Opposite of RETURN – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Antonyms, or opposites, are words that have contrasting meanings. When it comes to the concept of “return,” antonyms represent words that illustrate a departure or a lack of coming back. These words serve as complements to the idea of returning by highlighting alternative directions or actions.

Antonyms for “return” offer a way to express the opposite of coming back or giving back. They provide a diverse range of vocabulary choices that can enrich communication by presenting contrasting perspectives or outcomes. By understanding and employing antonyms for “return,” individuals can enhance their linguistic abilities and convey nuanced meanings more effectively.

Exploring antonyms for “return” can broaden one’s vocabulary and deepen their understanding of language. These contrasting words can add depth and complexity to writing or speech, allowing for a more vivid and varied expression of ideas. Overall, antonyms for “return” offer a valuable way to diversify language use and convey divergent meanings with clarity and precision.

35 Antonyms for RETURN With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for return. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding RETURN antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Return Sentence with Antonym
Leave She decided to return the book to the library. He chose to leave the book in the library.
Depart After a week, he returned to his hometown. After a week, he decided to depart from his hometown.
Go Sarah returned back to the office after the meeting. Sarah chose not to go back to the office after the meeting.
Withdraw Tom planned to return the product to the store. Tom decided to withdraw the product from the store.
Retreat The soldiers were ordered to return to their base. The soldiers were ordered to retreat from their base.
Repel The magnet returned to its original position. The magnet was unable to repel from its original position.
Abandon She decided to return to her old habits. She chose to abandon her old habits.
Oppose The committee members returned to their original decision. The committee members decided to oppose to their original decision.
Reject The teacher asked the students to return their papers. The teacher asked the students not to reject their papers.
Keep He returned the borrowed book after two weeks. He decided to keep the borrowed book after two weeks.
Recede The floodwaters returned to normal levels. The floodwaters failed to recede to normal levels.
Avoid She returned to the same restaurant for dinner. She chose to avoid going to the same restaurant for dinner.
Exit After the event, they returned to their respective homes. After the event, they chose to exit to different locations.
Escape The suspect was arrested, but returned to the crime scene. The suspect was arrested and failed to escape from the crime scene.
Pass She returned the vacant seat to the ticketing counter. She decided to pass the vacant seat at the ticketing counter.
Yield The stock market returned to stable levels after the crash. The stock market did not yield to stable levels after the crash.
Advance She returned to the previous chapter to clarify her doubts. She chose to advance to the next chapter without any doubts.
Entrance They returned to the initial entrance to the museum. They failed to notice the new entrance to the museum.
Intro After watching the movie, they returned to the intro. After watching the movie, they skipped the intro.
Close The store will return to its regular closing time next week. The store will close earlier than its regular time next week.
Uncertain Mark was returning to the uncertain situation. Mark decided to void the uncertain situation.
Enter She returned to the room after the meeting. She decided not to enter the room after the meeting.
Arrive The train returned to the station after the delay. The train due to the delay did not arrive at the station.
Sink The boat began to return after momentarily sinking. The boat failed to sink after being struck by the storm.
Dismiss The boss returned her emails promptly. The boss chose to dismiss her emails promptly.
Answer He had to return to the question he left unanswered. He chose not to answer the question he left unanswered.
Revoke The court decided to return the ruling. The court decided not to revoke the ruling.
Void The contract was returned to the void. The contract was not voided and continued.
Forget After the break-up, she returned to the memories. After the break-up, she chose not to forget the memories.
Face She decided to return to the situation and confront it. She chose to avoid and not face the situation.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of RETURN

In conclusion, the departure from our usual routine can offer refreshing perspectives and new experiences. Forgoing the expected can lead to unexpected joys and discoveries. Breaking away from the norm can invigorate the mind and soul, opening doors to creativity and growth. So, let’s embrace the diversity of life by straying from the familiar and embracing the unknown. Let’s welcome the adventure that comes with exploring beyond the confines of routine and predictability.

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