain Sentence with Antonym
Allow Restrain yourself from eating too much candy Allow yourself to indulge in a little treat
Free It’s important to restrain yourself in a new relationship Don’t hold back, instead be free to express your feelings
Unleash The police had to restrain the suspect from running away The police decided to unleash the dog to catch the suspect
Release The doctor had to restrain the patient during the examination The doctor had to release the patient after the examination
Permit Parents may restrain their kids from using electronic devices too much Parents may choose to permit their kids to use devices in moderation
Let go Sometimes it’s hard to restrain emotions in difficult situations It’s okay to let go of those emotions and express yourself
Liberate The constraints in place can restrain creativity Removing restrictions can liberate a person’s imagination
Set free The cage was used to restrain the animals It was time to set free the animals and let them roam the wild
Allow for It’s important to restrain spending in times of economic uncertainty Allowing for some flexibility in the budget can reduce stress
Unbind It is necessary to restrain the dog while on a walk The time has come to unbind the leash and allow the dog to roam freely
Loosen The belt was used to restrain the heavy load It’s time to loosen the straps and unload the burden
Unshackle Society tries to restrain individuals to conform to norms It’s essential to unshackle people and let them express their true selves
Free up The tight schedule often restrains personal time Making small adjustments can free up more time for leisure activities
Unfetter The strict rules in place restrain creativity Breaking these barriers can unfetter one’s imagination
Untie The ropes used to restrain the prisoner were secure It’s time to untie the ropes and set the prisoner free
Permit It is important to restrain oneself from unhealthy habits It is equally important to permit oneself to engage in self-care activities
Dissuade The teacher had to restrain the students from leaving the classroom The teacher had to dissuade the students from skipping the lesson
Set loose It is necessary to restrain dogs in public places It is time to set them loose once in a safe environment
Unchain The laws are meant to restrain criminal behavior Removing these restrictions may unchain criminal activities
Unbar The gate was used to restrain entry to the property It’s time to unbar the gate and welcome guests
Untether The leash was used to restrain the dog in public places Now is the time to untether the dog and let it roam free
Release The manager attempted to restrain employee salaries The manager decided to release a salary raise to employees
Disencumber It is necessary to restrain oneself from overeating It is liberating to disencumber oneself from unhealthy habits
Unstop She had to restrain her tears during the sad movie Once home, she unstopped the tears and let herself cry
Receive Restrain your urge to interrupt others when they speak Receive the information without interrupting the speaker
Unhitch The person was forcibly restrained during the altercation It is time to unhitch and detach from negative situations
Uncage Animals in captivity are often restrained in cages It is joyful to uncage them and let them roam in wide spaces
Unleash The coach had to restrain the player from outbursts It was time to unleash his potential and let him excel in the game
Unfettered The strict rules of conduct can restrain individuality People need to live unfettered to express themselves fully
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of RESTRAIN

Allow, encourage, liberate, release, free, indulge, and let loose are all antonyms for restrain. When we refrain from limiting ourselves or holding back, we grant ourselves the freedom to explore, express, and discover new possibilities. By embracing this sense of liberation, we open ourselves up to opportunities for growth, creativity, and personal fulfillment.

It is essential to recognize the value of balance in knowing when to exercise self-control and when to let go. By understanding the antonyms for restrain and incorporating them appropriately into our lives, we can achieve a harmonious blend of discipline and spontaneity, leading to a more enriched and vibrant existence.

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