Opposite of REVERENCE – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Antonyms for reverence refer to words or concepts that represent the opposite of showing deep respect, admiration, or deference towards someone or something. These antonyms often express feelings of disrespect, irreverence, disregard, or contempt instead of honor and admiration.

While reverence involves showing honor, admiration, and deep respect towards a person, idea, or entity, its antonyms signify a lack of regard or esteem. These antonyms can range from mild indifference to outright contempt, reflecting a disregard for the sanctity or significance typically associated with reverence.

Understanding the antonyms for reverence can provide insight into contrasting attitudes and behaviors towards objects of admiration or veneration. By exploring these opposites, we gain a clearer understanding of the spectrum of emotions and attitudes that can exist in relation to reverence.

35 Antonyms for REVERENCE With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for reverence. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding REVERENCE antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Reverence Sentence with Antonym
Disrespect She showed reverence by bowing before the sacred statue. She displayed disrespect by mocking the sacred traditions.
Irreverence The student spoke with reverence about the school’s history. The student’s irreverent attitude towards the history was evident.
Contempt His face was filled with reverence as he entered the temple. His face showed contempt as he walked away from the temple.
Disdain The priest spoke with reverence during the sacred ceremony. The priest’s disdain for the ceremony was evident in his tone.
Mockery She treated the ancient artifact with reverence and care. She handled the artifact with mockery and disrespect.
Insolence Their actions showed reverence for the traditions of old. Their insolent behavior demonstrated a lack of respect.
Degrade She spoke with reverence when discussing her mentor. She chose to degrade her mentor with hurtful words.
Scorn His expression was full of reverence as he entered the church. His face twisted in scorn as he turned away from the church.
Impiety The ceremony was conducted with reverence and solemnity. The lack of reverence in their actions reflected their impiety.
Contumely The king showed reverence towards his aging advisor. The king’s contumely towards his advisor shocked the court.
Disregard She handled the fragile manuscript with great care and reverence. She tossed aside the manuscript with indifference and disregard.
Profane The priest spoke with reverence as he blessed the sacred water. The priest’s words were profane, showing no respect for the ritual.
Impudence His speech was delivered with reverence during the ceremony. His impudence was clear as he made disrespectful remarks.
Contemptuous She looked at the masterpiece with reverence and admiration. She viewed the painting with a contemptuous sneer on her face.
Impertinence Their gestures were filled with reverence towards the elders. Their impertinence towards the elders was met with disapproval.
Insult He spoke with reverence when discussing his late grandfather. He chose to insult his grandfather’s memory with hurtful words.
Disparage She approached the delicate instrument with great care and reverence. She chose to disparage the instrument with rough treatment.
Belittle The museum curator spoke with reverence about the ancient statues. The curator’s comments only served to belittle the ancient artifacts.
Disparagement She treated the old books with reverence due to their historical value. Her disparagement towards the books was evident in her actions.
Desecration The priest performed the ritual with reverence and solemnity. The act of vandalism on the temple was a desecration of the sacred space.
Offense He always spoke of his mentor with reverence and admiration. His critical remarks about his mentor were seen as an offense.
Sarcasm She approached the delicate artifact with great care and reverence. She handled the artifact with sarcasm and a lack of respect.
Derision The religious leader spoke with reverence at the sacred ceremony. The crowd responded with derision at the leader’s words.
Dispraise The students showed reverence towards the great works of art. The cruel remarks were seen as dispraise towards the artworks.
Profanity The monk bowed in reverence towards the sacred altar. The use of profanity in such a holy place was shocking.
Mock She handled the fragile artifact with care and reverence. She chose to mock the artifact with careless and disrespectful actions.
Disapproval The priest performed the ceremony with reverence and dedication. The look of disapproval on the faces of the audience was clear.
Insolent His words were filled with reverence as he spoke at the memorial. His insolent behavior at the memorial was disrespectful and rude.
Despise She regarded the wise old man with great reverence and admiration. She seemed to despise the man, her expressions filled with contempt.
Defile The priest conducted the ceremony with reverence and solemnity. The act of vandalism in the sacred space served to defile its sanctity.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of REVERENCE

In contrast to reverence, disrespect manifests in the form of irreverence, dishonor, disdain, and contempt. These attitudes entail a lack of admiration, honor, and deference towards something or someone, resulting in a dismissive or contemptuous behavior. When individuals exhibit irreverence, they show a disregard for the sanctity, importance, or authority associated with a particular entity, whether it be a person, tradition, or belief.

By recognizing and understanding the antonyms of reverence, such as irreverence, individuals can grasp the significance of showing respect, admiration, and humility in various aspects of life. Embracing reverence fosters harmony, appreciation, and recognition for the values, beliefs, and entities that deserve honor and esteem, ultimately nurturing a more respectful and inclusive society.

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