Opposite of RETINUE – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

When discussing antonyms for “retinue,” it is helpful to understand the meaning of the term. A retinue refers to a group of advisors, assistants, or followers who accompany an important or wealthy individual. These individuals typically provide support and assistance in various capacities.

In contrast to a retinue, antonyms for this term represent the absence of a group or entourage. Instead of having a large assembly of people surrounding them, an individual without a retinue may operate independently or with minimal support. The absence of a retinue can indicate self-sufficiency or a lack of dependence on others for assistance.

Exploring antonyms for retinue allows us to consider different scenarios where individuals may not have a following or group of supporters. This concept highlights independence, self-reliance, and the ability to function autonomously without the need for a retinue by one’s side.

35 Antonyms for RETINUE With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for retinue. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding RETINUE antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Retinue Sentence with Antonym
Departure The king always travels with his retinue of advisors. The king left the palace alone without any accompaniment.
Abandon She never liked being alone so she surrounded herself with a loyal retinue. She decided to leave and face the challenges on her own.
Solitude The famous actress was always surrounded by a retinue of paparazzi. The actress enjoyed the peacefulness of her own company.
Individual The CEO arrived at the meeting with his retinue of executives. The worker preferred to work alone rather than with a group of colleagues.
Isolation Even in the middle of nowhere, he was not alone, his retinue was there. He found comfort in the seclusion after being surrounded by people all day.
Independence The athlete always traveled with a large retinue of coaches and trainers. The athlete wanted to prove his skills on his own without any support.
Separation The queen and her retinue entered the grand hall. He was left behind as the queen and her entourage moved forward.
Departing After the meeting, the CEO walked out with his retinue. Employees were seen dispersing as they all headed their separate ways.
Scattering The president arrived with his retinue for the event. The group of people started disbanding once the event was over.
Dismissal The prince summoned his retinue for an important announcement. The employees received their dismissal notices and had to leave.
Disbandment The professor was always followed by a retinue of students. The group went through a disbandment after the semester ended.
Solitary The artist arrived with his retinue of assistants. The artist wanted to work on his new painting in solitude.
Alone The musician was never seen without his retinue of backup singers. She preferred to perform alone without any accompaniment.
Detachment The general led his retinue of soldiers into battle. He found peace in the detachment from others after the battle was over.
Disassociation The actress was often seen surrounded by a retinue of fans. She preferred disassociation from the constant attention.
Seclusion The politician was always accompanied by a retinue of bodyguards. He found solace in the seclusion of his private study.
Loner The outgoing CEO always traveled with his retinue of advisors. The new CEO was more of a loner, making decisions on his own.
Unattended The royal family arrived with a retinue of staff members. The luggage was unattended at the train station, causing concern.
Solitary The actor arrived with his retinue of colleagues for the film premiere. He preferred to work in solitary without anyone around.
Unaccompanied The famous author never appeared without his retinue of translators. The child wandered around the park unaccompanied by any adults.
Wandering The leader entered the room with his loyal retinue. The stray dog was discovered wandering around the neighborhood.
Separation The queen made her grand entrance with her loyal retinue of courtiers. As the group approached the castle gates, they faced a sudden separation.
Exclusion The CEO traveled with his retinue of managers. He felt the exclusion from the group after making a difficult decision.
Insulation The athlete arrived with his retinue of trainers and coaches. He needed a break and some time for insulation from all the training.
Disconnection The queen arrived with her loyal retinue of attendants. The power outage caused a temporary disconnection from the world.
Solitary The artist arrived surrounded by a retinue of fans. The artist was seen sitting quietly on a bench in solitary.
Standalone The computer came with a retinue of accessories. The software was designed to work standalone without any extras.
Desolate The wealthy entrepreneur surrounded himself with a retinue of bodyguards. The area around the abandoned building was completely desolate.
Crowded The princess entered the ballroom with her retinue of courtiers. The streets were deserted, there was no one in sight, it was the opposite of crowded.
Collapsing The manager was always surrounded by a loyal retinue of assistants. The tent was falling apart and collapsing under the weight of the snow.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of RETINUE

In contrast to a retinue, which typically refers to a group of attendants or followers accompanying an important person, an individual may also choose to go alone or without any companions. While a retinue can provide support and assistance, solitude offers independence and self-reliance. Whether surrounded by a retinue or venturing solo, varying one’s social interactions can lead to both personal growth and different perspectives on life.

Furthermore, choosing to forego a retinue does not necessarily imply loneliness or isolation. It can be a deliberate choice to seek solitude and embrace moments of peace and quiet. By exploring the balance between being part of a group and enjoying solitary moments, individuals can learn more about themselves and find harmony in the different facets of human connection.

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