Opposite of REVERBERATE – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Antonyms for reverberate are words that describe the lack of echoing or resounding sound. When something does not reverberate, it means that it doesn’t produce a loud, continuous sound that bounces off surfaces and fills a space with noise. Instead, antonyms for reverberate signify silence or quietness in contrast to the loud, persistent reverberations.

These antonyms can help provide a clearer picture of the absence of reverberation in various contexts, from describing a silent room without any echoing sounds to portraying a muted environment devoid of resonance. By understanding the antonyms for reverberate, one can articulate the opposite effect of a sound reverberating through a space and convey the sense of stillness or tranquility that comes with a lack of echoing vibrations.

35 Antonyms for REVERBERATE With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for reverberate. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding REVERBERATE antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Reverberate Sentence with Antonym
Silence The sound of reverberate echoed through the hall. The room fell into silence after the noise ceased.
Quiet Her laughter reverberated in the empty room. The library was unnaturally quiet.
Muffle The sound of the drums reverberated in the stadium. She tried to muffle the noise by closing the door.
Absorb The music reverberated through the building. The walls seemed to absorb the sound.
Dampen His voice reverberated in the empty chamber. The thick curtains helped dampen the noise.
Deaden The sound of the bell reverberated in the church. The cushioned walls seemed to deaden the noise.
Quell Her footsteps reverberated down the corridor. The sudden shout managed to quell the echoes.
Still The thunder reverberated through the countryside. Afterwards, everything was still and peaceful.
Hush The laughter reverberated across the room. The teacher’s stern look managed to hush the noise.
Subside The sirens reverberated in the night. Eventually, the sounds started to subside.
Dull The sound reverberated from wall to wall. As the days passed, the echoes became dull.
Soften The music reverberated in the vast auditorium. She adjusted the volume to soften the impact.
Deaden His voice reverberated in the empty theater. The soundproofing material helped to deaden the noise.
Stifle The applause reverberated through the hall. The heavy curtains seemed to stifle the sound.
Disappear The sound reverberated around the canyon. Gradually, the echoes started to disappear.
Absorb The symphony reverberated off the high ceilings. The carpeted floors seemed to absorb the noise.
Hush Her scream reverberated in the dark tunnel. The soft spoken words managed to hush the echoes.
Muffle The sound reverberated through the chamber. She quickly tried to muffle the noise by covering her ears.
Fade The echoes reverberated in the narrow alley. Eventually, the sounds started to fade away.
Swallow The voice reverberated in the damp cavern. The thick fog seemed to swallow the sound.
Diminish The cheers reverberated through the arena. As time passed, the echoes started to diminish.
Cease The drums reverberated in the open field. After a while, the noise came to a sudden cease.
Quiet His footsteps reverberated in the empty hall. The room returned to its earlier quiet state.
Silence The church bells reverberated in the valley. The once noisy area fell into a solemn silence.
Dull The echoes reverberated around the canyon. With time, the reverberations became dull.
Hush The laughter reverberated in the marble hall. Her gentle words were enough to hush the noise.
Stillness The gunshot reverberated through the night. The ensuing stillness was eerie.
Absorb The shouts reverberated through the stadium. The fabric walls seemed to absorb the noise.
Muffle The sound reverberated throughout the room. She tried to muffle the sound with her hands.
Disperse The echoes reverberated down the empty hallways. Gradually, the sounds began to disperse.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of REVERBERATE

In conclusion, while some sounds may be muffled, indistinct, or dulled, they lack the ability to permeate and resonate powerfully like those that reverberate. Unlike the echoes that fade quickly, these impactful sounds linger, filling a space with their rich, lasting vibrations. The absence of reverberation can create a sense of stillness and quiet, devoid of the dynamic and lasting effects that reverberating sounds bring. It is the presence or absence of this reverberating quality that can significantly impact how we experience and perceive sound in various environments.

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