Opposite of REVEL – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Understanding antonyms for revel involves grasping the contrasting meanings to the idea of celebrating excessively or joyfully. Antonyms serve as words with opposite meanings to a given term, providing clarity by presenting contrasting concepts. In the case of revel, exploring its antonyms offers insight into alternative perspectives and emotions that counter celebrations and exuberant enjoyment.

Diving into antonyms for revel allows for a broader comprehension of the range of emotions and experiences that exist in opposition to reveling. By identifying and understanding these antonyms, a more nuanced understanding of the spectrum of human emotions and reactions can be gained. This exploration can help individuals communicate more precisely and express a wider range of feelings and sentiments.

Explore the opposite meanings and emotions associated with revel by examining its antonyms. By delving into words that offer contradictory meanings, the complexity of emotions and reactions to celebrations is revealed. Antonyms for revel provide a valuable tool for expanding vocabulary and enhancing communication skills by encouraging deeper exploration of contrasting concepts.

35 Antonyms for REVEL With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for revel. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding REVEL antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Revel Sentence with Antonym
Mourn The villagers revelled in the festival. The family gathered to mourn their loss.
Despair The team revelled in their victory. They were full of despair after the defeat.
Sulk She revelled in her success. Instead of sulking, he congratulated her.
Suffer We revelled in the beautiful weather. The patients continued to suffer in silence.
Lament The birthday girl revelled in the party. Her friend chose to lament the passing year.
Grieve They revelled in the joyful atmosphere. Others still grieve the loss of their loved ones.
Mope The guests revelled in the celebration. He decided not to mope about missing out.
Endure The crowd seemed to revel in the music. The survivors had to endure the tragic event.
Praise They revelled in each other’s company. Instead of praising, they criticized each other.
Deplore The audience revelled in the performance. Critics continued to deplore the lack of talent.
Repine The children revelled in the funfair. They refused to repine over trivial matters.
Savor She revelled in the taste of the gourmet meal. He failed to savor the delicious flavors.
Languish They revelled in the beach vacation. The prisoners continued to languish in their cells.
Detest He revelled in the attention he received. She seemed to detest the spotlight.
Abhor The travelers revelled in the new experiences. Some abhor the thought of leaving their hometown.
Despise They revelled in the freedom of exploration. Others despise venturing into the unknown.
Forsake The artists revelled in their creativity. They should not forsake their true passions.
Disdain The guests revelled in the luxurious party. Snobs often disdain such extravagant events.
Subdue He revelled in the wild adventure. She tried to subdue her thrill-seeking tendencies.
Gloat They revelled in their triumph. It’s considered rude to gloat over victory.
Deject The team revelled in the championship win. Their opponents were dejected by the loss.
Miserable She revelled in the good news. They remained miserable despite the positive outcome.
Loathe They revelled in the joyful reunion. Some loathe the idea of family gatherings.
Despise They revelled in the light-hearted banter. He seemed to despise the playful atmosphere.
Depressed The young couple revelled in their love. He appeared depressed despite the romantic setting.
Detest They revelled in the peaceful surroundings. They detest the chaotic environment.
Disfavor The locals revelled in the community event. They seemed to disfavor participation in such gatherings.
Annoyed She revelled in the tranquility of nature. He remained annoyed by the chirping birds.
Frown They revelled in the festive mood. Instead of smiling, she chose to frown.
Abstain He revelled in the loud music. She decided to abstain from the noisy celebration.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of REVEL

In contrast to reveling which means to enjoy oneself, antonyms like mourn, lament, and grieve signify feelings of sadness and sorrow. For example, while one might revel in the joy of a celebration, another could be mourning a loss or lamenting a missed opportunity. Similarly, while some may revel in success, others might grieve failure or disappointment. Understanding these antonyms highlights the variety of emotions and experiences that exist, showcasing the complexities of human feelings beyond just reveling in positive moments.

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